How To Install ENDERAL (Skyrim Mod) : QUICK & EASY Guide

A Guide on How to install Enderal for Skyrim on PC, this mod requires a separate launcher that converts your Skyrim game into the newly released modification called Enderal. This means particular instructions for downloading all the files, the launcher itself, and how to go about doing the installation.

Title: Enderal Tutorial (How To Video)
Elder Scrolls Skyrim
Video Tutorial
With Commentary PC
1080p 60 FPS
Modded Skyrim

Enderal Website:

Nexus Download:

ModDb Download:

Torrent Download:

Alternate Enderal Launcher Download:

Enderal Facebook page:

Enderal Wiki:

"Enderal is a total conversion for TES V: Skyrim: a game modification that is set in its own world with its own landscape, lore and story. It offers an immersive open world, all for the player to explore, overhauled skill systems and gameplay mechanics and a dark, psychological storyline with believable characters.

Enderal is free and can be played by anyone owning a legal copy of TES V: Skyrim. (No DLCs are necessary.) It is developed non-commercially by SureAI, the team behind the renowned Oblivion mod "Nehrim: At Fate´s Edge" (and various other projects).


An open world with its own lore and hand-crafted, detailed and diverse landscapes (desert, heathlands, forests, jungles, mountains and more)

An unconventional story with psychological and philosophical undercurrents

German and English localizations, both fully voiced by dozens of speakers, many with a professional background

Multi-faceted, believable characters with own ambitions and motivations

Overhauled gameplay with experience points, survival mechanics and hard, challenging combat

An overhauled skill system with classes and new special abilities

A housing system allowing the player to design their own homes

30 to 100 hours of expected playtime"

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  • Gabriel Amezcua

    does you need qbittorent specifically or can you use any client?

  • Shane Klein

    tryed to download of nexus stoped it was taking to long downloaded from differnt site toke less then 30mins

  • Drago Valesharu

    Quick guide explainging for 6 mins how to download a torrent.You might as well rename this vid to 'how to use torrents' and rename your chanel to 'how to use computer for dummies'

  • MoonshineCole

    The only install guide that works for skyrim special edition. (only thing you have todo with the recent steam skyrimSE is rename skyrimSE to TESV .

  • MrCoxisBreak

    It really helped me, but I got an error message which says (translated form spanish): "Exception not controlled by aplication. Click continue to ignore this (etc...). It happens on the final step after I click Start Installation. Do you have any idea why this appears or how to fix it?

  • danimalplanimal

    hey man I don't get it, what's a mouse have to do with anything?

  • Colton Tooman

    what about saves are they transferable

  • IamDefiant

    will I be able to play skyrim without restoring it? or do I have go uninstall/reinstall every time I want to play one or the other.

  • Moonbeam

    Thanks very much your video was as quick as it needed to be, spoken clearly and you covered every angle possible. I was stuck and you've been a great help. Thanks man.

  • Amy Campbell

    great guide will admit i was a lil stuck before watching

  • Tiptoe into dat pussy

    I can't get it to work, when i press "Launch Enderal", a sound comes, but then the skyrim title screen opens, when i press "new game", it says "Explore Enderal?", but when i press that, nothing happensPlease help

  • Chase Santana

    I followed it step by step, launched enteral, and now the game crashes at the first loading screen

  • John Diaz

    Done installing a while ago. But updating stuck at 3 percent. I noticed that zip file stuck at 11.616Mb.File Location = F:\The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim - Legendary Edition\EnderalLauncher\update

  • Christopher William

    This is a great tutorial, but just FYI, you do not need to do the step of extracting the EnderalInstall_EN.gz to your Skyrim directory. The Enderal Launcher will extract and install all of that for you into a new Enderal folder. If you pre-extract to your Skyrim folder, then creating a backup of your Skyrim directory during Enderal installation is entirely pointless.What you need to do instead is place the entire EnderalInstall_EN.gz into your Skyrim Directory, as well as the Enderal Launcher. Then just load the launcher and select the .gz file in your Skyrim Directory as the installation path.

  • Maria Bach

    Amazing and easy to understand, I had no idea how to install the game by myself, so this was a big help :)I also like how you showed all of the install choices.

  • MartianCZ

    is there the way how to play it with pirated Skyrim? I cannot launch Enderal, it is crashing

  • sjoerd entius

    the launcher cant start because it cant find the TESV.exe. what must i do now?

  • ZiiKiiFF

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim\EnderalInstall_EN.gzAt "choose installation type" that comes up. I dont know whats going on.

  • Cyrill Is Bound

    utorrent works aswell but I think it might be a little slower and I haven't been bothered to test it lol

  • Elliott Millson

    Can I get this on Ps4??

  • samaa njah

    Hello dear sir: Enderal installation won't detect my Nvidia GPU, instead it detect my integrated Intel, even i went to Nvidia Control Panel and made Nvidia is the default

  • darryn jenner

    what happens if i already have mods on skyrim and i download this?? will i need to uninstall my mods first then download this??

  • Kamel Bens

    when i try to select the installation folder witch contains the data needed for installing enderal i dont find it at all ? please help me

  • babesstefan

    When I double click the Enderal launcher nothing happen. HELP xD

  • Xarak Bendardo

    It work with Special Edition?_Are u coping files from Enderal package 2 times? Manual 7:20 and by installer 10:18 ?

  • Stephen O'Hara

    Thanks, helped alot :)

  • Purple Pidgeotto Gaming

    Excellent guide! I was a bit stuck before watching this. Thanks!

  • Sylvio Vio

    It is really oblige to copy the files from the archive in the Skyrim folder because it seams that the lancher do the same just after ?

  • Giorgos Psilas

    i click the luncher and nothing happens, why??

  • The Sim Guy

    What do I do about all the files with the same names?

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