Skyrim Special Edition vs Modded Skyrim (Graphics Comparison in 1440p)

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  • YOWA Jim-Schithomie

    "Also it's in 1440p"Video instantly drops to 480p

  • Sergio Gonzalez

    What mods have u used?

  • HunterActual

    I couldn't even figure out how to mod the original skyrim and run it at 60fps

  • Scotty Garner

    I personally find Skyrim special edition looks really good and I find nothing wrong with it.. I like both of them.Special edition and remastered both look really good. :)

  • 87ad3

    MXR please link the list of mods for used skyrim original

  • JoeOfCourse

    Where do I find this sperm tree?

  • Jimmytwogunz

    I kind like the Old grey look on ENB....

  • scorn193

    Should I get Skyrim and mod it or get Skyrim special edition and wait for modders to port them over?

  • Daniel Swift

    so modding skyrim is literally just turning up the saturation levels? nice.

  • Chromatic

    what weather mod are you using?

  • PalmPlays

    what where the visual mods used in this???

  • Ethan Davis

    Switch to 1440p PUSSY - Uploads video in 720p -

  • Sérgio David

    i wanna marry skyrim

  • Eimran

    So with Skyrim SE only 19,99 now, should I get it. I really want to mod but is the remastered version well supported when it comes to mods? Or should I stick to the original?

  • Marlon Hardin

    what mods if he using for the OG skyrim?

  • Benjamin McNeal

    Sounds like Pewdiepie

  • E Thug

    Is that you, Pewdiepie?


    when i subscribe to the mods u gave up in this vid they dont work it just looks as depressed as usual

  • PatDaBunnyLego

    what about modded Skyrim Special Edition?

  • LoveKing29

    SE is just for those console peasants~

  • DankMusic

    SSE runs much better because it's now DX11 and also 64 bit.I'm not talking about a small improvement in framerate here, I'm talking about a constant 60 FPS with 50+ mods, ENB and texture packs such as Noble Skyrim.I mean, people can say that they "get 60 fps with 100+ mods on old Skyrim" but I can assure you that's not true, and if it is, they're not using texture packs and other mods that are resource heavy.I've actually even seen on guy somewhere say that he has SLI 1080s and he still gets about 40 fps on the old Skyrim with mods.

  • Marcus Rodriguez

    I just wiped my ass and threw my toilet paper at my screen because the special edition looks like shit just saying

  • V E G A l 周囲

    the original one looks way better honestly...

  • Tuomas Paljakka

    Arghh I may regret buying the Legendary edition rather than SE

  • ton3not

    thanks for leaving links

  • The Uncanny One

    "It's not even a fair competition"Yeah, to the modded version. Base Skyrim requires at least 10 mods of a large size to look even close to appreciable. SE requires 4 mods, Noble Skyrim - SMIM - Realistic Water Two - Vivid Weathers, boom, you have 2016. Also fucking hell you sound obnoxious as all fuck and your thumbnails are absolutely pathetic, I can't believe someone like you got even close to 10,000 subs never mind 1 million. Sad.

  • XXX Minecraftduttacion

    6 months later skse is still not fully out. Also cbbe

  • Owltaku

    Skyrim original is still more popular than remastered on steam

  • Sean kavanagh

    would a rx 480 run this

  • Dragon Creations

    how to download skyrim modded version

  • Gamer Z

    it's clear that special edition won e.e

  • Pennywise The dancing clown

    How can i get this mod pls help me

  • anibal castro juarez

    where can i find that mod?

  • ShOtGuNOfRivia

    Ok I want to replay Skyrim, but don't know which version to go for, There's all the new Mod expansions to consider too. I have SSE installed with a few mods, but I just don't see all the better Mods coming through, What does everyone recommend?

  • Liam Lane

    You lied, there has been new mods for the original and often :P

  • AtotehZ

    They didn't just make it run smooth on consoles. They made it run smooth, period. I've never had issues, but many people did when they started to load mods on. SE doesn't have that problem.This video is old, but now there are several ENB's that will give you the colors you want.

  • Betelgeuse Romanèe-Conti

    You can use mods on xbox and PlayStation?

  • Eversmann6

    Anyone know the modlist in this video?

  • Rafał Żelasko

    original water is much much better than mod

  • Child Of God

    You may be able to get the same effect through A LOT of mods, but with this you can use so much more space for other mods!

  • Rashid Gargash

    What's the name of this song?

  • Warbhack.

    Will my system will be able to run these?A potatoSome barbed wireA chipped fingernailAn empty cup of yogurttwo rusty nailsAnton Lavey's Satanic Bible.

  • Karl Kao


  • bradley kane

    1440p OH MY GOD <3 <3 <3

  • killserv

    Would be nice to add which one is which on the screen...

  • Ricardo Mattos

    The comment section is cancer....

  • Kint Hunter

    what are these mods????

  • 2CREATthief

    looks like Skyrim vs Skyrim Final extreme ugly shit fantasy

  • Prodigy906

    what music is in the background of this video


    we will never see mods on original skyrim again how wrong you were

  • killerbeau95

    can i get smooth 60 with his mods and a gtx 980 with i5 4.5ghz and 8gb

  • Arman Lopeman

    the Lord of the Rings music made me very happy

  • Bolleskin /_\

    Which is best between skyrim modded and skyrim special edition modded???

  • Reason4Termination

    3:20I am no expert, but from experience, that is not how a mountain should look like from a distance. SE version just looks more natural and realistic.

  • Angel Acevedo García

    Can you provide me with some links to the mods you used for this comparison? Will i be able to run those mods with a RX 480?

  • Clorox Bleach

    I downloaded the mods you said and all im seeing is my desktop why did you lie to me? :(

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