TINY SERANA! - Skyrim Mods - Week 175

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Edhildils Sexy Talos Statue by Edhildil
A Closer Look - Simple Smooth Hotkey Zoom by fadingsignal
Campfire - Complete Camping System by Chesko
Tiny Serana and adoptable children plus Babette by idioticidiot
The Shadow Scale Set
  • dragon greek

    Looking for a certain model and I can't find it anywhere I don't know the name but what is about is you at a guard for a kid who is the daughter of talos and that group of Thalmore are after you plz tell me the name

  • TØP trash

    pro tip: get Campfire if you have Frostfall. it will save you.

  • KingReed21

    I want children who can kill definitely want that

  • StrokeMahEgo

    Man.Remember the good ol days when the paid mods fiasco WAS over?Good times.

  • Conrad Johnson

    those two lil cute girls just suddenly just kicked into vietnam fladhback rage and fkn wooped riften's ass faster than i could say "yo wtf" xD

  • Epic Gamer

    No blur on teh titties at 1:33

  • Martin Prince777

    When the X-Files music played I about died!

  • Nathan Guzman

    I half expected to see Chris Hanson burst my door down, or MXR's door.

  • CDR Simmons

    I haven't laughed this much at a youtube video in awhile.

  • garrett mathews

    Gotta love a child beating the living hell outa grown ass guards

  • Majin Majora

    Tiny Serena? What an interesting mod...once you get past the fact that molag bal is into lolis

  • jonathan villafuentes castillo

    Its wird to think that they have to be raped by molog bal to become a vampire and serana as a child 😐

  • Maro

    personally the Mexican one is the best

  • Meridia's Bacon

    can someone tell me how to mod that children ca fight and have skills ? 😂

  • GracefulGracie

    That mod author is on the line of pedophile.

  • The Bull Moose

    Wait! Demented children killing people constantly? That's like somebody we know. cough cough Black Lagoon.

  • bob ross

    so the big question is it gay to beat my meat to female talos?

  • Stitchpuppy01

    Tiny Serana fuckin those guards up is probably the funniest thing I've ever seen.

  • Samuel Stephens

    Oh shit that girl beating the shit out of the riftin guards was funny as hell!!!

  • Henrique Ribeiro

    I love that when you accidentally killed that girl the boy next to her just stood there staring at you as if in shock probably thinking something like "you monster!! how could you?!!"

  • Caleb Calhoun

    That little girl... Just beat the fuck out of all of them

  • CloudZayne Game

    "Use the Fus, Anakin"

  • XaldinXIII

    so...whats the last song used in this video?..

  • Jack the Gestapo

    and the legend goes lord Harkon is actually a lolicon

  • Lil Will

    That Mic quality is lovely

  • Connor Taylor

    They protect They attackMore importantlyThey small

  • Erik Castillo

    In all honesty I do like the child Serana mod... I play on the PS4 I would like for more child mods maybe get some more kids to be able to be adopted whatever they first announced the mods I saw one of the main ones the intro showing adopt more than just two kids and there's a lot of kids in the world so yeah whatever happened to that mod

  • Zes

    wrg, boobx worthlesx

  • Tomha

    Tiny Serena, soo cute! I'm taking her home with me!

  • BaconandEggs

    Imagine if you cut the Talos mod out of the video but forgot to take out “I chose Talos because he has nice titties” that line would have been a lot stranger

  • Gentleman Joe

    You're gonna recieve this comment from two years IN THE FUTURE!! but that little purple haired girl i would've been like "Holy S***!! I....i'm not even mad..I'm F***ing impressed!!" as she's beating every guard to death BARE HANDED!!

  • Jason Smith

    3:01 is the greatest thing ever

  • Si Rennie

    Hello Mxr where is Serena supposed to be little Serena that is is she in the orphanage in Riften

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