Skyrim (Dragonborn ) - Tina Guo

Dragonborn from Skyrim is one of my favorite pieces of Video Game Music! I had a lot of fun shooting this video, especially wearing the elf ears, hope you guys like the video!

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Executive Producer: Tina Guo
Fire Breather: Evan Cantrell
Director: Viktorija Pashuta
Director: Miguel Gauthier
Producer: Kate Green
Editor: Tina Guo
Digital Colorist: Tina Guo
1st Assistant Director: Beau Johnson
1st Assistant Camera: Jerry Pena
Art Director/Stylist: Oye Decova
Set Assistant: Joshua Ventino
Set Assistant: Stefanie Robles
Stylist Assistant: Beatrice Nikole
Hair/Make Up: Kenye Hart
Photo Assistant: Jeremy Ponce

Produced/Arranged/Engineered by Tina Guo and Steve Mazzaro
Recorded at Remote Control Productions and Guo Industries

Mixed at Remote Control Productions by Alan Meyerson
Mastered by Gavin Lurssen at Lurssen Mastering

Cello and Electric Cello: Tina Guo
Guitars, Bass, Programming: Steve Mazzaro
Vocals: Jason Charles Miller, Tina Guo, Steve Mazzaro, Derek Werle

Original Game Music Composed by Jeremy Soule
  • Frank Wilson

    Great video, it sure got my 70 year old heart racing and my blood boiling. Such talent.

  • Dipanker De

    Very well hi pitch musical masterpiece

  • Dave Norton

    Hello, Tina. It was excellent! In you in there is a great potential, and me, as a person who played in Skyrim, it was nice to hear the familiar composition. This is noticeable, as you clearly set a goal, and did everything to make it real. Keep it up! Good luck!

  • tadukas ejmont

    Fantastyczna muza !!!

  • Darryl

    Where can I get this mod? great composition :)

  • The Crown Group

    Wow impressive performance by a beautiful artist!

  • Petunia Wigglebottom

    OMG!!!!!!!! Absolutely DIVINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jakob Allan

    How could you dislike this video? What is wrong with people.

  • Theo Suharto

    You look like someone Fus Ro Dah'd your cleavage

  • Antonio Teixeira

    SUUUUUPERB! Majestic!

  • Virginia Hoffman

    I know some men who would pay a lot of money to have her portrait air brushed​ on the side of their van.

  • Jeff Brown

    OMG!!! 😲 You are amazingly beautiful, and an awesome cello player. You have earned a new subscriber

  • lcfrdc21

    Okay. You officially made me cry.😢



  • Gna D

    It's good to watch her performances with sexy outfits. Very fancy including the stylish electric cellos she uses. It's her own style. And her talent is already sexier than her outfits.

  • Robert Blevins

    I would love to see what happens if her & Lindsay Sterling ever collaborated on a project..each is beyond gifted in their craft , put the two together & its going to be one hell of a party.

  • HastoMedia

    I love the drama in your song. Great and awsome sound

  • Stjepan Mali

    Tina are U perfect??? What I see is... wow!!! regards from Croatia, from town where is only one original arena in the world. found arena!!!!!

  • Thanis ๋Jumnongsorn

    Very sexy.See more.There are also other?

  • Enggi GG

    Not just the music is amazing but looks like you guys went all out on the visuals as well this looks amazing

  • Dolphin797 Free me

    Tina Guo RESPECT for you cool musika the opera is back in town JIHA

  • Alejandro Navarro Navas

    Increible muy bonito

  • dungeonbalrog

    thx tina. ur works touched my soul. forever etched in destiny. powerful.

  • boringbabu

    A flute hero:

  • SanRiv

    whats with the Illuminati triangle on the background?

  • sasha mihaylov

    эпик пробирающий до костей !

  • barho0om

    why are showing us ur body? i came here for the music , not to see a girl showing most of her body for views

  • Ndronikus Ri

    Now i know why the dragonborn "comes"


    Musical and sexy, really dangerous combination.

  • Bryan Borich

    The Dao led me to this cover of the song about a week back for certain reasons. In any case, have to say I enjoy your cello playing and after watching other videos, your choice of costumes. I also wonder if you are as passionate as you seem to be at times.Btw, the Dragonborn is real it seems, though in the non-physical realms..

  • David Mooney

    It certainly doesn't hurt that she's eye candy, but the ear candy is far more pleasurable. But that could be because I have a sensitive ear. Bravo Tina!

  • Peter Kuypers

    Dovakhin! Dovakhin! Not a single sardine!

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