Skyrim IRL: The Bannered Mare

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Skyrim IRL: the dragonborn comes funny live action videobakery video bakery dovahkiin vs. the bandit marauder
  • leetlebob

    So true though, he saves the world three times and no one cares.

  • Roblox Dude101s

    2:14 Dragonborn SUCKS!!!

  • Roblox Dude101s

    0:50 Bard:"I played that song 177 times" Dovahkiin:"THEN PLAY IT 17!9! TIMES!!!! 178** Lol

  • NanoFireTech


  • Robert Corbell

    Too bad as many below are saying you can't get drunk in-game for immersion reasons, as well as the "Dragonborn" song never being the same for me after the Amorous Adventures mod video by MxR. XD Also, SO many players below who played Imperial and/or for the Empire in spite of them nearly losing their head to the Empire and the Thalmor just because the Nords are "racist" (when they mean "specist") because bigotry even when make-believe is so bad it trumps denying a person's religious freedom as apparently two wrongs make a right... :p

  • Angel Does Things

    Our douchebag Our Douchebag claims a drunken soulI tell you I tell you the Doucheborn comesIt's an end to the happiness for all Skyrims peopleBeware Beware the drunkenborn comes...

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