How To Install Any Skyrim Mod (PC) 2016

In this video I'm going to teach you how to install any Skyrim mod using the Nexus Mod Manager. This works with most of the popular mods such as 2k textures, Ultimate Follower Overhaul (UFO), SkyUI, Ultimate combat and many many more.

Nexus mod website:

Many people ask 'will the Nexus Mod Manager give me a virus?' No it won't :) you can scan for yourself here:

How to install SKSE:

How To Spawn In Any Item (Including Mods):

Download SkyUI:

Find out the best Skyrim mods here:

The armour in the thumbnail is from the Breton Knight amour mod, download here:

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  • Scruffy the druggo

    you helped me a bunmch thanks man

  • Shocked Animator

    Does it work on the skyrim disc?

  • josh tarelli

    What are those swords

  • John Spatharos

    now my skyrim wont launch. Help

  • That Gay Guy

    Whenever I click download, the manager doesnt download anything and I dont know how to fix it ;-;

  • Chekov Chekov

    Nexus Mod Manager is not set up to work with Skyrim, If Skyrim is installed, rescan for installed games from the change game toolbar item; i get this everytime even tho i have rescanned multiple times and it picks it up wtf

  • hollow gamer

    unable to write permission what does that mean

  • B Brook

    When i downloaded the Nexus Mod Manager, it wouldnt let me log in with my account, can anyone help?

  • Caffina

    i signed in and stuff and it says i have a ton of mods even tho i never got any on windows 10

  • SZeroS

    it works i love u :) <3

  • Derek Caviness

    Do you just change the load order in the actual game?

  • Tartsitter

    It doesn't work it doesn't read my Skyrim

  • Niqqa Drain

    "You may start having a heart attack but it's fine"Me : IT'S FIIIIIIIINNNnnneee... -Dies from heart atta

  • LeinzMusic

    Nexus just locked me in an endless loop. Created an account, tried to verify via email, and it said request invalid, try logging in. When i log in, it says my account doesnt exist. GGWP Nexus

  • Chaoyang Chen

    This is a really good tutorial

  • Emma Debenham

    I have Skyrim from Steam and no matter how long my Nexus Mod Manager runs for, it doesn't find Skyrim. I can't manually input it either, because apparently it's not an EXE file. Help! :(((

  • TheDarkOrigins

    I couldn't do it I didn't want to stop my protection so it's fine I don't care about cool mods

  • Hyper

    This video didn't help at all

  • 25.7

    Very helpful vid, earned a sub. I'm aware it's an old video

  • Mechanical Wolf

    Just run it as admin guys, it works

  • Irewin Teurn

    HELP i cant get in because it said to validate it me but it doesn't show in my g-mail

  • The Squidzord

    I know this is late but I need help. It says doesn't say it has found skyrim


    can someone help im trying to install pixar graphics mod but everytime i click nexus mod manager download, the download doesnt start. can someone suggest how to fix this?

  • Leah Games/Animations

    Does this still work and is it still safe

  • CoFerrns

    Sorry instructions were not clear I got my dick fused to my graphics card

  • Blue Mushroom Plays

    Before i do this can i use the mods i already have on steam workshop even tough i use nexus too?

  • phobicmallard29 god

    I have skyrim on steam but when i try to scan for it it doesn't let me what should I do?

  • erogers

    I accidentally clicked on Fallout 4, and it won't open when I click on the Nexus. I've tried to re-downloaded the Nexus mod folder, but it will do the same thing every time. What do I do?

  • ess_ lion

    I have Skyrim special edition, and the mod I am trying to download says “Nexus Mod manager is not set up to work with Skyrim.” I think it is because the mod is not meant for special edition, but I don’t think that should change anything, is there a way to fix this?

  • Little Blue

    i would love to know if Nexus mods will cause a virus, i just want to know. Workshop just got boring.

  • Scotty's Storage

    So i cant add this onto skyrim special edition?

  • WarriorMan

    i'v got and error that update.esm is not in the game folder

  • Fandom Enforcer

    This is actually very helpful! Liking it for future use!!

  • The Mercer

    I think bethesda is too lazy to, create an folder called "custom"

  • Dara McGee

    Does this work with skyrim on steam????

  • Baikey BC

    i didn't use install NMM to use mod all you guys need to download manual extract file copy paste to data file skyrim

  • Barış E.

    This way extremely helpful Thank you!

  • Bring me Peter pan

    So I don't have to mod any .ini files like in fallout on skyrim?

  • michael skates


  • Jay

    You've probably been told before, but I loove you, I recently picked ip skyrim again after years and I never played with mods, now I got a whole new world waiting thanks to you, thank you so much for making such a clear (sometimes funny) video, you rock!

  • smooder is here

    My game didn't launch after I got the mods

  • DatBoi797

    Dude amazing video. You explain everything very well and clearly. You really deserve WAY more subs.

  • Warren B

    10/10 guide thank you mate! Subscribed.

  • Aaron Raymond

    I launch Nexus and it does the scan. Just after when it says to select Skyrim just the a prompt comes up, Unable to get right permissions for: right under is the Skyrim program files. How do I get permission.

  • Caleb Hurst

    A U T O - M A G I C A L L Y

  • mezuki64

    I'm missing the green box on the left :(

  • RowdyMathers

    Оk I did everything you said (btw one of the best tutorials out there, thank you), installed around 40 mods(yeah.. I know it's a bit too much), and everything seemed good untill I tried to start the game. It doesn't show me any errors or anything it just opens.. it shows me the "Bethesda" logo and then stops. Like.. the whole game just closes itself. No errors, no warnings.. nothing. When I run it again.. the same thing goes again. Any help, please?

  • ChrisP Bacon

    you know what's an even scarier screen? "Warning! You're running an older version of .net framework."

  • VKgamer12

    I have a question... I have noSteam Skyrim legendary edition how can I install + add a mod for example AddPerkPoints

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