Skyrim Special Edition: Let’s Play Walkthrough Part 1: Remastered Review & First Impressions

Skyrim Special Edition – Let’s Play Walkthrough - Part 1 (Remastered Gameplay Review & First Impressions)!
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  • Carson Blair

    1:04:22 his source is Delphine

  • N0 Shrapnel

    Got enough ads there buddy?

  • Daniel Sanchez

    So this is akar’s first video😱

  • Vortex Gaming

    "if this game wasn't like a pg that kid would get killed!"the game is actally am 18.

  • Jason Garner

    In Skyrim when you go into a temple you get the gold out of chest but you also forget the urns have gold in gyms in it too there's a lot of stuff you forget in the tombs I know you're going straight through and just playing the game and not taking this long as you need to but as what cheating you play this game and a lot of stuff that you forget to grab oh yeah I love your show you did a really good job I wish you would get every last coin and jewels and everything that there is to get in these tombs and temples in Skyrim

  • James Wood

    I find it hard to believe you have dyslexia, as your English when you talk seems to be quite good.

  • Najib Rahman

    Is it me or does this game look boring af

  • Nathan Taylor

    Aela is a jerk if you don't attack the giant. Or it dies before you get there haha

  • SunStalker1903

    ESO: He got bloody well rekt. me: You get bloody well fixed. lol

  • Matthias Fuller

    It bothers me greatly how I can’t see you radar

  • Adam Thompson

    I still love starting a new game and coming back to this series heheh your the greatest Eso GET REKT!!!. I have watched this video a few times.

  • Xartim


  • Alex Lotus

    The horse is savage af 😂😂😂 I am loving this series watched this in one sitting

  • TOP P!ATD MCR MM haters get out. I'm a girl btw.

    OMG wait special edition I'm curious now

  • Animation Dalmation

    Stream starts @ 1:35

  • Fanfapstick

    The way you pronounce Faendal kills me 😂 It's Fae-n-dal, not Fee-an-drill 😂

  • baudusseau booysen

    I love the fact that you are making lest plays.I have been playing for three years and your guides have really helped me with difficulty.Hope you write back, your the best.

  • Lone Wolf

    wait... so if 3 of the Greybeards can kill u with a only whisper and Arngeir talks to u, does that mean that he is the least talented of the 4

  • Lone Wolf

    Let me guess eso voted for trump

  • Josh Piggott

    ''The worst fered enemy in skyrim the ... 29:55

  • Nicholas Epsilon

    can someone explain this to me, why is it they cover ulfrics mouth to keep him from using thu'um, yet the dragonborn can wear a helmet that blocks his mouth and entire face and still shout? i'd think his helmet would go tearing from his head...side note.. did that horse thief say "sheogorath" as he rambled off a list a deities to save him!?

  • Cutie Pikachu

    you are my one stop place for all skyrim needs take care and peace out

  • Lone Wolf

    Ulfric is Trump if you think about it AndThe imperials(thalmors puppets) are just to rude and care for only themselvesAnd because of me trump and ulfric won and i regret it

  • Sokrates LH

    The imperials an the thalmor dont believe in the same goals. After the great war they signed a treaty that made the imperials the thalmors bitch + outlawed talos worship and thats the reason ulfric formed the stormcloaks. But either way love your vids

  • OswaldArts

    Love the vid I made the same character And played along keep up the good work haters back of I have played this game a lot and don't know all the facts😅

  • Jay Brown

    Holy shit that's a lot of ads

  • Savanna Rose

    Both sides are racist to khajiit. The storm cloaks at very racist towards the argonians and the dark elves as well. The empire hate the high elves, such as the thalmor. The only reason the empire made the concordant was to keep the thalmor away. But in my opinion the empire and stormcloaks need to work together to destroy all of the thalmor

  • Chadderall113

    Someone else should point out that he called ulfric dragonborn

  • Elayna Goals

    New game Take a shot every time you see an ad😂 you’d get wasted unless you ablocked that bitch 💁🏼

  • Andrew Prince

    Lol I'm watching this in 2017!

  • ExcoriAting

    Who else thinks that arngeir sounds like Morgan freeman

  • Michal Zur

    Do a video on giant skeleton killing

  • Supper Soup

    35:20 - 35:25 .. ugh i gotta make the joke now because of you said "Oh the arrow it hit me in the knee.."" I used to be like a adventurer like you once, until I took a arrow in the knee"

  • Chris Williams

    Unfer dog nah #UnderCat

  • Gaming Wizard456

    "He can shout because he's dragonborn" cringe he can shout because he studied with the greybeards

  • Prosperity Gruesome

    All the combinations are the same it’s big medium small for every door literally

  • Matthias Fuller

    And how I can’t see the enemy health bar

  • Ultron

    You know if that Stormcloak soldier had patience he would’ve lived.

  • The Roast Queens

    Emblem V is Number 5 not 6 and Emblem IV is 4 not 5

  • WonderWaffle


  • Marsh Mello

    When beginning Skyrim when seeing the bear I hopped on it thinking it was a rock

  • SymbolicSky

    I always keep a dagger or magic on hand because some enemies like rabbits, wraiths, and really anything too fast for the bow are best fought with the swords.

  • Laiton Townsend

    Death to the Stormcloack's

  • Sam Pooo

    eso? ullfric sent dragon born. he trained

  • Ayden King

    I'm a high elf and I'm not racist or am i

  • jonessodas

    I know it's a 4 hour stream but does there really need to be 22 ads?

  • Jamie Moore

    He missed out on faendals archery training you get to train 5 levels every level you gain up until 50 archery

  • alex blaze

    Just started playing this game and I love it. It works smoothly with my LiquidSky.

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