Amorous SERANA 13 - A Good Daugther (a cinematic Skyrim gameplay)

A boss fight. A love triangle. More dibellan art lessons. And repeat with me... never make love over a unicorn.
It is sooo wrong.

Episode 13 of Amorous Serana, a cinematic gameplay based on Amorous Adventures, a Skyrim mod created by Foxfingers (Nexus clean version. There is also a Loverslab unclean version)

UNP Viking Armors

Tribal Hunter Armor

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In the soundtrack:
Lesson Learned by Mat&Kim
Vampire Hunters (and others) from Bram Stoker's Dracula Soundtrack, by Woijciech Kilar
Hanna's Theme by the Chemical Brothers (Hanna soundtrack)
Supernova by Scott Buckley
Rain by Vindsvept
Red Letter, Unrelenting, Echoes of Chaos, Pop goes the Weasel by MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Other mods featured in this gameplay series:
Facelight plus
Ks Hairdos
Brokefoot Mashup compilation
Loot and Degradation by Isoku
A Closer Look
  • Bushallmighty

    I think 13 is ok, after all   "- this is ALL wrong"  :)And thanks for the videos, love them all.

  • fjkzd J.

    nice episode shinji, and REALLY nice dibellan lessons ;)btw if the vamp snowelf made the prophesy which was the reason for serana to be locked away for hundreds if not thousands of years, then it really bothers me because his brother is no vampire so he should have been dead for a long time...there is no canon explanation of this as far as i know

  • Elsa Frost

    You put 12 instead of 13 but in the video you have it right

  • Dottore '

    5:03 dam son it's a freaking sun

  • xaero xiii

    I love your player avatar man. Ilya is adorable. Serana is too. Great videos mate. Keep the amorous adventures and all the others coming.

  • Jim Davis

    Shinji having a Geralt and yennifer moment... Stuffed Unicorn..............

  • Monsour Anda

    awesome video as always.Have you ever consider using male character using dark soul fight mods for the next armorous episode after you finish this??

  • James Huggins

    gotta love the Witcher reference XD

  • Md Tombi

    mother fucker wrong title wrong pic....and u say subscribeeeee go to hell mother fucker

  • Momand Dad

    yea pank sarena yeah oh yeah make her but red

  • Lori Langin

    a unicorn, what is this, witcher 3

  • CORV1990

    shhh just 2 references ... you have changing, before you were cool (bart reference) LOL

  • ARKIO 5896

    FINALLY! Oh what sex on a unicorn....i got to go now (spits in the background)...Also who didnt visit the sack yet? Aylia maybe but am not sure...

  • Sin Son

    Shinji always found it entertaining to watch the videos

  • Purple Heart

    I thought Shinji was dead. XD

  • Poseidon Games

    Gelabor is in shock XD

  • Jack Drake

    Could you tell me what mod you use to make the characters look better?

  • Mateo Lopez

    Does Amorous Adventures supports Frea from the Dragonborn dlc? and if it does will you do a series with her too? :p

  • Aiden Phoenix


  • TheloyalArcanine

    what is the sack mod?

  • Mainstream Data

    What the flip?where did that unicorn come form?

  • Shawn Driscoll

    15:00 He killed me plenty.

  • Alexandru Kantakouzenos von Carstein Zarovich

    14:02 best moment in the whole game! :D

  • Xic0vsky

    Great episode =) I look forward to the next one, too bad it's going to be the last =/But really, very nice touch with all the cinematic pans and soundtrack choices =)

  • Luke H

    your amorous adventures videos never disappoint :D


    Nice episode! :-)I made my own history few days ago, but i havn't time to record and upload.Finished this quest and send Serana to Markath, to study the art of dibella :DShe is now more hot than before ummmm :)

  • HikariAnnoxis

    Laughed my ass off at the sex scene :D

  • 52262 933626

    i really hate those cloaks. there so ugly. however i would feel better if the had HDT.

  • Radiant_Otaku

    +Shinji72 Can you Please link me to the hair mod your using??? and the armor you used in all the other amorous adventures? :P (Love's this channel)

  • Beth Amphetamines

    108th thumbs up! Please keep doing the Amorous Seranas until the end :D

  • Mr. Anime & Watch

    That's not serana, wtf

  • taylovespatch2

    Would love to see you do a Witcher 3 playthrough Shinji!!

  • Vram1974

    Nice nip slips! And nice Witcher reference!

  • Klayton Parker

    no I done it around 25

  • Royston Joseph

    11/10 Would fap again!

  • Sandwhale Gaming

    The unicorn was a nice touch. xD

  • Red GAMING

    i oh my my god i died laughing when start to slapping them

  • Dbuzzyb

    Absolutely brilliant as always I will miss ayla - hope you will do some more let's play with her, you are one of the best let's players out there and I've enjoyed every episode 😀

  • Klayton Parker

    what level is your character at?

  • Tegan R

    I am so surprised this isn't flagged for nudity XD you forget to censor sometimes shinji! lol

  • finiltasch

    Hey Shinji I was going to recommend to you the new update to Seranaholic and Bijin NPCs but the mod author has taken all his mods down! Does anyone know Why?

  • Denis Gruzmark

    is the unicorn a witcher 3 reference? XD

  • Radgrid Valkyrie

    Poor Ghelebor: thousands of years of talking only with ghosts to be reintroduced in the modern morality by a unicorn... Maybe he regret to not be a unicorn... All this "For Kodlak!"

  • Link Of Hyrule

    oh god it's the unicorn from witcher 3 XD

  • Eddy Yaeji

    LMAO your commentary 21:45. "This is Less Typical" ahahahhahahahahhaha, you got my subscription.

  • Vaughn Stark

    Shinji Do you ever think you'll Do a Sanguines Debachuery play through its kind of jacked but i think it would be kind of cool if you add your cinematic/story flare to it and knowing you you'd find a way to make the mod special in your own way kinda like what you've done with amorous adventures

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