Skyrim IRL: The Bannered Mare

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Skyrim IRL: the dragonborn comes funny live action videobakery video bakery dovahkiin vs. the bandit marauder
  • Sadie Frost


  • Omar Shokry

    Now i do understand why God didn't make any human with super power...that guy can kick your ass Anytime he wants in real life if you don't play his damn song all night long

  • Annique

    Your dragonborn is such a raging asshole, I love it XDIRL most people would probably go drunk with that kind of power anyway

  • Jack Bragdon

    It’s true because in oblivion people treat you like a hero and in Skyrim people act like they can kill Alduin with a steel dagger in one hit

  • sadcracker

    I've played this game since it came out. They never fixed stuff. They never made the town guards stop talking to me like a little girl that is to ugly to rape. I am drunk as shit and this video is perfect. I must ask anyone that gives a shit....what made Bethesda come up with the idea matter what you do people will always treat you like the shit on the bottom of their shoe? Why? Why would you make a game so beautiful, so interesting in it's many ways to complete and yet the overall message is.....(wait for it scumbags) matter what you do you will always be treated like a jerk. Why why why? What could possibly be the reason, and after eight years of a million fans asking this same exact question, what is there response? Hands to yourself sneakfeeth! What sort of anti-human asshole has the power to make a company that has grown over many decades by our continued support....declare war against our self esteem? Why? This video is perfect. I hope they know the answer, because you caN BET YOUR SWEET BIPPY i DO.

  • too punk rock for you

    I'm too emotional wtf

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