Skyrim - Lake Honrich - Quill of Gemination

The location of the Quill of Gemination at Lake Honrich.
  • Synthra Official

    THANK YOU! This was so irritating!

  • William Terry

    i cant find it there even though i got the quest

  • Anthony Spitery

    That moment you try to make a YouTube video to help millions of gamers and a fucking dragon flies above

  • -Strawberry Clorox Bleach- *Retired from services*

    Thanks dude! Steel Arrows, huh? Like those too!

  • Arbite Core

    hate those bugs :/ ...

  • Blue Demon

    this video really helped thanks!

  • Insane Foxy

    So pointless in getting it after all when I just ran Vald through with my ebony sword but the game wouldn't let me tell that bitch Maven that he's dead

  • Mack Davis, III

    Thanks. Finally found it after two days.

  • Fabian Pino

    Gracias maquinola, buena guia.

  • Cringe Master99

    wish skyrim could've had a pointer for this quest, but anyways this video helped thanks a lot!

  • theGreatBlake

    Raised my alteration so much looking for this.

  • Anonymous Cringey Guy

    Five years later and this is still useful.

  • Oblitus Sol

    Got the quill and everything, but when I tried talking to him about his debt being repaid, he'd just go "huh?" and "who's there?"... then he'd attack me.I dunno if I just did it wrong, but I loaded up a previous auto-save just in case it was a one-time glitch.nope....utter waste of my time to not just kill him..

  • Tungsten Tourniquets

    Don't know how I'd ever have found it without this. Thanks a bunch.

  • Jaison McQuade

    and you didnt think to open your map when you were on top of the quill?

  • Sebastian Hahn

    show your map, asswad.

  • Wendy Conner

    thank you for the help

  • Tenth Ten

    This quest is bullshit. It's just for a key you can easily pick pocket off the guy

  • SonnieDae

    TY TY very kindly ;o)

  • Promiscuous Dope Fiends Official

    At least it's not a feather of burden.

  • DUO CL

    cenks and a good vidio

  • Prid3ful Nightcore

    Most useful thing ever

  • merickful

    Shoo fly! I'm looking for a quill!

  • Doberman Kenpo

    Would've been nice to show the map location after you found it!

  • Flaming 101

    No it's not a bug

  • Jin

    thanks man, truly appreciated

  • Hristos of Bosnia

    Showing the location on the map as you are about to loot it, wouldve been the ultimate :)

  • thomas lescotet

    👌 Perfect It was a boring quest

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