Skyrim - Pharlan Race mod Appearance options with flying mod

Showing the appearance options for the Pharlan Race mod for Skyrim. See flying at 10:00. Flying requires the flying mod, Fores new idles and SKSE. Unarmed animations are due to the Unarmed sounds an animations for Vampires (this version replaces ALL unarmed animations for player and NPCs).

Mods used below:

Mod Homepage is here:

-- Watch live at
  • Bigpig Rotmg

    How do you fly when you have the wings?

  • Jaxon O

    is this available on PS4?

  • Joshua Lay

    Can you increase the speed of flying

  • Gaming Pekka24

    how do i install mod can by make a video on how to install it

  • Jaxon O

    we have mods for Skyrim se and fallout 4

  • EvadeTheSun

    Open cities mod would let you fly out I'm sure

  • simon dent

    I prefer nephilim as it has a built in flying .To use you need black soul gems and you gain three parts to a shout . 1st shout gives you access to more power .Second part of the shout you have wings third full shout you fly . You can fly using E to enter towns ... and you can use full body HDT . Dont CDT when you fly from one side of the map to the other which I find always happen with FINS flying mod . Nephilim also comes with three types of feathered wings . You will get attacked by the townsfolk in Winged Nephilim mode . All in one flying mod with its own body mod CBBE .

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