Skyrim Mod of the Day - Episode 275: Real Flying w/ Gliding & Collisions!

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  • Rogue

    it dos not work, i have tried 12 times to get it to work with no luck, so why show this misleading vid it dos work !!!.

  • sared pazo

    I have a small problem with the stamina to fly very fast till stamina is spent with tgm as alludame please fix the problem! a greeting

  • Clever Gaming

    where do u find blue dartwing

  • CJ Chaump

    could I glide with no wings? Do I need the wings? the character armor I use already has wings :/

  • Tree

    Where can I get the ingredients for the mutagen

  • Thyworm

    Looks pretty good mate ;)

  • Kappa4401

    Need More mod to make it fly over this?

  • Sauce Gaming

    You deserve more subscribers, good video. It's always great to see people who make Skyrim mod videos that aren't perverted :P


    i cant fly, and i jump normally

  • KidZombiesPlayah /Frosty/

    I have my wings but I can't fly or glide

  • James Carpin

    For some reason it does not let me enter flight mode?

  • Demon TheYandere

    Where is this on steam

  • Helljump's Video Hole

    I installed the mod plus all of the mod author's reccomended mods and addons and microsft bs, i still cant glide or flyi just jump really high and the mod author won't respond. Please help

  • The_Flying _Burger

    how do u make he potion? is there id for the potions? if so, what are they?

  • BlackPuma

    Wait a minute.. Is this video running at 60fps? It seems like it. I didn't know that was possible in Firefox.

  • Rebekah Reilly

    do you take fall damge

  • Xevion

    PLEASE LIKE THIS COMMENT SO THE REST CAN FIND THIS INFO! HELPED ME!Hey guys,I know a lot of you are having trouble with this.Here is some troubleshout for you that can't fly.Make sure you have FNIS INSTALLED!Make sure to run GenerateFNISforUsers.exe - find in somewhere around here:C:\Program Files (86x)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim\Data\FNIS BEHAVIOR\toolsC:\Program Files (86x)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim\Data\toolsC:\Program Files (86x)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim\DataC:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data\tools\GenerateFNIS_for_Users (Found mine here!)If you can't find it install the Behavioral Files found below,it is likely different from what you downloaded: - FNIS Behavior V6_2 (Or the newer version e.g. 6_3)Then try and find it,and run it. Note: If you ever install/uninstall FNIS or install a FNIS-based mod RE-RUN this!Inaddition if you uninstall a mod that uses FNIS Creatures,press the De-install Creatures buttonPLEASE LIKE THIS COMMENT SO THE REST CAN FIND THIS INFO! HELPED ME!

  • Lmao

    Whenever I tap the space bar a second time it still makes me glide, any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Adia Betsinger

    I drank the mutagen, but my wings wont appear..

  • Angelousy Michalka

    Any idea how can i uninstall this? i tried to drink a cute to remove wings then save then uninstall then delete all files still my charchter stays in statue condition

  • Blizzard IsAwesome!


  • knightlessmoon

    Question, does this work for the fairy wings too? If not then I hope this modder will do that as their next flying variant.

  • Isaiah rogers

    for some reason when i jump twice my character still glides

  • Atr0m

    Please help! How to i get blue dartwing?

  • Phoenix El Classifico Spelaren

    I'm using the dwarven backpacks one, and I can only glide

  • r1997d

    It looks great, but the one thing that annoys me is there seems to be no hovering option, you just have to constantly move forward

  • Brian Downard

    Yeah, not really sure what to do, installed all of the necessary files but when active in game my character just jumps really high. Any advice on possibly what I did wrong? I updated the FNIS Behavior and installed the Windows C++ thing as well. Need some help man this mod looks too cool to pass up.

  • The British Maniac

    How do I get the ingrediants? Is there a cheat way of doing it so it's faster?

  • Last Stand

    Using this mod atm, can't fly. It only jumps higher than usual, I keep double pressing the jump button and the forward button and nothing is happening, the mod doesn't even feel to work. Anyone with a solution about this?

  • Kai Montalbano

    Can I do this on ps4

  • tine rabago

    can you guys help? when i jump its just high and animation don't work and i can't fly and after two wing clap i'll fall, did you know how to fix this problem? sorry on my english.

  • Collector John

    the one question that never gets answered "Where do we find the spell tome so we can fly?"Will it ever be answered? Nobody knows because the mod creator doesn't even bother to answer his fans thus making the mod a piece of shit.

  • Lynna Richards

    I got the wings and everything, it works but i can't glide. i can jump in the air and the wings come out but not in a gliding position. its weird to explain. Anyone know how to make it glide/fly?

  • weebviper

    How do you get it to work with a controller

  • IncarnationOfImmortality Taylor A. Jones

    I'm having trouble with the Wings them selfs, I drank the potion but the wings didn't appear, until I start moving then the wings were everywhere, or at least the colors were everywhere, stretched all acros the worlds pace I know it was because I used the Console command "TFC" to look from an aerial view then I saw what looked like the wings Spazzing out all over the world space can you help.

  • Cleosio Farias

    What are the controls to fly, I have done everything and can not even planar, could help me? ahh I'm playing on pc

  • Hedrox

    Ugly vanilla graphics.

  • TheAsylumCat

    Play as a Argonian, add the dragon breath shouts, giggle like a school girl.

  • Triston Chism

    This with Open Cities.

  • LiveStyleGaming

    I have some more free time lately, so I'm going to attempt daily, or at the least every-other-day episodes again. The weekly format is great, but I hate using a good mod and having to wait days to get it up ;D

  • AeroNevin

    Can you help me please, I downloaded and installed this mod. Did the FNIS thing and all. Made the potion and the wings now appear. But when I press forward key + jump the wings open but ..its just an ordinary jump. I can't even glide. The full-on flight doesn't work at all. Any ideas on what I could have messed up? Thanks... and thanks for the cool vid!

  • iamthebest22

    would it be possible to use this mod and the other flying mod together? Or would it be incompatible, this mod authors says as long as it doesn't actively changes the ijumpheight value, which I"m not sure if the other flying mod does. Thanks

  • Cracker

    Arcadia's Cauldron has all of the ingredients needed to make the Mutagen.

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