Skyrim Mods PC - Aerial Combat (PCEA2 Hover Animations + Flying Spell)


Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS by fore
- A must-have to make animations work.

FNIS PCEA2 - Player Exclusive Animations (dynamic) by fore
- "Allows you to define animations which are dedicated to the player only" ... & I've just recently discovered that it's now quite easy to install, without the custom races requirement. Fantastic mod. Can exclusively customize animations with ease & change styles on the fly by just switching in MCM.

*Aerial Combat can be achieved by basically using hovering animations plus the flying mod. The flying mod's spell is needed for your character to be able to use combat while flying. Trick is not to use the animations of the flying mod but instead rely on the hover animations (preferably installed in PCEA2 so no other NPC will use it.) So when running FNIS, make sure not to include meshes of the flying mod.
- Install Flying Mod but don't install meshes, just the esp. Install PCEA2. Install preferred Flying animation in PCEA2 (make folder in PCEA2.) *For full know-how about PCEA2 installation, please refer to the PCEA2 main page, it's all there.

Hovering Idle and Combat Animations - WIP by Khenta

Hover Animation by 1001001

Dragon Priest Animation for Playable Races by Nahkriin

Flying Mod Beta by PorroOne

HongMun Coat with HDT by goldiocks

Heart of Thunder Asgard Edition - Thor Armour and Mjolnir by OminousVoice

Iron Man Repulsor Spell by MortyFortyTwo

Aetherium Armor and Weapons Compilation by lautasantenni

Dwarven Sorcery Armor by Mysteryman88

Dragon Ball Outfit by Backsteppo

DBZ Overhaul Post CK by Redman and Rigormortician

  • Faloters Hammer

    I installed these hovering mods and stuff but now all npc also float. How can i correct this?

  • Kyle Wilson

    I use Mod Organizer and I only want the hover animation and combat capabilities for my Death character how do I install all this to work? I have FNIS already and flying mod beta

  • Aidan La Sombra

    I think this is by far the bestest of flying mod on Skyrim. The others are just plain lame...

  • Amelia Saam

    i'm confused. Did you download all the flying mods? Which one is the one you used?

  • Julian Faranda

    how do you get the hongmun coat after you install it?

  • SheWolf

    yes this is exactly what i need, now i can make my evil lord!

  • MinimalistGod

    Someone PLEASE put this on Xbox One I will give you a pretzel

  • Croft Raider

    I can be like eudora from mobile legends

  • Mario Jump-man

    I think the dragon priest hover animation is coolest

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