Skyrim Mod: More Draconic Dragon Aspect

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More Draconic Dragon Aspect

Animated Dragon Wings

Flying Mod

Intro/Outro Music:
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  • Rosper Wolf

    Friend I have a problem that when I activate the flying mod in dragon aspect my character flies but does not fly animations

  • Deerick Hernandez

    Is the flying mod on special edition?

  • Red Drago

    I have a question before I decide to install this mod can we do combat while flying like am I able to swing my sword or axe while using the wings?

  • EveryDay_ Savage

    The worst part about this is when dragon aspect turns off mid flight

  • Hyotai

    why the hell wont there come out a version for SSE?!?!?

  • Danilo Alves

    How I use wings? I have the complete shout, and MOD has been fully installed, all of them

  • Savanna Merino

    can you fly on Xbox one, I seem to be having trouble trying to fly

  • Darksiosa 1200

    Dragon Aspect Has 2 Cock

  • Gold Barite

    Requires SKSE? Why didn't you include this in your description? I cannot find it.


    Dammit i have xbox 360 i could have bought a pc or ps4 or xbox one i am a crazy mothrfucker

  • ReDirect

    I personally think the flying in dragon aspect should've have been in the game, as every dragonborn had one distinct feature, Tiber Septim was more of a warrior-conqueror kind, Mirrak was...well, Dominator, there was a dragonborn who was resurected 3 or 4 times and was very resilient, and you...what do you have? Most if not all of your shouts are known by the other dragonborn(s), so what distinct feature you have? In cannon, because I doubt Bethesta lets you get in history as the leader of the companions, archmage...leader of the thieves guild dark brotherhood... So atleast flying should be something for you, like in dragon aspect...

  • Johnathan Rivera

    But can you use magic or weapons whilst in the air


    I would love to have Dragon Aspect Enhancement combined with this. Enhanced More Draconic Dragon Aspect was a thing on the Nexus, but it got removed before I could get a hold of it. Damn it all.

  • BullCitySBC

    They still can't Port does not over it's been like 3 years come on man

  • Dark1

    You can fly across the entire map in a few seconds.10/10

  • yoyo asaad

    can you please upload the files with out the site (nexus mod i have a problem in sign in the site

  • Noah Hexshard

    anything close to this for PS4?

  • Prick

    Seismic toss WHY THE POKÉMON MOVES

  • Forbidden_Sun

    Where do I get them?!

  • Skyward Bound

    Can it be downloaded on xbox one

  • J S

    Does anyone know if there is a SE version for this?

  • OkayxPowerz

    Wow... i need stop looking at mods.. ;-; my skyrim is slow as hell now because i've downloaded so many :/

  • RGR red the redneck

    Is the flying mod on Xbox one

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