Skyrim Mod Re-Review: Nephilim

ok so im kinda harsh on this one but hay theres things i liked about the mod before that it seems to have lost. this is the Re-review of the Nephilim mod. And if you want to know how to fly i go over the controls of it as the mod stands at the time of the recording.

Nephilim by Antonio Colasurdo:
  • Joel Brown

    What mod gives you this kind of race menu, I'm a mod noob sorry

  • Mr.cheese gaming

    how do I get a older version of the mod?

  • mwals2517

    i want this angel mod but it wont let me play the game

  • Jesus Luna

    what menu mod are you using or does it come with the mod?

  • ZombizAssassin

    how do u get the flying annimatgion to work?

  • Chous

    Hey, How can i become the Nephilim "Spell"? i dont have Them.

  • Thunder god

    what key do you press to fly?

  • Meng Le'chu

    how have you make´d that with the wings? my wings are big and you are´s small. i will have this too D:

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