Skyrim Builds - The Witch

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  • Foxlord

    I made a build similar to this. "Necromancer" I took the cookie cutter build for it, from the guide, and then twisted it up, I call it a Dark Warlock, Black Magician, or simply Necromancer, but I prefer Dark Warlock. My character has a love for the undead summoning them and using them to his advantage, he himself is a Vampire, so he could be closer to the dead. He also has a longing for "Demons" so he summons daedra aswell and asks them for help on his path to bring him more Magickal power. Conjuration, Restoration, Alteration, and Illusion are the main the 2 lesser skills are Alchemy and Enchanting, which are optional, its mostly Role-play based

  • Tarlo The Boar

    Do a Remaster of This Build! And can This Build work For a Male as a Warlock?

  • Bálint Takács

    Where can i get this stuff and whats the name of it ?

  • Poisoned _ Apple 669

    @fudgemuppet I think you should re do this build its very simple and boring and use an example from like witches from skyrim or other video games, movie, and books and the I don't think you should use a staff it's less witchy I'm not trying to criticize or attack I just wish it was more interesting.

  • Shawn Caves

    Did you make a face guide???

  • Caitlin Fairchild

    What ever happened to the promised face guide?

  • Fluffina1 AJ

    I sometimes play my first Skyrim account.... Let's just say there are some dead people. I fucked up SO MANY quests by killing ppl... I fucked up the Dagon quest, I fucked up the college of Winterhold quests somehow.... That's what happens when you play Skyrim as a mega noob!

  • joey moey

    I'm also using the sanguine rose staff that summons a dremora and I know in the game witches worship daedra so the staff is perfect for her because she can call up a daedra to fight for her. I freaked out when I saw that I got it cause it's perfect for the character. (If you're not using dawngaurd dlc and want a unique powerful staff for a witch.)

  • joey moey

    My character is a female Breton. She is a young Mage and I'm building her up to be a witch. Just wondering I know she uses conjuration illusion enchanting alchemy but there are other witches in the game, could you use all schools of magic?? In my opinion much like Hermione in Harry Potter the witch would specialize in all forms of magic? Like from alchemy all the way to enchanting in fact those are the two I gave up but I still make potions and enchant I just want to be able to have a broad use of magic especially playing as a witch. Would it be smart to build up all of the types of magic or just a few and why????? (:

  • Mitch Blatt

    I had an idea for a build, but then I realized it was pretty much this with conjured weapons instead of the Staff. Should I submit it anyway?

  • Gappy

    Would bring a vampire compliment this build?

  • Nick Delluci

    what difficultly does fudgemuppet play in skyrim?

  • MrBlueSnowman

    Guys! If all of fudge muppets builds were put in an arena to fight to death, who would win?

  • Jordan S

    What magical staff are you using?

  • Matheus Assis

    i wish they re did a male version

  • Darrell Johnson

    What staff is that she's using?

  • Nightcore Gamer

    Any Specific Skills we neeeed?

  • Caleb Morgan

    Build: Moll Dyer (Blair witch)Race: BretonBackstory: Hailing from "High Rock" , many things about her are shrouded in mystery. When growing up in the hold of Evermor, she was known to be a strange child, none of the other children wanted to play with her. Some would call her a freak, things around her sometimes would ignite. Nobody knew why tho, but she knew. Her whole family history was swallowed in darkness and witchcraft , she was the only one who knew because her whole family kept it a secrete until the last 10 of them were left told Moll because she was of age. Shortly after that they died due to an overload of Magica which could not be contained between the circle of 10. She had no one left after that. Nobody cared for her, she was despised and hated by most of the hold. Except for one person, the yarl of her hold. The yarl could see how badly she was being treated and gave her a house to stay in, out of pity. From that day forward she was in debt to the yarl. Through the years she learned to be an herbal healer and nurtured injured animals and children back to health, until she was 20 she had been outcast and had lived off of the generosity of the yarl. But the night of her 20th birthday the people gathered together and formed a militia out of hatred for the girl , and overtook the palace then killed the yarl. After, they dragged the body to Moll's house and lit the yarl's body on fire then set it on the front door. Moll opened the door to see who was there and was overcome with sadness and flames. The militia's leader yelled "Moll Dyer, you have been charged with the crimes of witchcraft and now must burn at the stake"! Moll escaped out of her back door and was chased into the woods where she quickly escaped using invisibility, That was a spell she had been taught by her mother. Her hidden potential for Magica had been released and she had no idea how to master it. Because of her Magica being released all at once she has split personalities and can't control which ones come out. She spent 5 years traveling to skyrim in search of the collage of winterhold, hoping that they knew how to help. She was caught on the border while scoping out Stormcloak soldiers and was taken to Helgen where she escapes once again and heads for Winterhold. Skills: Alchemy, Destruction(fire only, unless needed for mission) Enchanting, illusion, one handed(daggers), conjuration, healing, speech, sneak, light armor. Plz try to make my build on a video.

  • Rainbow Dash

    I did destrution instead of illusion

  • Jacob Lewis

    What clothes/outfit is she wearing?

  • Sust1ner

    Should make a ghoul build

  • Kayleigh Goodrich

    This is kinda like my character in the idea she is a Breton and her playstyle, but my back story is much... different.

  • shoopdawoop32

    Did you say October? TES has it's own separate months, they don't use ours, so there is no October in High Rock.

  • dee daemones

    G'day! Michael, Scott, and Drew! I gotta long shot for you here mates -> Remaster this beauty? The Forsworn have witchcraft coursing through their culture, and any witch, be she good, grey, or straight up wicked, certainly appreciates the art of rune casting, blood magic, and necromancy... Wink* Wink*

  • Jack E

    I know you often don't use commented ideas but I thought of some build concepts -The Ice Queen - a Nord mage, abandoned as a child in Winterhold and raised by a Frost Troll, believing her to be one of them. Inspired by the environment she is raised in and rumours of the College, she experiments with magic. It goes wrong when she causes the Great Collapse and Winterhold falls into the sea. When a group of hunters find her, the young girl fights themand gains a bounty. She tries to flee Winterhold, and is chased. Her heart is hardened by her life and she kills her attackers, so she flees Skyrim. After experimenting with magic she returns, seeking the cold land she knows, but is caught at Helgen. She is totally resistant to the cold and becomes a vampire, relating to their hatred of the sun and fire. She uses frost-based Destruction and Conjuration, as well as Restoration. After finding she is Dragonborn she will use her powers for good at first, but later go mad with destructive power and attempt to cover the whole of Skyrim in ice.The Activist - a well educated High Elf with a silver tongue. He always speaks his mind and was something of a political celebrity in the Summerset Isles. He spoke out against the Thalmor and was chased out of his homeland by his kind. He attempted to gain followers in Cyrodil but faced opposition, so heads to Skyrim thinking that the civil war will inspire hatred against the Thalmor. He is caught and taken to Helgen by the Thalmor. He seeks to overturn the establishment and unite Skyrim against the Thalmor - this can be done through the empire or stormcloaks. He uses Heavy Armor and One-Handed, wearing Blades Armor as he is proud to be Dragonborn because he feels he was chosen to save Tamriel from the Thalmor. He also uses Illusion, to persuade, dissuade, manipulate and rile up others, and Speech to show his cunning words.The Ripper - a Jack the Ripper inspired killer of any race. He has an ambiguous past life and, after too much Skooma and too much mead, went on a rampage. He enjoys not just killing but torturing, teasing and mocking his victims. He had to run away after he was discovered killing, and so fled to Skyrim. He often wears hoods or masks to cover his face. he can be taken a number of routes - a necromancer who brings his victims back to torture their souls, an Illusion mage who is invisible and turns enemies against one another, or a bloody monster who can be a vampire and eats people with Namira's ring. He is sadistic and can either join the Dark Brotherhood or wipe them out as they are rivals. He will often kill random travellers or NPCs in cities, particularly young women like the real Jack the rippper. He tries to avoid bounties, enjoying the confusion he causes being anonymous, and so uses Stealth. He wields both a dagger for stealthy kills and an axe to chop up body parts.

  • Christopher Jones

    So I don't know if you guys read the comments or what, but this is the only way I could think of to suggest a build. I chose this video to comment on since it's one of my favourites. Anyways I wanted to see if you guys could do a kinda soul-thief build. A dragonborn obsessed with stealing souls... and maybe other stuff too? But the dragonborn steals souls since he/she has a soul of a dragon and craves a human soul. I dunno. Just a suggestion.

  • Dominic Dunno

    name:Breton Knight race:Breton gender:Female very prettyskills:Onehanded, Light armour, conjuration, alteration, smithing, restoration stone:apprentice backstory: Scott Michael your better than me with that stuff so your choice

  • Zaylen Orion

    can she be a vampire?

  • Spacefrisian

    Going Warwitch style, basicly swap conjration for alteration to paralyze opponent and use heavy armour and mace do be more warlike. (falmer boots give barefeet).

  • Hunter Harden

    i have onethe regretedfemale orcmotive: hates men and wishes to own skyrim with a iron fist.backstory: her husband abused her and refused to have children with her, and only had children with his other wives, in anger she took his war hammer and broke his skull and slaughtered every one else...caught with blood on her she was arrested at the bparder while she had been carrimg hos corpse to the jarl of whiterun.heavy armor, two handed, or one, anger based roleplay never marries...a man...and can adopt children....hates all male leaders or males in general and will disrespect any one she dislikes be it high king of skyrim or the empire

  • Dark Angel

    can you list the things in the description I can't understand you clearly.

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