Skyrim Mod: Game of Thrones Armour Compilation

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Game of Thrones Armour Compilation

Intro/Outro Music:
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  • TheMrCraniumZ

    I am amazed at the fact that there are no complete conversion mods for Skyrim to Game of thrones. It would be cool if they recreated the land in the series and let you control a character with quests and all.

  • Mr Bimble

    he was so ashamed of his stupidity he deleted his comment XD

  • Trojan Hippo

    No Rhaegar armour? D;

  • Hugh .workEmail

    mines fucked it in the data file but not working

  • Harry Howe

    There is a mod it's called Game of Thrones Adaptation Mod.

  • Kronaras13

    I got all my knowledge from watching nightasy's tutorials, you should really check them out.

  • MrDexter

    well i copied the data file in the game directory,now how do i find stannis's armor(im new to the game)

  • Pungmaster Flex

    Fuck you for not knowing the difference.

  • Robin Burnette

    PLEASE port this over to Xbox one.

  • Kaito

    finally!!! *.* GoT <3

  • red dead gamer 51

    By the gods it's Kevin VanNord

  • blood117

    Some of the armor is untextured and appears as purpleish blobs. Some of the armor is invisible when i try to smith it.

  • JorxiiProductions

    It's so funny to watch people try to correct others when they're wrong themselves. Armor is American, Armour is British.

  • City Hunter

    Adds armours or replaces armours ?

  • omviken98

    All of the armer is invisible...

  • Mauhadeeb28

    I personally love the colour in this armour set. But your Behaviour is less than humourous. Rumour has it, you have no honour.

  • Venty

    im american and i call it armour

  • Darth Rave

    0:53 winter is comming?

  • Orkin@toR

    i dont like the endings...its like you are waching a pers dancing separately form music!

  • Filip Ferencz

    Where can I find these ?

  • Sam Humphreys

    Whenever I activate it, my game crashes after the Bethesda logo ;-;

  • SlappyThaMule

    And armour is Canadian too :L

  • Osterzoned

    Does anybody know the name or console ID of the boots used in this video, its so hard to find matching boots for the GoT armors.

  • Moangus PIckard

    I want a mod that repleces Solitudes yarl into joffrey, windhelms into Ned stark etc.


    I don't understand why you WOULDN'T get teh game of thrones followers mod instead... It's the same thing plus followers. Who doesn't want followers?

  • Chris Pelletier

    The armor matches the style of skyrim armor so it's not lore unfriendly

  • Cmatagar

    i ve got the problem with the boots of the mountain and Tarz, they are pink

  • Rederis Mangusta

    thx from now on .. armour it is... fuck america

  • Shetster Drake

    Neither Mount and Blade nor Skyrim have managed to do a good job on the Lannister helmets...

  • Eliezar18

    Do you guys have friend/acquaintances who make some of the mods you review? and can you make suggestions to these people?

  • Niall Turnbull

    Most of thevideo showing of the armour and weapons is exactly like Simpzys , look it up and see

  • Mr Bimble

    an american correcting spelling? thats rich since its the same country that mispells laser. its an acronym you idiots!!!

  • Xenovista

    You know nothing Jon Snow.

  • adramelek7

    I wish i had your skills... :D

  • Ragna Rock

    no King's Guard armor, why?

  • CHRIS D.

    Thank you Brodual for all the great videos!

  • AJ Surema

    How do you install this? When I activated it on Nexus mod manager, the only thing that appeared is Lannister Jerkin. Help.

  • Voieux

    The mountains armour looks nice on taller followers.

  • TheViolander

    Make a really awesome dragon horn!

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