Skyrim SE: Serana Serana Serana!! 3 replacer mods!!

Serana #1
Serana Alternate Version

Serana #2
Pure Blood Vampires

#Serana 3
Fangs & Eyes: Serana
  • Haze Man

    The 3rd serana is the best! She got them DS lips.

  • Haze Man

    For anyone that wants to make her better use convenient horses she gets her own horse like Arvak with a flaming sword ,and if you want her to live at your house or pick where other followers live use my home is your home mod.If you want to cure serana make sure you do it before you use the mod otherwise she will get confused when shes suppose to leave.

  • Nikita The Wicked

    I miss that armor mod! Damn Xbox and rules about slootiness ;w;

  • Stealthy Wolf

    great video even though I think serana is cool and all, but EOLA has been my favorite since 11-11-11. I used Lydia until I completed the namira quest, and then tossed the housecarl back home for the nightblade!!

  • Stealthy Wolf

    oh hey fyi, didn't know if you saw it yet, but there's a mod you could create a girlfriend for Mr. pickles with. its in the wip section and its called tojay khajiits. it has been there for a little while. I know you could have some fun with a video for that lol. then if you get khajiit child maisha thats adoptable Mr pickles would have an entire family lol.

  • AfterHours Gaming

    angry is pretty good but 3 is the best in my opinion

  • Jason Sefer

    how do you change her clothes with the spell

  • Jason Sefer

    1:27 what Is this armor

  • Lamar Williams

    what Mod/Spell are you using to change her clothing.

  • Lamar Williams

    Thanks, The PS4 wasn't cutting it with the no external assets thing. So I just got the Xbox, and all of the cool mods are new to me. Keep up the great work!

  • Stan De Coolste Persoon Op Deze Knikker

    1 can i have sauce on the opening song and also awesome video🖒

  • Henry McFarlane

    when you used fangs and eyes serana did her eyes turn blue after a while? it did for me then when I reloaded they went back to normal....just wana know if you know why they turned blue?

  • Trevor Meredith

    hate all three. og is best

  • goofy gamer

    I really like number 3 but number two is definitely my favourite what can I say I like redheads

  • BlackSheep

    The best one in my opinion is the original one. she's perfect just the way she is.

  • Eric Harrison

    Hey man I just subscribed and really enjoy you're channel! In you're skyrim mod showcase SERENA SERANA SERANA! You have a thumbnail capture of her that I think is stunning. Is that a mod you used? Thanks and keep up the great work!!

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