TINY SERANA! - Skyrim Mods - Week 175

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Edhildils Sexy Talos Statue by Edhildil
A Closer Look - Simple Smooth Hotkey Zoom by fadingsignal
Campfire - Complete Camping System by Chesko
Tiny Serana and adoptable children plus Babette by idioticidiot
The Shadow Scale Set
  • Yasuo, The Unforgiven

    Link to the song in his intro?

  • Jack the Gestapo

    and the legend goes lord Harkon is actually a lolicon

  • Chibbles

    After watching your videos a lot I now say "unfortunately" just like you.

  • Martin Prince777

    When the X-Files music played I about died!

  • Highlander_08

    That guard being thrown over that wall nearly killed me!!! XD XD XD

  • X Trem

    That Tiny Serana is so freaking cute!

  • dragon greek

    Looking for a certain model and I can't find it anywhere I don't know the name but what is about is you at a guard for a kid who is the daughter of talos and that group of Thalmore are after you plz tell me the name

  • Big Snoke

    so the big question is it gay to beat my meat to female talos?

  • Mr. Frogo

    What's the mod MxR is using for all of that nice colorful sunshine?

  • Julian Salerno

    whoever made these mods are fucked In the head

  • Sean Slytherin

    I am Malog Bal's clensing light he and I shall reshape Tamriel starting with deadly vampire assassin children.

  • Donny Kitsune

    Oh mother of hell watching that kid go on a rampage is just too much, I really can't stop laughing

  • Rodolfo Nunes

    yeah man i was rly glad that u stopped with the virgin shit slut mods in this episode...

  • JVCD

    vampire children wont grow old...those "children" are older than you

  • Majin Majora

    I love how shit just hit the fan at the 3 minute mark holy shit XD

  • Majin Majora

    Tiny Serena? What an interesting mod...once you get past the fact that molag bal is into lolis

  • ArrowTheBest

    It's god damn Skeletor. LOL.

  • T Rosebud

    why arent there skanky guys in skyrim?

  • Kratos Lunatic

    4:28 Jessica Alba wtf....

  • TØP trash

    pro tip: get Campfire if you have Frostfall. it will save you.

  • Lefty Two Guns

    Wait! Demented children killing people constantly? That's like somebody we know. cough cough Black Lagoon.

  • Rax Savvage

    blurs tits but not clit.... ok then

  • CDR Simmons

    I haven't laughed this much at a youtube video in awhile.

  • Meridia's Bacon

    can someone tell me how to mod that children ca fight and have skills ? 😂

  • Gehrman Djura

    From what mod is that armor u show before campfire mod?

  • Daniel Ke

    this guy is great XD

  • The Monkey King

    Can someone please tell me how he makes his character's skin look so smooth and hd?

  • WolfTen Alpha

    3:01 is the greatest thing ever

  • KryptonicMatter

    This means Molag Bal raped some kids.

  • Stitchpuppy01

    Tiny Serana fuckin those guards up is probably the funniest thing I've ever seen.

  • Code95FIN

    Seranos! I can't breath!! x'D

  • Immortal Otaku

    holy shit...murderous lolis lmao

  • Epic Gamer

    No blur on teh titties at 1:33

  • kylie caperton

    what mod do you use for that mushroom follower?

  • Gentleman Joe

    You're gonna recieve this comment from two years IN THE FUTURE!! but that little purple haired girl i would've been like "Holy S***!! I....i'm not even mad..I'm F***ing impressed!!" as she's beating every guard to death BARE HANDED!!

  • Cordless87

    F*CK HARKON! I would still adopt them

  • Conrad Johnson

    those two lil cute girls just suddenly just kicked into vietnam fladhback rage and fkn wooped riften's ass faster than i could say "yo wtf" xD

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