ROMANCE MOD 3.0 - Skyrim Mods - Week 227






Special thanks to Bryan Jones, bishopau, Adrian Woodin, Sam Blair, Tomarty, Garrett Wills and TCGames65 for their support on Patreon!
  • What'sit Toyou

    isn't last seed just a worse version of iNeeds?

  • Darkwolfhellhound

    I love the skyrim romance mod. I wish the other ones were out.

  • Michaela Drabbant

    As a female, this mod is sooo, omg, just no. I rather have slooty mods everywhere then that. It's just so corny. It's not like the romance you can have with Sophia, which is a fab mod and she's funny as hell.

  • The stolen sweet roll


  • Adam Halliday

    holy shit you can have a baby wow didn't see that coming

  • M'aiq The liar

    M'aiq dislikes immersion

  • Shot Into Oblivion

    youtubes gonna die in givin time because of this shit. its not even googles fault fully because its not run my google.

  • Demi hickling

    There is no skyrim romance in English on my computer 😫

  • toxic phoenix gamer

    Someone also watches gamer poop

  • Damien Young

    You guys are fucked up in the head

  • Tech Master Kat

    What's the outro tho...?

  • Jennifer Centeno

    Jacking off so hard right now

  • Heather Ciconia

    Does Romance work on special edition

  • Animal Lass

    Gimmmyyy that Romance mod!!!! XD

  • Lukas Lustmolch

    Which mods do you all use?? I really need a list of good Mods, and this looks perfect :D

  • Quixot Willard

    Jimmy's a weird ass motherfucker

  • Rafael Hens

    Youtube doesn't defund the money to the sponsors, so it doesn't make sense to don't get paid for the video. motherfuking youtube scum

  • DudesomeVlogs

    Can someone tell me what’s the name of the slooty steel armor?

  • Milo Gump

    we need adult mods not right that there games that have nudity and skimpy cloths in them but we cant have mods like that for rated m game

  • Rin TheReaper

    I love the romance mod. I love bishop. I love frickin Karnwyr

  • Pressol

    I know this may sound like a loner move, but would any of that mod help getting you laid irl? I mean lmao I sound like an absolute dumbass but like a girl made it and men think the same way about attraction so I don't think... wtf am I saying we have too high standards lol that's why men can't get laid these days

  • Mike Graham

    The romance mod was made by mara the deadric prince of loveBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM

  • Kawaii Umbreon

    My caterer is a cat .....


    YouTube i'am dissapointed because video's of any genere OR age That have been made by creator should be getting paid for the content they create.From now on i would disrecommend YouTube too anybody, because There are other company's That offer same ting...

  • the burnt baconators

    in that last mod, could MXR be considered a trap?

  • Christine Willey

    ik who yew are~ lol :P

  • Rift

    9:58 pssst! Hail Lab

  • Andrew Puckett

    Love your vids and this is some bull shit life ain't family friendly know what I'm sayin

  • Spicy Soda Gaming

    Is it me or does he sound kinda like pewdiepie

  • Charles Stopper

    how many simple vagina creatures do you know? hmmmmm


    I cried last year because you weren't uploading weekly anymore and that was on my jan 10 and I've been waiting your videos since 2015 man

  • Joseph Antal

    Lolol wtf a dlc about f@#$ing a dude xD done drops mic

  • Jennifer Centeno

    Jacking off so hard right now

  • P0LAR_

    why do you sound like pewdiepie?

  • SkyHigh Games

    THANK YOU MXR!!! THIS ROMAMCE MOD IS THE BEST THING YES!!!! Imma fuck bishop harder than goddmn concrete hitting water at 80 mph. But I like the ass and titty mods you show so my character can be a sexy mf. But DAMN IMMA PLAY TF OUTTA THIS MOD

  • R.A. Martin

    Yes!!! The commentary!!! I was rolling.

  • 光月

    5:30 random Thomas the train engine there... noice

  • My

    I'm fine with what the Nexus got Is queer

  • Cameron Walker

    You remind me so much of pewdiepie.XD.

  • Pottsy Productions

    My 17 year old sister kinda looks like ur character and she loves your videos she keep up with good work u also inspired me to get a PCs and I've used most ENBs you've showed and clockwork, dragon break etc love ur vids

  • Arhon Pinéda

    You sound like pewdiepie

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