Skyrim Special Edition Mod Showcase - King Crusader Mega Pack!

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Chay becomes a epic battle monk of epic proportions, here's how you can do the same!

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  • brandon shafer

    my chest on the left wasn't there I didn't get any of the armor or wepons

  • Tarnil Corvax

    What is the mod that adds the "Hidden Templar" armors?

  • TacoCats

    What mod is it for the idle animations?

  • gamer 2736

    Holy hell ! An awesome commentary for an awesome mod . Love the way you presented it. And, superb commentary ! Liked & subscribed .

  • Ya boi Moses

    Is it just me or does he sound like sir hammerlock from the borderlands series

  • Staz Vamp

    It'll be great if ppl could post stuff without being loud and annoying,

  • Mr. Anime & Watch

    2H sword looks underpowered. should have been longer

  • The cancer King

    How do you get ectoplasm?

  • Limitless Beast

    I like your charisma.

  • Tyler Dobson

    Nice video dude just subbed

  • FOXDIE Infected

    I love your voice/narrating!

  • TraDigitalGaming

    What mod is the idle pose

  • Simob Feng

    is this better then the daedric set?

  • Aion Trancy

    what mod are you using to hold the sword like that?

  • Wagner Nogueira

    Well, with me the chest doesn't even appear in the game, only the armor chest.And this is a major problem since we can not forge or pick an ID to spawn some of the weapons with a game code.This realy sucks.

  • Tim Mcmahon

    Would the heavy armor set beat the death brand armor set?, are the light armor the same as heavy armor?

  • King J

    what other armour mods do you have them other armours look amazing

  • richard cesare

    How do people play without SkyUI?

  • xXRed WishXx

    chest on the left wasnt there

  • Erik Jagode

    Thank you i didnt Found The second chest

  • Psiioniic

    what texture mod are you using?

  • Colin Buckley

    Is this a mod or vanilla

  • Ace of hades

    good video love the commentary :):)

  • bert berendsen

    how do I get all the extracted holy lights to craft the armor, somehow I found only 1 extracted holy light.

  • Rogue Freeman 2

    Should use the clear skies shout before you record to make it sunny.

  • MrChrispy360

    Biblical Holy Dude!!!1

  • WarsunGames

    I am not devoting points into Ebony.Anyone know a mod where someone is a blacksmith i can use an NOT Crash my game?Also great video Chay.An if you get back on Minecraft Minion Server Please Show us.

  • Abc l

    Why isnt it there for me



  • Bloever98

    "one of the witch-kings", omg smh, "one of the Nazgul***", only one witch-king

  • Limitless Beast

    I like how it makes an alternative crafting method to make it! :)

  • UrDaddy WingNut

    HOLY DUDE GETS HELLA BIBLICAL on those baddies!!!

  • Teapot Bunyip

    Awww I wanted to see your Biblical Holy Dude in action. :( Well, mostly I wanted to see the little hand defender thing in action to see how well it works in place of a shield.

  • ReviewKombatUSA

    Hmm this looks like an interesting video"WHAT OH PEASANTS"Nvm

  • Eric Monaco

    It Kinda Looks like Nazgul Armor

  • Epicwaffle 534

    Anyone know any good mods with crusader looking armour

  • Sue McTyre

    That is one Biblical Holy Dude there!

  • Jack Robinson

    biblical holy hand grenade! bless this thy hand grenade, that with it thou mayst blow thine enemies to tiny bits, in thy mercy. and the people did feast upon the lambs, and sloths, and carp, and anchovies, and orangutans, and breakfast cereals, and fruit bats

  • Arne Johan Isaksen

    "one of the witch-kings" haha fucking normie, get ur lotr shit togheter

  • FrankiePeanuts

    'Specical Edition'. lol

  • Tom Lomax

    That fucking background music...

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