How To Install Enderal / Update Error Fix & Not Launching Fix (Skyrim total conversion)

Welcome Back Nerds of The World, Jack here and Today i will give a simple Guide on how to install Enderal aswell as some Fixs for errors while Installing the mod.

● Main Download:
● Torrent Client I Use:
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Errors Found/ Fixs:
Error Found By: SpamSquad :
There is another bug that I found a fix for. It also fixes the no connection. Go to your backup Skyrim/EnderalLaunher/Backup/Data . Locate Skyrim.esm and copy it to the actual folder. Should fix the update error and an error that you get from SKSE.

Error Found By: Dotzek0n :

Error: Application load error P:0000065432
Fix: Use a Skyrim Crack.

Just Follow the Video as it is easy and Simple to understand.
For the Error Fixs That i found a work around, these errors are:
Enderal Not Starting when pressing the Launch Enderal in the Launcher.
Enderal Keeps asking for Update when it allready Updated.

Error Fix Start Time: 7:00


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  • Dotzek0n

    When i try to launch the game a popup msg goes:Application load error P:0000065432Anyone with the same error msg? Someone knows the fix plz?

  • Tzu

    I'm having an issue that I can't seem to find a fix for, every time I get to the main menu, I get the nice artwork and music, and the 'new game', 'settings' and all that. But whenever I click 'new game' it just loads forever with a black screen, the music still playing...anything I can do to fix this? I've tried re-installing Enderal and Skyrim a few times with no change

  • Jack Hancock

    Hey nerd, so I tried uninstalling after I found that the game wouldn't launch, reinstalled and deleted that update folder, I tried to launch with the SKSE launcher but it still doesn't work. Any idea how to get around these shitty problems?

  • Elite Projects

    Thanks man my Enderal wasn't launching and now it works!

  • Rabid Wolf

    In which folder do i Copy/paste Skyrim.esm? What do you mean by Actual Folder?

  • Oni Shinigami

    Im sorry but Im having the no connection problem and I have no Idea what you meant about the ACTUAL folder what ACTUAL folder are you talking about I feel pretty dumb asking this. But I have no idea where im suppose to paste this esm file at... PLEASE HELP ME. @UNITED NERDS OF GAMING

  • Austin Pham

    Enderal did not even create a backup of my old Skyrim, and now it's unplayable.

  • Nathaniel Wright

    i cant upate. it says i dont have internet connection

  • Akire Senpai

    I click on the Enderal exe but the installer does not come up

  • Edgeyminecraftuser666

    When I try to launch it. It says Func Skyrim directory not found please help

  • John Brown

    For me the updates kept going it was at 270/4 does anyone know a fix?

  • Kamel Bens

    select the instalation file whitch contains the data needed for installing enderal i can't find it because it can't be detected when i install it

  • Etosan

    Not working at all, thanks for making me lose 10h of my life.

  • Eero Kejonen

    Any idea why I can't update? First it starts normally 0/4. But now I have been waiting for a day, and it says 1300/4. Is it my internet connection that just sucks or what?

  • Zakariya Alam

    hey guysim having issues with the hero menumy game is in english however the language in the hero menu and the fonts are off like where it should say: One Handed : 16 my menu shows $00E_EINHAND: 16the same for all the statshelp would be much appreciated guys x

  • TotallyTupacReborn

    so, how do I take the installer.exe off internet explorer?

  • Rita

    <3 Thank you <3 great video <3

  • The Rad Arachnid

    i click update and it keeps saying it cant get connection of the server and it also doesnt say online it says network connection

  • Bella Mey

    My game was fine, but suddenly crashed and wouldn't start. I then updated it but now the launcher won't even start up? Please help!!

  • Steve Stefler

    Found solution for launching: exit background steam ;)

  • Hola

    when i click new game the menu disappear and all i see is the background and the game doesn't load, what should i do to fix this?

  • That_Badger

    When i launch a new game, the world doesnt load, all i see i the sun and water, anyone have a fix?

  • Josh Hoolihan

    downloaded this last night cant seem to get it to work , endless loading screen on start up on a new game.. i load my old save and it doesnt look like mods taken effect. any1 help , im fairly new to the pc sceen

  • Its Flight

    Does SKSE work with this mod?

  • Ben Medrano

    nothing happens when i click the enderal launcher.

  • Lukáš Janda

    I can launch the game, I can even "continue" on my last Skyrim save. BUT I can't start New Game. First it was "not working" after some time of loading, so I reinstalled whole skyrim and endredal. Now when I press "new game" nothing happens, only the menu disappears and I am only watching on the wallpaper that the menu has, but no "NG,continue,credits, etc" options. I tried to wait for some time in case it would take long time to work but nothing happened.

  • Tim Coyle

    Hey I have tried everything in your video but enderal just won't update, it will not let me play it cause it says it needs an update but then under update says its up to date. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times, my theory is that I am on a mobile hotspot and that what is causeing it, but until I go back to my other place with good enet, I will not be able to figure it out. any help you could give is much appreciated. I was really looking forward to playing this game.

  • Kamil Gajewicz

    damn 10:00 dis guy knows what he's doing

  • Phillip Steyn

    Does anyone know how to run this on a cracked skyrim?

  • Elie Aoun

    After I followed all the steps I tried launching it to start installation but nothing happens, so I can't access the Enderal launcher screen to begin with...any idea as to why that is?Could it be because my Skyrim is not from Steam?

  • William D.

    So I had the problem when you click the launch and it does nothing, I clicked the script extender loader thing and it shows the skyrim symbol, It then crashes. I tried trouble shooting it from other videos and i use tessedit to trouble shoot it and I do it nothing wrong pops up so I try to start skyrim up and it just crashes again. Can you help me?

  • Silver Tora

    and then I deleted it totally off and did a reinstall for the 3rd time and did the update and now it keeps on saying it need to update when I press launcher and I go to update and it says your game is updated - eish

  • Nate River

    I cant find the skse launcher/loader in my files at all ... please help ....

  • Lachlan Morey

    Mine starts off saying updating 0/3 and then it just keeps going to the point it is updating at 59/3 and doesn't stop going higher.

  • MartianCZ

    it's crashing everytime after new game, I have pirated skyrim legendary edition and it works fine, but I can't launch Enderal

  • SpamSquad

    There is another bug that I found a fix for. It also fixes the no connection. Go to your backup Skyrim/EnderalLaunher/Backup/Data . Locate Skyrim.esm and copy it to the actual folder. Should fix the update error and an error that you get from SKSE.

  • A 9gager

    Why does everytime i launch Enderal Installer it always Stopped Working ?

  • Digital_Renegade

    I'm installing an update and it says 0/8 but then it just keeps continuing the install past 400/8

  • sausageguyxx

    when i load Enderal new game and load game and all the stuff is there but the background is black and i dont know what to do

  • TotallyTupacReborn

    My problem is, I cant run the installer.exe, what program do I use, its set to internet explorer file.

  • Silver Tora

    I did all that and installed and did the update - but when I launch the game it comes up with a black screen with bethesda logo on left and option to start new, explore etc. click on new and it says exploring - get lovely music and the screen stays black - no game - help, I'm very confused

  • Chained-Ikshu

    Well, I'm pooped. When I click new game, in the main menu obviously, it crashes on me and I cannot do anything. I've got everything required to run it, reinstalled it, made a new clean save, but nothing works for some reason. I'm stuck.

  • Kamel Bens

    when i try to select the folder that i downloaded i can't find it please help

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