Skyrim Mod: Opening Scene Overhaul

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Opening Scene Overhaul

Musical Lore - Nir Shor -
CC BY 3.0 -
  • Victor Aravena Leal

    for those who don't know it already... u can still load a vanilla new game sequence even with 200+ mods IF u tap the console key right after the start and keep it there to let mods load for about 30-60 seconds, that way the game and the carriage doesn't go crazy.

  • CannonFodder

    while this mod is still nice i think skyrim unbound is better because even after this overhaul if you go and do the opening a second and third time its still a bloody long opening

  • Gravewalker

    I have a problem it says skyrim is bot responding

  • Nano

    whats the texture ur using?

  • KryptonicMatter

    I wish Soverngarde was real.

  • Chau Nguyen

    People tend to skip opening scene due to glitches. For example, I got stuck at execution block multiple times when the dragon appears. Couldn't stand up or turning camera or move.

  • Gravewalker

    what happens if you chose emperial

  • The Scout

    Whats causing the headbob effect?

  • Nexus

    @:45 overwhelm or confuse? within the first minute of the vanilla opening you get so much jargon shoved down your throat youd swear the lore guy gets paid everytime they use names or places he made up. you hearakatoshdibellakynarethdivines(kinda obvious but the context being right after the names of the gods may leave room for confusion)thalmorhigh kingand many othersnot ragging on anyone but looking back on that opening they fucked it up on the whole easing new players into it. which is counter intuitive to bringing new and more casual gamers into it. which they definitely wanted.

  • Capitan Spoiler

    well, finally someone fixed the stupid sentinels, "it's in the clouds!" no, it's on the tower, you moron!

  • Hysterical

    Here is an idea for this kind of start out already in helgan's dungeon. ralof or anyone else comes to look at you because you finally woke up. after you make your character you see ulfric being taken passed your cell to his execution. then the torturer come in and is about to torture you but helgan is sacked by the storm cloaks and you escape your cell. as all this shit is happening a dragon( not alduin) comes and now you need to leave with either ralof or hadvar.

  • Nasty Rex

    Over 1000 hours into this game. Well over 100 characters.Just now learning you can escape with the Stormcloaks.

  • Simon

    I discover that mod with the Special Edition and I have to admit I really like that mod and all of that fit perfectly.

  • Raving Requiem

    To be honest, that mod broke a lot of stuff in my game.. For example the moment where there's a boy and his dad on the road, and the dragon must land and burn the living crap out of them, the dragon just doesn't land :[

  • apple pie

    How is it possible that therebis still grass so far away? My grass looks brown and ugly from far if i use verdant :(

  • Y4b0iz0id

    yoy seem to be the more energetic brother

  • General Sotheny

    What pisses me off about this cut content is that it actually makes everything easier to follow. Ulfric trying to talk in the wagon actually makes it easier to understand which fucking prisoner lokir was referring to. Having Lokir say "what's wrong with him huh?" right after the solider says to shut up made me think that soldier was Ulfric at first which really confused me.

  • CrowManManCrow

    I don't play Skyrim anymore but I can't stop watching this videos

  • Bigghewi

    Its very odd how many people have issues with their pcs around the holiday's. haha thanks for your dedication and commitment. i need the best fallout 4 mods till SSE gets the good stuff.. hehe, and you seem to have a standard for the mods you cover. could you possibly point me to your faviorte mods, or drop a list for me to go treasure hunting? id greatly appreciate it if you would bro

  • XDrakePhoenixX

    I think I understand your name now! Brodual: Dual Brothers! Am I right?

  • Miguel Serra

    Whats wrong with the vanilla opening scene?

  • Faisal Istaka

    This mod is very buggy in my pc. Probably because it's potato pc.

  • Avatar Eternal

    Damn it Brodual, once I got Alternate Start: LAL I swore I'd never take the carriage ride again but now I'm kind of tempted. XD

  • Daehawk

    The Imperials tried to murder you when you had done nothing wrong. Who the hell joins those assholes?

  • Ultimalice

    Will this mod be coming to the Xbox One version of Skyrim?

  • InF7ux

    what mods do u use at min 0:16?

  • kirbster3678

    'what is that dance people do at the end of each video?

  • Shannon Davis

    I would like to have an alternate start Mod that makes my character just another character in the world instead of being the Dragonborn. Like having the events of the vanilla game happen without my character. Events still occur on a certain timeline while my character has adventures of his own. Events like I cannot enter Whiterun until the western tower falls. Perhaps I can even be a witness to the Dragonborn defeating the dragon that day! Then, later, see the dragon be captured in the castle from the Whiterun market and watch the Dragonborn ride that dragon of into the sunset. All the side missions would still be mine to encounter, I would just be excluded from the Dragonborn story. Imagine getting to join the Blades as a recruit and having a whole new series of missions to complete as an official member of the Blades! I just think that would add a renewed element and replayability to Skyrim.

  • Michael Dovahkin

    Brodual, do you know of any UI mod that has the same things as the former SkyUI? I got it in steam and the version there is incomplete or just not fully working. Adressed to brodual but i accept anyone's answer

  • Øswald

    what mods are used in this video?

  • vikram rathi

    Torturer not executioner

  • Derrick Bonsell

    Well, I'm removing Requiem and retooling my entire modlist now.Thanks.

  • BlueSEF

    Thanks for showcasing this, at first I wanted to skip the opening cut scene, and looked at Quick Start for the solution, but it was obviously too old and Alternate Start is better. However, since I'll have more than a couple play throughs soon and don't exactly want to start as something totally different from the Dovahkiin since I haven't even completed the story with my first character, this will be good for my next 2 characters. ^_^

  • Mentelpie Jenkins

    Forgot this channel existed and just finding it again, and you've gotten on the G2A bandwagon unfortunately.

  • InsertGoodNameHere

    my opening scene glitched anyway, the executioner fell over before the dragon landed, bandits attacked hadvar and when i entered to keep with ralof, he attacked me... so sad... :(

  • No Name

    They should make an alternate ending where you are beheaded

  • Hadmen Yadongplease

    without this mod, I crash in the opening scene when I am to be beheaded. Maybe this will fix that?

  • Gabriel Leonardo

    I don't know about others but I like it when the game throws me in with so much information that I need to learn. It gives a sense that there's depth to the world, and you've got a lot to learn. If everything you needed to know was in the main quest, then what fun would that be? It's as if everything was spoon-fed to you like you can't venture and find things out for yourself.

  • Poison Damage

    does this fix the problem with the opening scene being so fucked up that you have to do it before installing all you mods?i kinda stopped playing skyrim for a long time so if there already is something that fixes that i'd really be happy to have that :3

  • Samus Knight

    I've gotten so sick of this mod in just the short time I've tried it. Ulfric is quite possibly the STUPIDEST character in Skyrim. Runs into your fire if you're trying to fight from a distance, shouts you to the ground if you fight up close, shouts your weapon out of your hand, runs straight into the path of your arrow. Now I can see why Bethesda cut him from the escape.

  • Isaiah Comstock

    this video was released on my birthday

  • Nexus

    as a side note to my earlier comment that opening scene is a fucking fail on every level. the dialogue is atrocious the cart ride was the stupidest idea ever it takes forever to even do anything. you make your character right before hes executed.. does bethesda think were stupid or something? why even bother. why would you have this build up and pop it like a balloon by having a character creation menu? couldnt have thought of a better time for it huh? like maybe after you get into the stronghold and are safe? not only this but the game runs significantly worse during the intro. i swear vanilla skyrim avg 40 fps with big drops during the opening. as soon as i get out of helgen im up to a constant 60. did an entirely different team work on the opening? its odd for a game with such polish over oblivion would have these issues in the opening scene.

  • Liam Eady

    Hadvar's voice acting has always made me cringe and go with Ralof more often. So excited he's got another whole voice set!

  • Ashton Poage

    What is the visual mod in the background? i

  • Alias

    Whenever you escape with Hadvar you be able to kil the Imperial Captain

  • Hadmen Yadongplease

    Would this cut down on crashes during opening scene? I crash every time I get almost executed. I have a voice mod that causes crashes in opening scene, but am not willing to part with it.

  • VideoQuestEx

    Well, at least this mod give the player a good reason to sit through the intro of Skyrim once again. By the way, the version of this mod for the "Skyrim: Special Edition" (PC only) is also out now on the Nexus. See link below-

  • Faisal Istaka

    well when im installing this mod, My carriage just fly away and the horse is dead. And few minute after that I heard "get off from the carriage"(or something that sound familiar with that) and then ctd.

  • SilverDragonGamin NL

    I hope there will be a overhaul for skyrim where there is a dragon side the dragonborn can join

  • Doctor Crane

    Skyrim is one of the best games of all time but I think that taking out all of that in the intro was a bad idea, they took out so much that would have made it more lively and realistic.

  • Punner

    does this mod require anything???

  • Mythrok

    Who's "we"?

  • Doppelminds

    Bethesda should stop cutting content, it's wasting time of work for them and wasting time for the modders recovering that content

  • Francesco Hohaia

    uhh someone port this to ps4 pleaaaseee

  • Gerrald P

    am i the only one around here who never experienced bug cart flying?

  • Mr Mouse

    When I downloaded this mod on Xbox the guy who was writing my name down his lips didn't move I don't know why and it ruined my Emersion so I'm trying to fix it anyone have this issue?

  • philipp plein

    AHAHAHAHA that voice actor from hadvar in this mod is terrible.

  • Elektrycerz

    That's not an overhaul, just some minor changes and improvements

  • smoked buns

    Still not available for Special Edition.

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