Skyrim Mods - MAGIC CARPET Mod ! Fly Across the Land !

GameChap and Bertie inspect the spiffing Magic Carpet mod for Skyrim! Genie-ous, I say!

TO DOWNLOAD: Visit the Skyrim Nexus! The mod name is Magic Carpet.
  • AmusingYeti

    "What a ... RUGGED steed." LOL.

  • Klaubauf

    Number 1: Do we really care if you get angry? Yes...But only so we can take the piss out of the fact your raging like a little kid XD Number 2: I'm not 12 and if i was i'd still be able to call you a 5 year old brat quite easily. Number 3: Yankee's come from USA...I come from UK

  • Sage Vibe

    I will show you skyri!

  • almightycornholio448

    Its powered by disturbing dances.

  • Detective「Jorge Joestar ||」

    FUS RO I SAAY dovachap then knock out a dragon that lands on game chaps house and burns it to a crisp

  • SomeNewGuy

    0:45 oppa gangnam style

  • OurHouseForRentRep

    Lol Rugchap ang Ruggiechap

  • orgcon1

    You would have thought that the creaters would have used the cross-legged animation instead of the house riding one...

  • 10shredder00

    Russian Rullet upon a magic carpet interesting


    Its a cool dance on the carpet :D

  • angusleilomo

    so funny its the most funny thing i have ever seeen hHAHAHHAHAA

  • Joel Neill

    wait i have seen this before, but from where?

  • Nit Pick

    *Bedknobs and Broomsticks theme*

  • Purple_Parasite1

    Dancing on the flying carpet i say

  • Flower Patch

    Please don't respond with such bliss ignorance. It was just a little joke. I'm not the bad guy here.. So please be sure to read carefully next time. It might save your life ;)

  • Yogs

    wow the best excuse i have ever seen, pretending to get angry i bet your like 8, but no i don't think an eight year old can type like that

  • Yogs

    save my life? i'm so cared :o

  • Nikita Mikhailov


  • DrGodu92

    Im still waiting for the riding dragon mod

  • Flower Patch

    United Kingdom, eh? Then I expect better grammar from you. You're starting to make The United Kingdom look bad. :/

  • Kulit of 1000-ish Faces


  • imsetyshow

    __,_____ / __.==--" /#(-' `-'

  • Christopher Twiggle

    Beautiful landscapes... Magnificent views... Almost... Almost there... Keep it coming... Wonderful textures... GAH! There it is.

  • The Pietromancer

    if you are happy and you know it just jump!:D

  • MrTripleWhy

    Oppa Skyrim Style !!!!!

  • UndeadTektite

    stop....hammer time!

  • JDoawp

    thats becuse the game thinks its a horse :D

  • sanjum84

    The magic carpet is making horse noises >.<

  • 『 Paradise City 』

    This+Shufflin Mod= GENIUS

  • john shiderly

    oppa gangam style eyy sexy carpet

  • Lorenzo Flowers

    He's doing the MC Hammer Crab walk at 0:58

  • William

    good wrk guys ur the best mod guys

  • 176rfc

    fix riding animation :(

  • Yogs

    wow i'm surprised your computer can cope with that much strain XD

  • Idrus Idid

    Oppan gangam style! XD

  • robbthy

    i can show you the world!

  • R. yhoorn

    look at my rug my rug is amazing give it a lick

  • Monmize

    Hes riding it like a horse..! xD

  • Yogs

    wait wait wait wait, you expect everyone to live in the same country as you i live in my country the United Kingdom bitch

  • ohidgaf

    It would be better if it was Pegasus instead

  • DBCreeper

    Your Jumping On It Thats Very Dangerours!

  • Flower Patch

    ??? That wasn't a threat.. You're probably foreign anyways. But i don't know how to simplify my statement to a foreign like you :/

  • goofparade

    "I don't think he'll be laying down the red carpet for you!" Bwa ha ha!

  • Caelum Hussien

    R.I.P Jarl Balgruuf the Greater #27

  • punn213


  • Yogs

    my grammar is fine i'm not going on like hay u no u dint actuly go out last nite, nd i caled u telling u wen wed met up

  • Shane

    Does it come with a holder for my curved blade?

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