Skyrim (2018) - Movie Trailer #1 Chris Hemsworth, Sam Worthington (Fan Made)

"Something Woke." Skyrim - Movie Teaser Trailer ▼
The Empire of Tamriel is on the edge. The High King of Skyrim has been murdered. Alliances form as claims to the throne are made. In the midst of this conflict, a far more dangerous, ancient evil is awakened. Dragons, long lost to the passages of the Elder Scrolls, have returned to Tamriel. The future of Skyrim, even the Empire itself, hangs in the balance as they wait for the prophesized Dragonborn to come; a hero born with the power of The Voice, and the only one who can stand amongst the dragons.

There is one they fear. Concept teaser trailer for a Skyrim movie. Hope you guys like. Please do share!

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✖ Music: Malukah - ‪The Dragonborn Comes

✖ Outro Music provided by FreeSongsToUse
- Island by AndyM


**This video was made purely for fun.
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  • Adam So Chillstep

    He looks like a nord lol

  • Kyle Reese

    You guys ever take a trip and play Skyrim or Fallout 4?

  • Veniamin Strel'nikov

    да ладно да ну нах.. фильму будет по скайриму это же круто

  • straightouttaLA69

    Yo I would be so hyped if it was real like no words can explain how huge of a fan I am off Skyrim

  • Thwompthing

    Witcher movie > Elder Scrolls

  • Michael Bernhardt

    weiß jemand,wer die sängerin oder die gruppe des liedes ab 00:15 ist.

  • Enborian

    Nie mają co z kasą robić..?

  • fregni1990

    this was a live action teaser for the game before it was released in 2011

  • TJYoshie

    Martin Scorsese was actually going to make this movie, until he took an arrow in the knee

  • Tarantula Gaming


  • World Traveler

    This gave me fucking chills

  • teenie beenie

    o deara slow motion trailernot a good omen

  • zylon248

    Honestly skyrim is my favorite elder scrolls because of its northern features

  • Tyrion Targaryen

    Ok skyrim would be a shitty movie Everytime a movie is made of a game it's shitty

  • Abdu Salam

    How the fuck is this a "movie" trailer? Its the live action trailer for the game with music over it

  • Bada Bing Bada Boom

    I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took a...Read more

  • omegajbmb

    I really wish there was a town guard holding his knee and limping away from the dragon.

  • DEV

    Они что, совсем идиоты чтоли? Как можно экранизировать Скайрим? :/

  • Nomad Q

    in the game itself, even crab fights with a dragon, but here it seems to be massive desertion) and abandonment

  • Mr Taff

    looked promising........until I saw the dragon CGI. yeah, Ill pass on that!

  • Mr Wilson

    I think i just shed a tear

  • Kai019

    Dragonborn burps & kills it woops my bad I didn't even get your name

  • pris t fan

    Games are just like books why ruin a perfectly good thing by making it a movie


    the trailer even looks awesome

  • Daniel .C

    no please no just no am I the only one cringing at the fort of this movie they'll just wreck everything

  • Baker Playz

    Boy you ain't do nothing with that steel sword

  • Leon Angel

    woow waiting for this movie ........!!!!! :) This should be good

  • Abeschooler 03

    There is so much lore in the elder scrolls franchise that if they took the time to make a TV show ( not movie because I don't think it would work ) and got actually good actors and cgi it could be amazing

  • Chewitt12

    Remember when this came out years ago, it gave me goosebumps then and still does to this day, one of the best games I've ever played, if only movie were in development or a TV series, I'd be so stoked

  • ohhhSmooth

    that dragon be like: "you get to the cloud district very often? Oh, what am I saying,.. of course you don't"

  • professor chaos

    Plz delete this video let's not give Hollywood the idea to make this and fuck it up like all video game movies

  • Dylan T

    I must say, regardless if it's stolen content, this is a masterpiece, well done to whoever created this.

  • Dovahiin

    most of this is parts of the song

  • Arma Lol

    once again i have to listen to girl singing this song for 10000000000000000000000 millions time.

  • Grabiato Nehrimzer

    slow mo with 15 fps looooool

  • Chief ROBERTZ

    You damned idiot, this is a live action trailer for skyrim from like 5 years ago

  • Dami 27


  • Candidus Nwakasi

    please what is the name of song used as the soundtrack?

  • sheepmaster 24

    Are u fucking kidding me I got so excited aaaahg pls kill yourself

  • L light

    J'ai trop envie de le voir

  • angry pootis

    They got the song right!

  • James Rashid

    Dovahkiin the legendary hero of skyrim i can not name another as strong or powerful as him in tamrial ebony worrior nope hes dead when your level 90-99 perhaps only two living things would have such strength and power to test him one being the world eater himself alduin and the othe being another like dovahkiin who goes by the name miirak but both fell to his might! so far nothing not even a troll can beat him in strength let alone power so i must say they have no choice but to make a skyrim movie then skyrim 2 will be definite oh and the only other source of power that can beat him has to be godly from being a devine or a daedrick lord but i must say because of his soul/blood he is permanently bound to savringaurd even if the lords of evil constantly believe and persist on making sure he is in oblivion hes untouchable by that, all they end up doing is giving him more power by accident razor plus molag bols mace the two most powerful lords gave him that power to use as he sees fit be it good or evil so with the power of the devines given to him as gifts of himbeing a hero and dragonborn plus dark lord powers/weapons for being the strongest and most powerful plus fit champion for it hes the most powerful living thing until another with his potential beats him to go to the gates and become the next devine or if he chooses the darkest lord of all or mabye he'll find a way to come back and fill his spot once more!

  • SirSneakyCrab

    I agree with it being stolen, a much better video is called just "Dovahkiin" but I think it would've been a much better TV Show, maybe even based on the amazing Fan-Fiction "Legends of the Dovahkiin"

  • Batyr Kompot

    How fat troll. Ленивая басурманская мразь.

  • Chris Jenkins

    The irony is Skyrim can't be a movie because it has no story XD

  • Bass tv

    That is something we fans have been waiting for too long

  • that guy

    A skyrim tv show but every episode is a different story with different characters

  • GameTamer

    Don't forget the glitch bro

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