Best Lore-Friendly Cozy Player Home Mods for Skyrim

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A collection of my favorite lore-friendly, cozy player homes for Skyrim.

Mod creator who made half of these mods, Elianora's Patreon:

Viking's Longhouse:


Legend of The Eagles Nest:

Tiny Shack:


Riverside Lodge:

Thief Player Home in Riften Canal:

All music from The Witcher 3 by Marcin Przybyłowicz
  • Marybeth Smith

    Love these I personally use Elisdriel by Elianora its small cozy to me and I love the fact that it is a tree house

  • Mercer

    Dammit the background music made go back playing TW3, i'll check out the mods in a month or so!

  • Alan P

    Nakahara is a spartan cozy Japanese-themed house by Elianora. There's also a very customizable house mod called Hermit's Cottage (or shack, I am not very sure)

  • Jo Tyson


  • Paperipussi

    Elianora happens to be finnish like me and Routa basically means cold or winter.

  • Julieta O

    I have to thank you because thanks to you now I know Windpath. I suggest you do more of this series because it saves a lot of time for everybody. Literally, lost lots of hours looking for a cozy house. Also some houses from 1xmiha are quite cozy, like Winter Cove.

  • SoullessPotato

    Jaxonz positioner can allow you to create your own home, like the sims.

  • Beezo BeastZ

    got damn Koubitz, you need to be a real estate agent lmao.

  • dalendria

    Subbed. Found your channel when I was looking for vids on Beyond Skyrim Bruma. I like that you are showing things that other usually do not. Can't wait to try out that Windpath house. Elianora (sp?) is a great modder also so thanks for featuring her work. I have used one of her homes in Fallout 4. Glad to see she is also doing Skyrim home mods.

  • J W Morse

    Off topic: I wish you would voice a follower.

  • Raghav Malhan

    Skyrim video + witcher 3 music = epic

  • Heinz Conti Zacherl

    i want to start modding, i want to create beards for my skyrim special edition but i cant find any tutorials or information on how to start doing it, could you please help me with sopme information or something? i really enjoy ur videos

  • Jaded Old Joe

    Without watching I'm guessing Elianora dominates the list. I don't use a lot of house mods, but I fucking LOVE her Breezehome. I love having all my collectibles in one concentrated area.

  • zlarak

    Hello, I recently discovered your channel during my Skyrim modding sessions and you're doing a really great job !I have a little question concerning your grass mods, I love the yellow grass you get arround whiterun. I'm rocking verdant right now but it's quite different from yours. Hope I get an answer, cheers !

  • Everest Mc

    the mods didnt work for meI downloaded the mods to the folder and i used THE SKYRIM SCRIPT EXTENDER TOOand does it need Plugin?

  • Black Smith

    omg this houses are so nice!

  • Carly Lynn

    there's one house maker on the nexus called Ld50365 who makes buildable homes and i l o v e them. they all have trophy rooms and i'm a big hoarder/collector in my playthroughts so i need that autosort and ten billion armor racks. the first one i fell in love with was when i was playing a scholar who was real into the dwemer -- i wanted a dwarven player home that wasn't a castle and Ld50365's silverstead was perfect. most of them are also family friendly, which i love bc i still love adopting kids

  • just sum guy

    Who here fights for the empire?

  • Mech Fett

    Absolutely great list! So many perfect houses. I had legend of the eagles nest and the customization you can do in there is great!

  • David Adams

    Deus mons is the best player home mod ever

  • bam bam

    Do your favorite armor/weapon mods next

  • Frankie Duke

    Brb I gotta go install them all and be super happy when I stumble across them after I forget they exist

  • Dylan

    You like the houses that I like :)

  • Plysdyret1

    What do I do if I drink tea...?

  • Alexander Campbell

    But is it ... Immersive??

  • Lee'd

    Elianors's Homes are really nice, but I feel like it throws the game out of balance with the massive number (sometimes late-game amounts) of ingots, grand soul gems and scrolls

  • LittleGreenGaming

    Am I the only one that experienced immense pain in the eyes seeing those candles flicker form nothing to full flame back and forth?

  • Fallen Alice

    I can't find any of the mods you are talking about. No results turn up when I search the mods. Soooo I'm guessing these aren't x box one mods. Fml

  • John Harrison

    Winter Cove is another cozy cabin situated not far from the southern gate leading to Bruma & the rest of Cyrodil. I like the loner/ranger style play & a single player home supplemented by hunting, fishing, & camping mods works for me.If you've never tried it, look up The Hideaway. It is a very small but upgrade-able player home set in a cave in the southern Pale, a bit north of Whiterun, near the giant camp Blizzard Rest.


    I liked the Routa mod, though I hate where it's located.

  • Joy Boy

    Did anyone notice the Dragon Age Inquisition pictures in the Tiny Shack?

  • marian whittaker

    how do you get the key to the place

  • hater

    I honestly wish I was related to you....idk why. You just seem like a dope older cousin or older sister.

  • SED Zeit

    Koubitz, what's the music at the end called? It's beautiful! Thanks. :)

  • zrvnnrt

    god damn i look for a nice little house for me and found 4 xD thanks for the video. i really chek elianora out. she has great homes o.o

  • Miranda dos Santos

    That first house mod shown had a little board game sitting on either a pelt or a bed... I have that board game and it is actually a game played by the early vikings- That is incredibly accurate!!!

  • offline

    I love the tiny shack player home idea,I have skyrim special edition on my Xbox but I have moved for school and go home on weekends and spend my time on other games,soon I might get the game again for my gaming laptop so I can download many mods,I'm planning to be a simple hunter who is a werewolf under the curse of the full moon and she has to hunt on those nights to survive harsh winters.but I can't wait for the tiny shack to be in my load Order

  • Julie Sisk

    I shared this video on FB, I hope that's ok? This is my posts header.Thought I'd share something personal today. Don't know how many know I love gaming, and most adults I know can't understand why? I have a very busy family and home which I adore, but sometimes a place that's just for me is a beautiful dream. Enter my games (mini vacations) and the types of places I love to rejuvenate in. Hope you enjoy a little peek into why I love it :)

  • 随便Suibian

    Shame the long house is right outside the city... id it had been in the wilderness it would have been amazing, imo.

  • Enchanted Mango

    Honestly, you can't go wrong with Elianora. She's a legend. =)

  • Rocazoid Productions

    I recommend The Hideaway and The Well to you ( both by Orin_Linwe), if you like cozy playerhomes

  • Kevin Murphy

    Elysium Estate is a cool player home.......cozy too

  • Marc Kelly

    Is this Elyse Willems?

  • SirBacca Gaming

    Have you seen the Skyrim together mod yet?

  • Jaded Old Joe

    Every time she says "cozy", DRINK! Good luck, fuckers.

  • Yanisleidys Enes

    Are these for Xbox????

  • Dennis Veatch

    Breezehome unlimited

  • Lucas Kazama

    very very nice list. its original, I mean, not community based, and you right, they fit more with skyrim

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