Skyrim Special Edition Walkthrough Part 1 - PC Gameplay 1080p 60fps

Skyrim Special Edition Walkthrough Part 1 - PC Gameplay 1080p 60fps
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Prepare for another crazy adventure! Welcome to Skyrim Special Edition! Although i've played so much of this game already, i can't wait to get into this one!

If you own Skyrim PC + all the DLC you get Skyrim Special Edition for free! If you are missing some of the DLC's you can pick them up individually or together really cheap over on G2A or if you buy the Legendary Edition of the original you'll get the Special Edition as well. Use code "IFREE" at the checkout to get cashback to use on G2A.
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PC Spec :
Processor (CPU) : Intel i7-5820K (3.3GHz) 15MB Cache
Graphics Card : 4GB GEFORCE GTX 980
Motherboard : ASUS® X99-S
Memory (RAM) : 16GB CRUCIAL DDR4 2133MHz (2 x 8GB)
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  • Walker Boh

    It's a damn shame sir that you don't have more subs. You're the best brother :)

  • Francesco Spycher

    Hi could you do a recommendation for which mods will work with this edition please with your knowledge? I started a orc asassin this days im now lvl 10 and it rocks.

  • Jonathan Hoffman

    You can make skyrim look like 10x better than this with mods


    freemz you are an amazing youtuber and ive been around since i think dragonborn dlc came out, i look forward to seeing the series

  • Nasty Mack

    ah I lost my interest when he play with female character

  • Brad Meyers

    bringing back the greatest freemz series of all time!!!

  • Music World

    i am playing Skyrim special edition right now

  • Benjamin Harrington

    Long Live the Empire! Anyways, awesome video as always.

  • Iesha Reath

    could you put some subtitles? I can't really hear well so I was hoping you'd do that

  • Defec Tec

    Long live the stormcloaks!

  • irishpugwtf

    whats so gud about it?

  • Brandon Smith

    first time i played this game i couldn't play this game because the dragons scared the shit out of me.

  • Logan Reber

    You should name your character dovahkiin you are the dragon born after all

  • John Oliva

    I got legendary edition long ago and I was real happy with it

  • Samuel McCarthy

    Freemz playing more skyrim, my nuts be getting moist once more

  • Evelyn Done

    I always side with the imperials because later on in the game you find a letter in Yarl ulfrics house saying that he made a deal with the thalmore to kill the king and start a war to weaken the empire so that the thalmore can take full charge and rule over skyrim so I never side with the stormcloaks 😂

  • Dean Lawton

    Just found your channel mate been looking for a good Skyrim walkthrough... and you've delivered up to now.... Good job mate 👍

  • Pilvaker

    What is the different between the normal and special edition?

  • Blake Belladonna

    The Stormcloaks can't beat the Aldmeri Dominion by themselves they need the Empire the only way that the Dominion will be destroyed is the Emperor tearing up the White Gold Concordat.

  • ImmortalDragonLord

    First I just wanna say you've done a great job on your videos for this game Freemz; I actually found your channel 5 years ago when looking at videos for Skyrim when it was brand new, and it's nice seeing you play this game again. Easily one of the best games I've ever played, and you're a hoot to watch. Second, at 11:12, I understand completely. When you're about to be executed, you tend to hold grudges. Originally I was gonna side with the Stormcloaks, but then saw how a few of the races are treated unfairly by the Nords in Windhelm, the Argonians and Dark Elves specifically. The Empire gives you a reason to hate them I get that, honestly I don't care for that Imperial Captain either; I take solace in knowing she died one way or the other, karma's a bitch after all. But the Empire is equal to all their citizens. Plus Tullius and Hadvar actually aren't that bad, they're kinda descent. In fact you hear something interesting from the General if you beat the Civil War sided with the Legion. Plus Ulfric's cause may seem righteous, but in my mind he seems to only care about himself, and puts his kin first, but doesn't help anyone else if they're not a Nord. That's my opinion at least. Anyway, keep up the good work brother, can't wait to see all of this again.

  • Me Of course

    I finished the witcher 3 and was wondering if skyrim is worth it (never played it before) and if so what are some necessary mods to add on to the game?

  • Nerro975

    Did you download the patch by chance? I'm not sure why they didn't just.. throw it into the game in order to fix it, retarded.

  • hansmost

    I was wondering about that Catwomans voice. I knew that voice from some game, so thanks for solving that. Great video

  • LANDAN2006

    Nice Freeman keep it up man!

  • Quantum Beastmode

    can't play because spiders are way to scary

  • TheCrazyBritish

    going against the imperials JUST because they were trying to cut off your head is a ridiculous reason, the dragonborn was taken along with the stormcloak, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and it was the lazyness of the imperial leader of that group that lead to your execution, if you sided to follow the imperial guard you'd then get all your charges lifted cause he knew you werent a stormcloak

  • WakeUp

    Dude, you're perfect in every possible way. You are playing on PC, 1080p, 60FPS, You're a Stormcloak but then you use a controller and your gameplay has that robotdancing style motion because of it. Really consider using keyboard and mouse in the future. Talos be with you!

  • Christian S

    Even this remastered version looks like shit compared to some of the graphics mods you can get for the original Skyrim. This is basically just for the console players who want pretty graphics and nothing else, not even new content. At least when GTA V was "remastered" it included actual new features and was incentive enough to make me rebuy it. No point in getting this when I can get the original version for super cheap since I'm not anal about graphics.

  • gosumind

    finaly fremmz love all your vid's specialy skyrim hope you have a blast with it

  • johnnyhotpants

    fuck yes love me skyrim


    i picked the game up at the midnight release

  • Fionan Coyle

    I never understood why they didn't execute Ulfic first. Wouldn't you want to get rid of the guy who started a rebellion and killed the high king by shouting at him before anything could happen.

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