Skyrim Mod: Immersive First Person View

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Immersive First Person View

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  • Deer Sea

    the mod sucks, it's just the camera stuck to the 3rd person view character, you can't see the weapon you're holding even when you're attacking. such a disappointment, i hoped for better immersion..

  • Alpha Wolf

    when you gotta pee but you mega stiff

  • Adhzap

    I want so see my own body in default first person view. Is there a mod to add this function. Only that function ;D

  • Eped Tan

    I must use Enhanced Camera and Immersive First Person View together or choose only one ?(sorry i not good at English)

  • Halit

    You can't see your weapon in front of camera with this mod. It sucks. Try Enhanced Camera instead.

  • Dab Worthy Content

    how did they set it up like that when i tried i got my head through my weapon and my bow was a mile away please help me

  • Dmitriy K

    Like ARMA, Arma like anal,hard and painful,but you'll get to used to it.

  • Altomågnus

    hello and welcome to bro duel

  • Andrew Markus

    This mod is garbage and it looks like total dogshit. Get Enhanced Camera if you really want a proper camera mod even though that one also has some slight issues.

  • Lemmings-Gaming

    I can't see my weapons

  • ThePieMan

    The only thing keeping me from using these mods is how the first person body is turned too far clockwise when standing still weapons sheathed, or running & standing still with weapons unsheathed. It bothers me to no end for some reason! I wish I could just turn the body counterclockwise a little fkin bit lol

  • Arkillik

    This mod feels more like strapping a camera to your head instead of seeing through your character's eyes. Enhanced Camera is far more better.

  • Spartan51188

    when i download this mod , i can't find Immersive FP in the menu

  • TooRandomEnvi

    okay i have no options to adjust great

  • joseph ezu

    I just want one that works with sexlab, ayyylmaooo

  • Gavin Brown

    Is there any Immersive FP mod you can get on steam, without having to spend half an hour downloading fifty things.

  • Poop

    I can't seem to get the MCM menu to open for me when I install through MO. There are some text info that pop up in the ~ console though but I can't configure any of the options. I'm not sure if it's my load order or something else entirely?

  • Monstah Jones

    for those curious, the intent of this mod is VR, if you don't have a Rift or something similar it's not going to be of much use to you..  the idea is the camera is attached to the head or helmet and the head tracking of your unit makes use of that..

  • alex little

    this mod is shit get enhanced camera its so beautiful it changed my life of skyrim gaming its one hundred thousnd better than this mod

  • doctor sharp

    0:04 the AIM OF THE VIEWMOD GET IT HAHAHAHkill me now

  • ehab alademi

    the 25% bob at 1:20 looks very similar to Dishonored's POV.

  • Shiyo Amayaki

    The mod has changed to A plugin, meaning its more stable but at the cost of customizability. You can still edit the mod via the Plugin text, as mentioned in the description of the mod. As with any mods, always read the description.

  • Thoran666

    Just installed the mod and didn't like it. It felt too sluggish and the camera moved around too much after I turned.

  • Just Harry

    is it comapatible with enchanted camera?

  • Stefan Larsen

    hi everyone, idk how to contact the creator of the mod. can someone ask him to make a different "silent roll" animation. Even though the mod is super well done and immersive the roll looks too stupid. ty in advance

  • Matei Bobes

    this mod can be selected from menu or downloaded??


    = skyrim real life camera

  • Ysmir PL

    i have this wierd problem with this mod that i dont have the mod menu and its keep working even if i delate this mod please someone help

  • Jacob harder

    i cant uninstall this mod without breaking my normal first person. i just get stuck with two different first persons and one is the normal one and if i push f i get put in a weird wobbly sloppy first person... any ideas on how to return it to the original state?

  • The Chronomancer

    Immersive drunken camera view

  • Connorama

    I wish this was on steam

  • Just Harry

    is it comapatible with enchanted camera?

  • ARK Gaming

    Its hard to use a bow the aiming isn always off

  • Joey Sanders

    if this is on steam let me know if not then still tell me

  • Articounias

    I HAVE THE POSSIBLE SOLUTION FOR UNINSTALLING THIS MOD IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS WITH IT AFTER UNINSTALLING THE WRONG WAYGo into the game and see if you have normal first person so far, save and quitDownload the mod MANUALLY, youre gonna see what files the mod installs in your computer and where they are gonna go, you'll find two which is in the SKSE folder in the data folder in your main skyrim directory,Then there is one in Scripts found in the Data folder as well, IFPV or something like that, whatever kind of file you find the manual version you downloaded.Once you deleted these three files you shall put salt on the wound by cleaning your trash can, just to be sure of course.Then you verify your game files via steamOPTIONS AND ENB AND STUFF when you\re done with that, put your options back where they were, like if you have ENB, put the antialiasing and anisotropic filtering off, also the resolution is different. Those are the main things i found,Also if you have an ENB go to Users, User that you are currently, Documents, My Games, Skyrim and Skyrim yet again, in here you need to find bFloatPointRenderTarget or whatever which is possibly set to 0, put this to one and save and close, if you're ingame and it says its on 0, close the game, go back to the text file and put 1 again and save and start the game straight after, this is how it worked for me and saved permanently.

  • Raven 3-1

    but does it work with mods that change 3rd person animations?

  • Taylor

    This is a great mod but I couldnt keep it. The constant bobbing when standing still and stuff sort of annoyed me.

  • GamingNinja

    PLEASE put this mod for special edition on consoles! :D

  • ElvenUnicorn

    They got rid of the mod menu... Whelp can't use it now.

  • georgehutchison2000

    My mod doesn't work anything like or rather looks nothing like that in the video, and there's no mod menu whatsoever in game for me-and yes I have skyui. Anyone know how to fix it?

  • YetiHunter

    Does this require SKSE?

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