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From the same creator of Animated Dragon Wings, REAL FLYING. Will this be the ultimate flying mod?
And by the way... do you like my new logo?

REAL FLYING by Anton0028

Riccardo's Portfolio


In the soundtrack:
by Vinddsvept on
Pop Goes the Weasel by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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  • pyro 1000

    is this mod on xbox one yet??

  • Miraak Dova

    I installed this mod but I can't fly, I can only jump high but that's because of my predator mod.

  • Netshark1000

    song name when he glides from the throat of the world?

  • Sean Tesoro

    Where can i even get those ingredients?

  • mike mc

    this is one of the coolest mods I have ever seen!!!!

  • PeacefulTornado

    The mod's not working for me. My character never goes onto her belly to fly and after a few seconds of flying she falls. Getting the other mod.

  • MrLucianno1992

    why am i unable to fly?it wont even glide. the wings just open up

  • Mango Pie

    so can't you fight in the air since you have to press the forward button?

  • Sonny Zuvich

    please port to thank you.

  • AstroFizzix

    The dragon wing animations are good and it's a good mod for gliding. Unfortunately, that's all I've been able to do with it. After a couple of seconds whether I'm in glide mode (one spacebar press) or flying mode (two spacebar presses) I drop like a rock.

  • Kitty Kat

    i made the potion and this is amazing!!!

  • TheFlameGamer

    why cant i fly??? i click space twice!!

  • Leto85

    An Argonian can basically become a dragon this way. I only wished the flying would consume stamina bases on your maxed stamina vs how much items one is carrying.Being over encumbered should prevent flying. Can't lift off with a bag full of goodies.

  • 성우박

    can I know what mods or enb are you using for those beautiful sights.. Im actually using KONAN enb now but mine is not really good like urs.

  • Daniel

    So my wings show up and come out when I jump but I can't glide or fly. lol I'm playing a a Elin and using a game pad.

  • Priscilla

    I try this mod but my character won't to fly... I have SKSE and FNIS and... nothing @_@

  • Ansixi

    I tried, but even if I eventually get it flying, it goes up and then falls, and I can't glide forever, what am I doing wrong?

  • Gunner Flory

    My character does a normal jump, and the wings spread out but i cant glide. How do i fix this?

  • YPluto_

    how to get the stuff to make these potions?

  • Edward Buzura

    how do you fold the wings sir?

  • Kinjiro kid i luck

    for Xbox one ?!?! please !!! 😵😵😵😵

  • Mrunaussprechlich

    Can someone tell me pls wich mod makes female charackters so beautiful?

  • Force Priest

    is it possible to stop in air to shoot magic spells?

  • Kazuto Kirigaya

    I wish this was on xbox

  • Teeky

    When I heard your voice, I expected your character to be a buff nord with a huge fucking beard. I was disappointed.

  • MoonlightDragon

    To Those Having Trouble With This Mod Working.........................................................................................1:Install&activate the Fly Mod2:Install the other requirements3:Go into your Skyrim Folder and type "Generate" and Right-Click the RED icon of FNIS and click Run As Administrator4:Click Update and when the Check Consistency is clickable DONT CLICK IT,but just click exit5:The mod should work now after drinking the potion.get to a high enough place and follow the glide-to-fly controls as listed.your charachter should float up a bit before leaning completely forward.just remember to keep the FORWARD key press down and use your SPRINT to ascend and CROUCH to descend...hope this took me about 3 days to figure out the issue,but it was the FNIS Update causing the issue and not running it as admin.also make sure you dont have the ANIMATED WINGS mod installed.

  • electron 525

    this diesnt even work all i can do is jump high and go into a glide thats like 1 sec long then my avatar falls

  • Wasti Khan

    I downloaded the "Animated Wings Mod" from Nexus using Nexus Mod Manager. But when I go to the cooking pot, there is no "Misc" option. How is the wing mod itself supposed to be installed?

  • Michael Msimanga

    at 3:03 , started searching for any unexpected ads that opened up ..lolsz

  • Ryan Brennan

    Hey shinji72 I got all the mods but when I double jump it won't work. plzzzzz help :D

  • Aden Grubb

    I have the mod and all i can do is glide... when i try to jump twice nothing happens... help!

  • Flowerlily12

    How u get the potion?

  • Draco nui Studios

    Does this work for Skyrim special edition? Also yes i like your new logo

  • Melani Alarcon

    Your accent sounds latin to me, im from argentina so i can tell XD it sounds simillar to me, when y speak in english, lol

  • Kylie Douglas

    what is the website that you can download the mod from i need to know pleeeease

  • Collector John

    I've downloaded everything that is needed, done everything i needed to do, but i still can't do i solve this?

  • Eddie Dotson

    Make sure u say this is for pc u have ppl lookin for this shit on xbox one only to br disappointed after watching ur vid

  • Melani Alarcon

    my wings have a problem with the texture :(, can we change wings texture like the old version?

  • Stoned on Fuckin' Roblox

    When i drink the potion my wings wont appear. Could anyone help me fix this?

  • Mr Kill

    My game keep crashing

  • Lightious2

    The way he talks is so soothing yet funny at the same time. Unique guy :D

  • Nicks Strain

    Hey Man! So i got the mod and i got the wings. However, when i jump and use the controls, it just glides down slowly. i cant fly for the life of me. Can u help me?

  • Last Stand

    I have downloaded the animated wings and the real flying mods, installed them, run the fnis, pressing forward+jump and double tapping the jump button, it's just jumping higher and slowly descents on the ground. No glides, no flying, yes I have 6.2 fnis and yes I have the skse and the visual studio 2013, it just doesn't work.

  • Ashire - All Your Gaming Needs

    HOW DO I ENABLE FLYING?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?GEGFjtj

  • Aaron Smith

    does anyone no what mod he has for his girl charecter

  • Lilly Castitatis

    Does anyone know which mods he is using? (I mean for the landscapes etc)

  • Fish

    What mods are you using graphicly speaking?I tried EVERYTHING to make my Skyrim look better (like yours, for example) and NOTHING works, i did everything right, saw tutorials, everything, but my game still looks prettty crappy..

  • trashy

    i got this mod, but i can't fly :(((( i have a few other mods, but they aren't related to the wing mod in any way so what do i do??

  • Marcus Miles

    please add this mod to Xbox

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