Skyrim - SKSE/Memory Patch Installation Tutorial (FAST/SHORT)

If you want to SKIP TO MEMORY PATCH INSTALLATION go to 3:54.

This is just a quick guide on how to install SKSE and how to enable the memory patch in SKSE itself.

SKSE DOWNLOAD (sllect 7zArchive):

TEXT to put into skse.ini


- Disclaimer -

I did not create and do not own The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim or SKSE (Skyrim Script Extender). Please view this as free advertising.

    This really helped me out, thank you for the tutorial :)

  • Oleksandr Vladov

    Thx, man. It`s useful

  • Bears House of Games

    First off Bethesda needs to send you a monthly check for stopping people from returning their game lol. I have gone from 14fps to 60fps.I have another question if you do not mind. My physics was working but now it is not. Any idea? I have run my FNiS my skeleton is current.

  • Bus Driver

    Yo dude Im so happy I found a tutorial that covers the memory patch too. Gophers video was fine but it was not nearly as to the point as yours was. Keep it up!

  • Anthony Curling

    Thanks for the help, i was told I needed to edit my SKSE.ini but I didn't know where that was :/ Thanks for the assistance

  • rex kenny

    Thanks 2018 still working

  • Albert Schlomoshoahshekelstein(((SHEKELNATOR)))

    Where's the link to the download?Please respond.

  • Comp Engineering Is My Life

    1 tiny little question all this time my SKSE.ini was ' INSIDE' plugins my problem was block 1 hit 310-380 ish and my game crashed. Is this the fix to that as well?

  • Chris Mckenzie

    Did as you said and my game goes to main menu, starts to load, and then just shuts off. Do I have to use your downloadable copy of SKSE, or can I use the steam version?

  • Sherm

    You are a saviour. Thank you.

  • john conner

    thank you for helping me!!!

  • Argonath Mora

    If anybody has a problem with infinite loading screen of Beyond Skyrim Bruma, this is the solution to the problem. It's finally working !!! Thank you !

  • Frank Smith


  • gabriel martins

    thanks man help me a lot, shout out from brazil.

  • Some

    Thanks for the tutorial! However, even when following the instructions step-by-step it still says the memory patch is not activate. What else am I missing?

  • Brian Foley

    works 08-dec-2017 :) thanks

  • Jacob Saffold

    Wow, nicely done man!

  • Isaac Riza

    I actually looked for hours before this trying to find what to do and you presented it so well....thank you so much

  • Brandon Cosme

    Very solid tutorial. I didn't have a SKSE.ini file before this, now I do.

  • Drosera

    It worked, thanks so much!

  • Sean Combs

    I agree as well. thank you for staying on topic. High Marks!

  • RemRem

    I did it and still have the "failed to allocate memory" crash

  • Callum Reilly

    Can it be started through SKSE on steam?

  • Gabriel Leonardo

    Instructions unclear. Head stuck in lawnmower. Just kidding, great tutorial.

  • TurtleGrl17

    Whenever i go to the program files (x86) i dont see steam, please help me.

  • SkyrimModded Videos

    Was a little slow so I thought I might not bother, as most of the things I tried to fix the crashes haven't worked, but then when I launched Skyrim, with a perfect load order, IT WORKED!!!!Thank you soooo much!

  • Jerry K

    What about the [Display] iTintTextureResolution=2048 should i add that line ?

  • Unlimited. Exe

    Sir, you are the god of fixers and of life. THANK YOU

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