Skyrim The pursuit, how to get in Mercers house and discover evidence of mercers location

Skyrim, The Pursuit quest. Shows how to get into mercer's house and discover evidence of Mercer's location. Find mercer's house key, how to shoot the mechanism to lower the ramp into mercers home, infiltrate Mercer's house and discover evidence of mercers location. The persuit is on now Mercer, you thieving coward!

    the fps is disgusting

  • trippin n dippin allday

    thats the fps i like

  • jordan paardekooper

    tanx you realy helpt me out man

  • Melchizedek Comawas

    Thanks!!!!!! Man It help me Thank you

  • Spodz

    Thanks man your the best I wouldn't have found that without your help once again many thanks.

  • Gaius Timms

    Wtf that mechanism isnt there for me...

  • Literally God

    Vald: *gets stabbed through the fucking chest* "is that all you got?"

  • Zach Oliver

    Thanks so much! it took me ages to find it until I found you video

  • laggerc4


  • Marjolaine Arias

    Thank you so much, I was searching for like 10 minutes xD

  • Jake Pursley

    So I went in this place before doing the mission to get the chillrend sword, and when I was down there I stole his plans by accident not knowing what they were. I later realized I had them while in white run and I emptied my stuff right by the grindstone in white run closes to the main door and it glitches and is now in the ground, but I have done lots of shit since then and have no way to get it now

  • Emmekins The Squirrel

    it won't fall down even though I've shot the thing like 20 times

  • Matthew Tyler

    what is up with ur framerate

  • Rarah Vaderahen

    a thief with a shield D:

  • Nick Wilde

    Stabs in the chest "That's all you got?"

  • Link05 Of Hyrule

    The note isn't on the table I remember using a glitch to get chill rend a long time ago before I got this quest but I didn't touch the note. PLZ HELP!!!😣😣😣😣😣😣

  • greggers

    thank you for uploading this. ive ran around for hours trying to figure it out.

  • Meme Lord

    It made me angry when he didn't loot that gold off of Vold.Idk why lol.

  • Patrick Clark

    I'd just like 2 say 2 things1) holiday frame rate2)show us what ur shooting at in 1st person much easier to see

  • Jak Turner

    Thank you this video helped me allot

  • jessica spangler

    Hey there is a shield called Targe Of The Blooded its literally amazing every time you block successfully it takes 10 points of hp from the attacker

  • Josh LaVa

    The mechanism can't be shotThe game is broke

  • Craig Southern

    9fps ha anyway thank you

  • Sweet Melody

    One way were you can FREE him from the debt? What about that way? Who got a video about it?

  • vanessa selena

    Just jump on the barrel and kind of use the gate to boost you up on top of the roof of the temple. Then face the mechanism and use unrelenting force

  • Awesomedude 101

    2:09 "Suspicious cabinet" best name ever 👌

  • Blake Greer

    The game glitched out or something for me. Vold attacked me in the Temple of Mara. I ended up killing him IN the Temple of Mara. After he was DEAD, one of the followers came up to me and said something about blessings, lol.

  • Josh LaVa

    Too bad the gates you picked are always open and the one that was open (the one with the mechanism) is locked and can't be opened :/

  • Blue

    welp... crap, i already went there to get chillrend and i picked that up, the game thinks i dont have it but i cant drop it to pick it back up so I had to go back to a save before I had chillrend for it to work :T

  • fireotto1

    I cannot enter, there is an expert lock...

  • Demon TheYandere

    I shot the thing but it's not working

  • TheBigCheese 84

    Bruh just Fus Ro Dah that puppy to make it go down

  • ShadowFox2015Alt

    terrible quality but just enough to see what going on

  • DragonOfDoges

    you earned a sub, helped me alot!

  • Excel

    damn i opened the cabinet but didn't notice the door behind it..


    So that's how u got that down. I got in by going on to the nearby roof and shouting to his roof and drop down.

  • Scarecrow

    Almost 7 years after the launch. Thanks for the help lol

  • Kenzuma Kenzan

    thanks alot! that helped me.

  • samuel Campanati Deberg

    vla cara n conseguiapassar de jeito nenhum. :D

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