Top 5 Console Mods 10 - Vampire Mods - Skyrim Special Edition

The Top 5 Vampire mods in skyrim special edition on xbox one. Welcome to my daily top 5 mod series for Skyrim SE remastered on Xbox One & PS4.

This series brings the Top 5 awesome, amazing and cool console mods for skyrim special edition brought to you daily on Xbox One.
In this mod series all mods shown are the top 5 mods for the last week and everyday is a different theme. s, armours, player homes, Graphic improvements, follwers, gamplay, quests & many more!

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Better Vampires 7.8 -
Vampire Knights -
Morinth - Vampire Follower And Potential Spouse -
Lair of the Crimson Scar -
Sacrosanct - Vampires of Skyrim -

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  • Alexa Wiatrova

    anyone else so fuckin upset that "better vampires" just came up on xbox one? Cause I am and I will be so freakin depressed if there won't be a mod like this for ps4....

  • Ahmad :P

    I want a mod that remove ugly faces

  • Mason Brouwer

    so I want to become a vampire bit don't want to evolve enough that ppl start to hate on me, and Can still side with dawnguard. is there a mod for xbone I can do this?

  • ClaudiusValentine

    btw the mods hes talking about isnt on ps4 i've looked and unless there named very differently to not find, then they aint attached to the ps4, i typed in vampire to find all vampire mods and find only cheats like ring of the cursed sun and no ugly vampires, that ultimately adds external assets, so all the faces have lines making them look worst then vanilla version, im telling you pc modders stop posting to ps4 because unless u have a ps4 to try them then they dont work at all NONE of the vampire mods on ps4 work

  • ClaudiusValentine

    after watching this video all the way through, i say if u want mods for skyrim go get the PC, because it is truly better, they allow external assets so when your playing as vampire or werewolf the pc version has more stuff to do then the ps4 or vanilla version, i say this while im playing the ps4 version, but man the ps4 mods suck soo badly, there all just cheats to have something attached to mods, i cant wait to get a new computer so i can play the true skyrim and morrowind

  • ClaudiusValentine

    im here to tell every modder that is releasing vampirism on ps4, i advise u to try it out first, because it dont work, i've tried every which way i've tried EVERYONES FUCKING MOD and getting vampirism other then as a disease DOESNT REGISTER your character AT ALL, u get the powers and weaknesses but u CANT at all suck anyones blood sleeping or at castle, and when u do drink blood through a bottle it doesnt do anything but make the sound every mod does the same, the game isnt ment to have vampirism or werewolf at game start cause it aint registering at all

  • XP Devon

    Better vampires or sacrosanct?

  • Nerdster Blaze

    wow that skeleton lard summon must be pretty fat for a skeleton

  • Corona

    Does it get rid of the annoying screen effect every time you go outside?

  • jackie michel

    With Sacrosanct we can fly with the vampire lord? Like in mod better vampire? Thanks :)

  • War Ninja

    Sacrosanct is kinda required to be on any best mods list. The vampire class sucks without sacrosanct, the Vampire Lord gets power that should be expected with it.

  • Andy Kan

    is better vampires on ps4 and is there any ps4 mods that allow turning NPCs to vampires?

  • Rabbitzan Drakague

    I had a hard time understanding most of what you said. It was just a little fast for me sorry. but good guide nonetheless.

  • Joshua Seagondollar

    First mod discussed is Better Vampires...Footage shown is from Sacrosanct...


    Is better vampires and sacrosanct compatible with each other?


    There needs to be a DIO vampire mod.

  • Niall Williams

    hey can someone help me I downloaded the better vampires mod and it's now one of my favourites but it's got to the point it's unplayable . when I use the spells after a while it all of a sudden says no spells left or something in the top left corner and my magical meter goes down by its self I waited twenty four hours fed and checked the settings, when. I use a potion it goes up and then straight back down, does anyone know a way to stop this?

  • TheEllobo155

    that vampire lair mod is not on xbox? i cant find it


    Is there a mod that removes the dirt from vampires face

  • CourageousRetreat

    VanTal is amazing!!!

  • Soul Harvester

    I feel so sorry for the ps4 players that can only have vanilla assets, Sony is honestly fucking evil.

  • Cryptic Mind

    Is there any vampire mods that make you look like Marcus from Underworld when you transform? or even transforming into a Gargoyle would be cool too.

  • XxLimitlessBADassxX

    put Odin in front of anything to make it sound fuking epic also vamperic .......Odin son...Odin force ...Odin fagget....Odin porn ...Odin born...Odin keyboard ...Odin phone...Odin kids..Odin screen ..Odin wolf...Odin alphabet

  • Zoopremee

    his voice pisses me off.

  • Kayden The Creator

    too bad its only for xb1

  • Abdi W Hassan


  • SkyrimQueen421

    i cant see to find better looking vampires anymore and I hate how my persons face looks and its the only thing stopping me from becoming one in the game

  • Gavin Ashby

    Are sacrosanct and better vampires compatible/have a patch to make them compatible

  • king dingo

    Is there a mod that gets rid of the sun weakness? I always thought that ruined the fun of being a vampire.

  • Belinda Valdez

    So better vampire is not for the PS4?

  • rogue editor

    thats not better vampires thats sacrosaint

  • Dark Slender

    Why did I have to grow up using PlayStation if I switch its gonna feel so weird ;-;

  • Gamer 832

    Does the first mod and last conflict?

  • SkaerKrow

    Hey, thanks for featuring my mod! I appreciate it, and I hope that you had fun with it.

  • Kane Cummings

    I take it PS4 doesn't have better vampires? What a drag. That mod looks very fun and much more realistic

  • The Wandering Sage

    Will the Better Vampires ever come to PS4?

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