Skyrim Remastered CONSOLE MODS Weekly: TOP 5 (Best Special Edition List: Xbox One, PS4, PC)

Skyrim Remastered CONSOLE MODS Weekly TOP 5 (Best Special Edition Mod List on Xbox One, PS4 and PC)!
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  • Hephaestus Gaming

    The thumbnail Consle

  • Profile

    Fucktons of trains 😂😂

  • Fallen Angel0326

    Is there any name that i can read couse i cant spell just by Hering the words

  • xXThE_DiABLoXx

    Don't even bother putting ps4 in the title I play ps4

  • Arctic Steampunk

    What graphics mods do you use? and can i run them with a GTX 780 TI? And what character mods?

  • Mafe Hunter

    Have you ever done the thieves guild quests!!! Honningbrew Meadery get their honey from goldenglow estate!!!

  • Battlefield Bro Gaming

    How is there lights though in the time period of skyrim

  • Tay Htoo

    hey eso bro can i install is for xbox130

  • The Golden Waffle

    Happy to have an xbox

  • Chef Pee Pee

    This is why I play on Xbox

  • Ailex Mercer

    *looks up mods to download on console* *clicks on this video* *looks at who posted* *likes*

  • Altoids

    "Really decent" Eso 2017

  • Magnus Garrett

    Any updates on whether or not the first mod has been announced for release on PS4?

  • Molag Bal

    Where can i find the thumbnail picture?


    I'm so pissed Eso you're so stupid why don't you include how to spell these mods??? Shesfrees town mod? Schezfrees?? I can't find any of the mods because you don't say how to find or spell them!!!!! Help anyone?

  • Epicegg224

    How do I spell the first one please tell me

  • woof woof woof woof

    Why is ps4 in the fucking title?

  • PositiveCobra71

    Trainwiz made a mod that turned all dragons into Thomas the train

  • the truth

    the first mod reminds me of the shivering isles I don't know why

  • Battlefield Bro Gaming

    Number 8 is the most pointless mod I've ever seen

  • Quincy Patrick

    really wish ps4 wasnt in the title then...

  • Welshy

    can you mod the remastered version of skyrim on pc?

  • Mr red2739

    I cant find the markos integrated list one, where there is npcs with dragon born and dawngaurd items, like weapons and armor, can someone help me?

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