How To install Enderal in 10 easy steps (Skyrim Total Conversion Mod)

How to install Enderal (Skyrim Total Conversion Mod) in 10 easy steps

1. Go to:

2. Click on Download

3. Install a Package. I chose on Nexus
(This will take a while since it's 8G 2 hours approximately)

4. Now download the launcher

5. Place launcher and Package in a folder of your choice
(I created a new folder on my desktop)

6. Go to your skyrim game folder, look in data and make sure no mods are installed, no esp or esm other than Skyrim. Remove dll if any from enb or performace boosts
Should be something like C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim

7. Open Launcher and select the path to the folder containing the 8G Package.

8. Click install and let it do it's thing

9. If there's an update, click download now

10. Click Launch Enderal and enjoy :)

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  • justabelgian gamer

    great video lady lexy. really great mod. please check out my awesome vids to people. and feel free to subscribe and share 😊

  • Jesus Trevino

    You should sooo play this, just the screen menu or menu screen, it's looks gorgeous. i can't wait to see you play in Enderal. But before I forget, i love you as a fan and always remember to stay awesome and beautiful. Take care of yourself and keep up with the awesome work.

  • th1mself

    holy shit thanks for not making a 30 fucking minute video on how to install this.

  • fraama

    Will you be doing a lets play of this?

  • Viperborn Elite

    Has anyone ever told you that you sound like Sofia, its not an insult, she's my favorite follower.

  • Jayvee Tenebroso

    can i play enderal without the skyrim installed? or i need to install it so that i can have a TESV.exe?

  • Crab Crayon

    Thanks for this tutorial:-)

  • AL almeida

    Hi lexy, I already have it installed, but I love watching your videos

  • jolinar1983

    After seeing your first lp video for this I went and watched Gopher's videos for installing with mod organizer and now this to see how you did it. Now I don't use mod organizer for skyrim I use NMM, but am I correct in assuming that installing this way won't effect Skyrim? So both can be played with no problems?

  • Zack Lackovič

    And what when it write to me "Please update the latest skyrim" ... I don't know what I must do :( Can you help me with this?

  • William McNee

    That was a nice tutorial. Even I could follow it...;)So, are you still gonna be continuing your current Skyrim Let's Play? Do you make a new character for Enderal or can you transfer your current char over?

  • MikuThePoro

    Awwwwww I feel so left out ;w; Anyway hope you'll make series out of this. I know there are many youtuber's that are making a series out of this but I love your skyrim series as much I love cats. xoxo :D

  • Kamel Bens

    when i reach "select the instalation file whitch contains the data needed for installing enderal" the launcher can't find it !!

  • Claude Seward

    thank you for the info

  • urgod paintrain

    everytime i try to launch enderal it says that it couldnt detech a skyrim script extender. Help pls

  • Dan Lokemoen

    Step 10: You can now click Run Enderal and enjoy a SKSE error because the maker of this video didn't start with a fresh install, she already had SKSE installed, so this method doesn't really include everything necessary from a clean install. Hey, maybe making these tech videos isn't as easy as she thought.

  • Horrible Andy

    Thanks for the easy tutorial. Question: Do I need to edit the ini file for this? I did the centre arrow in crosshair fix for Skyrim, so do I edit this one or will it default to my Skyrim ini file?

  • Sven Snider

    thank you for the nice and quick tutorial Lexy. Time to install. =)

  • Gary Cico

    Lexy...I would enjoy watching you do a LP for this game.?? Did you do a clean install for Skyrim or just remove the mods from your game?? Knowing you have a heavily modded version of SkyrimHave a great weekend and enjoy it :)

  • Masonjar Productions

    WOW. Enderol looks really cool! Thank you for this step by step tutorial!!!!

  • Life is strange Fan art

    Simple easy guide, I got through with minimal problems, all of which I could solve myself, thanks :D.

  • Max Himbigger

    This video's url has oh no in it.

  • Fmdjshsh Djdn

    OMG I need you when trying to install Arma 3 mods or pretty much any other mod.. I suck

  • Kyle Newton


  • Brittlespy

    thank you this helped me and my best friend Alex. :D

  • justin west

    hey can u still play skyrim when u have this downloaded or no

  • Red

    wow this is 3 minutes and the rest of the video in youtube are like 2 hours not even joking PROPS TO LEXY GUYS

  • GangcAte

    So, I downloaded it and installed it the way you said. Then I started it and clicked "New". Loading screen showed up, but after a few seconds, the game crashed. I have no idea what to do, I tried everything people told me to do on the internet (making sure SKSE is installed properly, reinstalling Enderal etc.). Every time the game starts, I click "New", it starts loading and crashes to the desktop.

  • Adrienne Cisneros

    Please tell us there will be a LP of this 👍🏻👍🏻

  • SHELLshockKEEN I save, save as or run when installing the package?

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