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  • captain big gulp

    You got that from super bad

  • NipMae

    That tree has wood....

  • Caleb Hill

    I already know that I have a dirty mind I think about sex too much

  • ThisTuna Games

    I am sick at home today and depressed, but you guys always make me laugh no matter what!You guys are awesome!!! ;)

  • Avthen Diarie

    It a plushy of a dick which be my cousin Ian favorite plushy

  • dragonborn gaming

    I came here to do two things to suck some hard candy and suck some dicks

  • Dragon born

    3:58, IT'S A REAL LIFE COCKTUS!!! For those who know 1 of vanoss gaming's videos which was a "horror" Garry's mod map there was a cactus that also looked like a dick and balls.

  • gasdorfic muncher

    fun times mxr and jeannie

  • Terry clevenger

    8=========D is that dirty?

  • Gage Niedert

    Mission failed ~E-102 gamma

  • whisperienced

    He was quoting Superbad at 5:20

  • brandon stivers

    Dude I've been a fan for a relatively short minute, and my biggest thing on this video is that is a dope ass shirt. Also thanks for the mod reviews I'm very greatful and been getting some awesomely useful mods due to them. So once again thank you kind sir.

  • Guns and Roses

    I think someone in this video has a dirty mind

  • Retr0 Josh

    Henry gat a small penas

  • DogMechanic

    "dick shaped foods are the best"I see Henry is the gay one today. I guess that's fair, Jeannie probaby needed a day off from being such a homo.

  • Nicholas Epsilon

    I have a dirty mind. I'm man enough to admit it. There's no good clean fun like a dirty mind can have. :3

  • oxhorn fallout 4

    dick. What. The. fuck !!!!!

  • Isaac Nobliski

    Your the one who bought your friend a book "cooking with seamen" ... Am I right

  • lord ross

    My ex is way worse and she is the most perverted person I ever known

  • Developer Inc. Official Developer Inc. Official


  • Phantom Eagle990

    Wat the sh** did I just watch

  • helari paska

    5:12 Henry is refrencing Superbad...

  • Kick Start

    That's was educational

  • GuyAnimates

    How is this allowed on YouTube with the massive amount of dicks (no disrespect cool but weird vid guys)

  • TheRandomComment Guy

    "Go to our secont channel" He said"Its fun and family frendly" He said

  • Silver Star

    Henry I have the same shirt

  • James Reagan

    Out of this whole video I noticed that cool archer shirt.

  • Avthen Diarie

    I think your girl is calling you gay bro

  • Lyca

    The Superbad reference at 5:08 that Jeans didn't even register... Hopefully, he addressed it, she was so confused.

  • Franken - Castle

    All the best foods are shaped like dicks lmfao um...what about Spaghetti, Henry?

  • poblo Ladd

    Soooo much mo mom los

  • DeadlyNinja1302

    IDK Why the way she said that made me laugh 6:14

  • Samer Sinno

    I got an 1 hour 5 minutes ad

  • Geno Breaker

    6:20 boobs.Reach out and touch somebody.... I have always thought of as agressive, thanks to Dexter's Lab lol

  • THX3188

    I sincerely hope that if Jeannie and Henry have kids they name them Jimmy and Johnny.

  • Lmao Lmao

    Who is this guy trying to sound like pewds LMAO

  • Pie Games


  • SJKid856

    1:07 me wen i have a massev ajackulashon

  • Jimmy Valmer

    8=======D••••••••••• no I'm not thinking with my dick

  • Gamersick Dk

    5:20 i have seen that movie

  • Bilbo Baboon

    0:38 why do her feet look like fucking raisins

  • Cody Gaming

    Aaaaaaaaannd demonized

  • Avthen Diarie

    Bananas donuts even sausage hotdogs there lots things that food shape like dick but I do enjoy pink dick donut with some vanilla inside if you know what mean that was a joke

  • Rod Allford

    You both are awesome I watch you vids more than any others ,send me a reply so I know you read these comments

  • Bro's Gamesby

    'reach out and toucch somebody' just makes me think of that song, yknow the one

  • DYLAN Hendrix

    5:10 is a quote from Super Bad

  • Markie MARK

    When you just stretch it out to the ten minute mark juuuust perfectly

  • caitlin venable

    I probably have at least 20 dirty thoughts a day. And thats on a mild day. XD

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