Skyrim Special Edition: Let’s Play Walkthrough Part 1: Remastered Review & First Impressions

Skyrim Special Edition – Let’s Play Walkthrough - Part 1 (Remastered Gameplay Review & First Impressions)!
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  • Reel Steal Dragon

    Balls to the wall man

  • Needs More Protein

    Anyone else think Gen. Tulius has a Canadian accent?? 💪🏻🇨🇦🤘🏻

  • alex nite

    IV means 4 and V means 5 lol

  • Janice Ueland

    You should do a dragonborn walk through

  • Vincent Justin

    the Khajiit is the most populist race

  • Alex van der Plas

    I hate it when you spell a name in a game without a capital letter...

  • Jarrod Shattock

    Faendal.Not Feeandrill. M8.

  • Derek _52

    Lol he says I’d like to stream for a half an hour later to find out that he is going to stream for 3 more hours

  • shavy plays games

    Because salukanirr levels with you and i fought him at lv 56 i just used bend will on another dragon to kill him for me

  • Oliver Liebeskind-Blaufarb

    ESO referenced the warp from 40k.

  • Paul the 2 marek Sørensen

    This dude save the game more then I do

  • awetsoup 14

    x10 to the weight and if it is still lower than the price then it’s worth it

  • Ashton Horstman

    Ulfric isnt Dragonborn, he was just training to be a graybeard and then he left to join the war

  • Grayson Waller

    If u look at tree stumps it has little bugs crawling on it

  • kidPIKACHU 124

    Nice vid i been watch u since you had 500000 sub with different accounts

  • Tanner Anderson

    You are fucking awesome

  • CatsRevenge

    Khajiit master race!

  • Loretta Bersch

    Eso did you know you could get the ebony blade at level one

  • Leia Septiceye

    Anyone watching in 2018? 😂

  • Jerry Arnette

    What difficulty do you play on eso

  • Jordan Garcia

    That horse is loyal as fuck.

  • Abe O'Farrell

    Just started playing on Switch and had an interesting bug! At the start of the game when you get up from the ground and go into the tower, well you go up the stairs, right? and then the dragon knocks a whole in the wall. Well this time there was already a hole but no dragon or fire. I jumped out and fell short of the next door building so I was running around outside and could not enter any building. The dragon was frozen in the sky, but I could hear the sound of people battling the dragon. It was really weird. I couldn't do anything but run around with my hands tied so I had to reload. The next time it was the same except I jumped into the next building this time so the dragon unfroze and I could continue.

  • Andrew Glebus

    Ulfric isn't Dragonborn he can indeed shout but he grew up his entire life with the greybeards

  • Angel the Dragon

    is frostfall really hard

  • gg ggg

    not to be that guy but ulfric isnt dragonborne he just knows the thuum

  • Grayson Waller

    16:37 u will have to go back up the tower and try again. It happened to me and I was stuck for about5 minutes

  • Johandy Pena

    Back 6 years ago I did one of his builds for a character but it was a hybrid to some extent.his sneak and archery was maxed out but at the same time his blacksmithing and one handed was also maxed I joined almost every guild and I had all the special armor

  • Crazy Supercamel

    Played as a thalmor cuz of the extra 50 magicka

  • Trazick 11


  • Paul the 2 marek Sørensen

    I never used an horse. I just basically ran everywhere

  • Jeanna Thomas

    If you miss you just have to try again but you don't die

  • 엠마

    I've always played as a Khajiit.

  • Julian Lord


  • Commander Midget

    1:53:32 Have you been reading 'Raven's Gate'?It's a great book.

  • Biohazard gaming

    I believe that if you get the claw and dragonstone before you go to whiterun the mage gives you more gold.

  • Team RamBowNie

    I just want to say thank you ESO, for making all of the builds you have, and helping us all out with your video guides! You're by favorite Skyrim youtuber, and I hope you continue to grow!

  • Andrew Glebus

    I also got imperial studded armor from balgruuf too..

  • Daniël Fuhres

    I still have no idea, why the heck the Imperial legion never thought of killing Ulfric first out of everyone. x3 I mean, shouldn`t they remove the most powerful of their enemies first to demoralize the rest of them? x3 lolAlso, have you noticed that this first episode the sound of your voice and the face cam is VERY out of sync? x3

  • JonnyLivePT

    "he has the power to shout at people"

  • soulboy1

    It's getting glitchy

  • HardHatDoughnut

    Why don't many youtubers play this nowadays?

  • Dominator Dyl

    He missed a few emblems though

  • I'm Bored

    Delphine(the chick from the inn in riverwood) is his source. If you get there quick enough shes there talking to him and you can steal a book with something to do with the dragons in it.

  • Roger Diaz

    First time I see delphine not begging for help

  • Todd Tully

    ESO is the ps4 better than any other game system in the world

  • Sea Life

    In one video he messes up enough names to kill a man and he also messes up two or three towns quest are in

  • Emmanuel Hernanadez

    Play the dragonborn dlc please you said you would do it

  • Chronical Playz

    this is ep 1 and youve almost gone past the mission im at

  • Ismael Alvarez

    restarted my game and changed to a nord last time i was a kahjiit

  • monkey apple

    Can't wait for elder Scrolls 6 whenever it comes out I'm taking a week off work 😂😂😂😂

  • Jordan Garcia

    Noooo!!!! You idiot you missed a couple stones!!!!

  • Wolves Of Fire And Ice

    Khajiit has wears if you have coin

  • Bogdan Zadnik

    I can't find dragonborn dlc walktrough ESO, did you stream it and forgot to upload it?

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