Skyrim Mods - Animated Dragon Wings


Today we take a look at a AWESOME mod that adds animated dragon wings to Skyrim. These are simply badass and with the flying mod, they are pretty much perfect. This mod is also insanely easy to install, thank god. Sorry for the badish quality, my computer is having some issues. If you enjoyed make sure to smash the like button and share the video! Also, don't forget to subscribe and join the Gingium Nation!

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  • Forbidden_Sun

    I can’t fly with them

  • spartan kratos

    how do you craft? he potions?

  • Undead_Crewman

    Where do we get the mod to fly?

  • Sunna Kristín

    sexist, the friendly dragon wings are cool for both boys and girls

  • Wasti Khan

    I downloaded the "Animated Wings Mod" from Nexus using Nexus Mod Manager and I enabled it. But when I go to the cooking pot, there is no "Misc" option. So I can't make the potions themselves.

  • theautisticgamer96

    whats the mod you use for the awesome way your character sheths his weapon. the cool spining thing?

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