ONE MUST HAVE MOD - Skyrim Mods - Week 235

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TERA Armors Enhanced Textures /mods/88502
Obsidian Weathers and Seasons
Animated clutter
and Adoptable SSE
  • Immortal glitch

    My first video was smw ep 77

  • K nuckles

    In a time before time, there was MXR mod reviews. Not many know this, but on the first utterance of 'roll the intro' the big bang commenced and the universe was born... So yeah, 'm pretty og.

  • Xandrew Cass

    I’ve actually been watching since episode one!! Fucking love these episodes man! Fallout and Skyrim mods forever!

  • Draugen

    I've been watching your vids since the beginning of Skyrim Modding. At least I think I do. Haven't watched all your skyrim vids because my skyrim drive is fickle.

  • Joobis Crust

    Since mmo review lol

  • Ninjamaster0420

    I've only been watching for little over a year But, I have went back and watched Every Single Skyrim & Fallout 4 mod review video and frost video's and a few extras, keep up the good work bro!

  • Kookoo koo

    NOOOOOOOOOOO obsidian weathers isnt available for regular skyrim!!!!!!!

  • 3lli384

    I started watching when the internet was sent by stone tablet on the backs of dinosaurs! :cough: Honest. +1 comment ;-)

  • Michael Fitzpatrick

    I've been watching since around episode 10.

  • DreadInc

    Came back to this channel after idk how long, you had 500k+ Subs back then. Glad to see your channel has grown alot in the past few months or years.. idk

  • schmudge

    So we have to make a comment so MXR mods gets brownie points? OK

  • Shu Han J

    @MxR wat is the character texture or skin mods you're using? or any good one recommend?

  • Whovian Sweden

    I watched since maybe 2016 or late 2015

  • Quick Plage

    ive been here since skyrim mods week 30.....holy fuck it been a long time

  • Gildarts Clive

    i think i started back in like week 50

  • wai wai

    i was your 2m th subscriber

  • FmaForge

    been watching since late 2012/early 2013 i think! 👏🏼👏🏼 always here for quality content

  • Naveed Khan

    I started watching in 2016.I love what you do man !Keep it up!

  • Puls Sucks

    2012 when you were a little baby boy and had absolutely no energy in your videos and would sometimes talk over mods and forget to go back to them and review them lol. What an amazing time to be alive and now you're almost 2mil strong!

  • Kookoo koo

    i started watching early 2014

  • DJoEisDJoE

    Week 1, so whenever that is

  • Canmex

    i think the first i watched was skyrim mods week 15not even sure if it was with this account anymore

  • ᏕᏗᎷ

    I've been watching since 2014. You were the one that got me into Skyrim. ;p

  • Isaiah Perez

    2011, I been here for u and always will be

  • Qilue

    I started watching around when everyone thought he was black. Seriously, his face reveal was a shock.

  • PcU

    ive been here since 2013 or 14 :D

  • Lawson Stockton

    Been watching since 2013

  • Ken Renzo

    i mean.. Doki Doki Literature Club is cute and disturbing.

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