PS4 Elder Scrolls V Skyrim - Free Crafting (No Perks/Materials) Mod Gameplay

This mod removes the restriction of requiring specific perks and the need for specific materials in order to craft various items. This means you can can go to any forge, smelter, or tanning rack and create any armor, weapons, arrows, house materials, ingots, leather, and leather strips for absolutely free, no materials or perks needed! As an added bonus you can also find craftable filled soul gems and gold currency (1000 & 5000) under the misc catagory in the forge(:

Example: Level 1 with nothing at all? No problem, go to the forge and get that daedric armor!

How to use:

Download and enable the mod then go to any forge, smelter, or tanning rack to create the various items I've stated earlier. Save. Then disable the mod after (if you would like, or just keep it on). And simply enable it again whenever you need it! Simple.

A great big thanks to Highfiveghost for giving us an incredible mod, that will help us craft the right equipment for our journey. -- Watch live at
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    What is the mod called?

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