Skyrim Special Edition: Let’s Play Walkthrough Part 1: Remastered Review & First Impressions

Skyrim Special Edition – Let’s Play Walkthrough - Part 1 (Remastered Gameplay Review & First Impressions)!
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  • ibbalisticsheep cat

    You do find out what is sources are its delphen.


    Every ice troll's weakness, arrows in the ass

  • Artistic Gaming

    When you can play skyrim because your using remote play on a ps vita and your dad wouldn't clean it off and put it in the PlayStation #SkyrimStruggles

  • xxFrostbite 746 xx

    I had a kill cam with a dragon once and I jumped on its back and cut off its head

  • Ermelinda Salas

    my first video i saw from eso was how to get Lucky in fallaot

  • Coral Grim

    I might buy this but, the worst thing out of this whole game is the character customization... No color wheel <<< OMG. At least I wish Bethesda gives us a color wheel like some other games out there. Yes, I'm ranting with color options. The best thing is you get all DLC's...

  • DaMn sOn

    You're using savage in a very cringy way xD, makes me laugh everytime though

  • Dovakin Skymaster

    Eso ulfric isent dragon born he just trained with the greybeards but he stoped training to fight in the civil war

  • Christopher Kennawi

    Eso you're awesome I have an Xbox one s with mods and I want to know how much mods I can download a have a 1 terabyte please get back to me

  • mizore shirayuki

    I know this intro so much that I can completely copy it to maximum degree

  • Vault- Tec

    I noticed the thumbnail is either from another playthrough or someone else's. The way i noticed this was because the person on the picture is using Dawnbreaker.

  • BadPiggy

    Bleak Falls Barrow not Bleak Fall BarrowsFaendal not FeandrilAlduin not Aludin

  • ripjaw0088 R6crew

    Ulfrik isn't dragon born ya dingus he was gona be a grey beard

  • Carly McGinley

    I followed the steps to get daedric armor level 1 it took me a hole day cus I cept seaching the body

  • Damien Palmer

    He is not dragonborn he learned to shout

  • TheGoldenArmy

    He missed four tablets!!!

  • evan holloway

    Ufric stormcloak is not dragonborn he just knows the way of the voice

  • Niv Cohen

    Says 1080p60 but I see 55 fps, I have been fooled!

  • Dovakin Skymaster

    Hey guys the first time I ever played skyrim I was a high elfelf age limit dident know what the thalmore where

  • Ian Randolph

    I want to see him do a mage character.

  • Ethan2

    He is not dragonborn he trained with the greybeard

  • Cyber Chiken

    I killed both Ulfric and that other guy somehow PS: I forgot his name

  • Dovahkiin


  • Sentinel Triston

    Holy shit that's alot of mid role ads

  • lycario mg

    Its not a normal dragon its alduin

  • Ian Roller

    Love this GAME!!!!!!!!

  • I have no idea

    mmm spicy just realized part one itself is just 4 hours holy shit hes gonna explore everything

  • Brizzle 1690

    Tried watching this on my Xbox One YT app and there's 23 adverts on this shit, seriously bro?

  • Dovakin Skymaster

    That is why he only knows fus ro dah

  • macdonaldsarah2569

    I LOVE SKYRIMYour videos are so cool

  • Owen Chavers

    You're so cool 😎

  • Paarthurnax Luke

    Now Dovahkiin use Dragonrend!

  • Blake Vaughn


  • Caddis

    You wont playing this on ps4 pro was you, remastered is quick untable on the pro at the moment an i dont think theres ever guna be a fix

  • tyranatar tar

    I'm laughing hard to you joking about all the guards as you fast travel to Whiterun, as I fast travel to allot of towns or cities ALL of the guards from that city or town are standing there looking at me

  • flareadox gaming

    22 midroll ads and still worth it but seriously dude great video i always come to your channel when i get stuck in the game

  • MegaPhycoKiller

    Am I the only one who hates Lydia's tone, like when she says "I am sworn to carry your burdens" she sounds really pissed

  • Sherry Myers

    ESO you have a skyrim playthrough? omg that's to cool you are one of my most favorite YouTubers and it's an honor to watch your gameplay videos 😇

  • G4M3R 201D

    ESO its funny when you played the prologue and kept saying dragon instead of alduin

  • Darrion Alvarado

    eso said that he followed the stormcloak in the beginning because the imperials dont like khagit but the stormcloaks (the nords) dont like khagit either. they hate any race but there own.

  • Andrew Montor

    Kajiits are the best

  • Karl Smith

    Ulfric Stormcloak isn't even dragonborn lol.

  • Adam Madslien

    21:00Just five more minutes-00:00:Do spiders have buttholes?

  • XRG Gamer

    “I like how the stormcloak soldier told me to jump of and left JESUS CHRIST!” How dare he leave Jesus Christ! Lmao

  • Sky Slawson


  • The Fretzel120

    I dont want to be that Person but, Ulfric only Trainer with the graybeards and isnt dragonborn as far as I know

  • Gamebrain Thinks

    Ulfric is not dragonborn. For the dragonborn learning comes easy. He's kind of like a greybeard. He taught himself to shout/learned from the greybeards

  • Gramzazill

    Bro u skipped so many plaques on the mountain

  • Shadow Demon

    first xbox 360 game i owned and played was Skyrim an i played as a Khajiit.

  • Tano Barendsen-Rossi

    Video starts at 0:58

  • Vul Jun Do Dinok

    The dragon's name means strong allegiance of the hunt

  • Brian Wade

    I thought Delphine of the Blades was Farengar's source. She has the Dragon burial map later from the tablet the player/Dragonborn obtained from the barrow. Sure she even says as much when you meet her later if you got the tablet after Farengar gives that quest.

  • ibbalisticsheep cat

    First time I played I didn't realize the claw had the answer to the door on it so I spent an half an hour trying to get the combination I only realized that the claw had the answer on it on my tenth play through

  • Vault- Tec

    I'm sorry about pointing this out but Ulfric isn't Dragonborn but he trained to be a Greybeard himself.

  • The gaming experts and others

    his source is the woman in the room aka delphine

  • aj Lopez

    Thank u I'm actually good at this game but my thing got deleted so I had to start over and then I just stopped playing cause I list the disk but cause of u ik where to get good starter armor

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