TARDIS MOD: Skyrim Remastered/Special Edition Xbox One

Location of Tiid Veysun Video:

This mod can be downloaded from the mod menu on Skyrim or via the link below:


I do not own this mod and I'm not taking any credit for it, I just wanted to make a short video on the three things that I found that are awesome for this mod, but the flying at the end is my favourite.
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  • James Bannister

    How do you get the hyper cube to travel to places I can't find it anywhere is it in the tardis itself or is it in tiid veysun??

  • TKTailsGaming

    how do you get the rift in time missions

  • Witty

    How do u play find the rift

  • Phoenix Berry

    hi what is this mod called on the Xbox one mod screen? Great vid btw have subscribed:)

  • Saitama

    how do i get the tardis summon shout

  • Brandon Wolford

    how do I get the sonic screwdriver I have looked everywhere

  • The Cool Gamer Dude

    changed the tardis exterior and i want it to be the blue box again halp!!

  • liam Hampshire

    guys you know the mod author gave up on this mod right , this is all your getting

  • Daniel Lucas

    I found a Hypercube - Main Quest in the Mages area of dragonsreach. When I use it, it only shows Winterhold as a location, not sure what to do afterwards. Any ideas?

  • Geeky karma

    How did you get the rift quest?

  • DCTOMA 2077

    Could you recomend any outfits to look like the doctor. The sheograthoutfit would be perfect if it was a different colour.


    i didnt get the tardis summon spell

  • GRM Joker

    good video thank you


    Flying with the hand break on is what gives it the noise, screw the hand break!

  • DaRk CeD

    How do I get a hyper cube /where?

  • Klavier Gavin

    I'm not sure if quickmode still exists but in the original mod you could just use the Demat primer, set coordinates, activate handbrake, then use the demat primer again for a quicker TARDIS flight

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