Skyrim (Dragonborn ) - Tina Guo

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Executive Producer: Tina Guo
Fire Breather: Evan Cantrell
Director: Viktorija Pashuta
Director: Miguel Gauthier
Producer: Kate Green
Editor: Tina Guo
Digital Colorist: Tina Guo
1st Assistant Director: Beau Johnson
1st Assistant Camera: Jerry Pena
Art Director/Stylist: Oye Decova
Set Assistant: Joshua Ventino
Set Assistant: Stefanie Robles
Stylist Assistant: Beatrice Nikole
Hair/Make Up: Kenye Hart
Photo Assistant: Jeremy Ponce

Produced/Arranged/Engineered by Tina Guo and Steve Mazzaro
Recorded at Remote Control Productions and Guo Industries

Mixed at Remote Control Productions by Alan Meyerson
Mastered by Gavin Lurssen at Lurssen Mastering

Cello and Electric Cello: Tina Guo
Guitars, Bass, Programming: Steve Mazzaro
Vocals: Jason Charles Miller, Tina Guo, Steve Mazzaro, Derek Werle

Original Game Music Composed by Jeremy Soule
  • Susan Southgate

    Sex sells music, get over it lads. if you play cello you have to make an impact. I think she is talented and beautiful, great combo ..go girl

  • Michael Pappano

    Didn't know the electric cello was a thing. Now I love it. Masterfully done, Tina.

  • Dekraken

    do you want to promote your boobs or your music?

  • Bunny Girl

    I love your outfit! It's extravagant!

  • The True Upgrade

    Who else was singing the song along with it? And also that violin is dope looking(idk if it is even a violin)

  • Keg

    Please marry me 🤤 I love pizza too 🍕

  • george spiliopoulos

    Tina Guo 2-handed lvl 100 !!!

  • Buwanesh Ram

    Goosebumping awestricking piece of art

  • OldRetro87 Retro

    She is so sexy awwww ...

  • Aleksandr Sokolovskiy

    Tina good time of day. Tell me, how can I use your music for my channel on YouTube? Your music is so beautiful that I get goose bumps when I listen to it! :-D Do I need a license or can I just use it? Thank you...

  • Ben Corvin

    Not sure who plays Skyrim, the husband or the singer.

  • Milene Emilio

    Meu pescoço dói só em olhar.

  • Anna Lifshitz

    A talented violinist gets more comments about her breasts than her talent.Now ask me again about feminism and gender equality.

  • Lily Clements

    I used to be a cello player like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee.(Except I still play cello...)

  • Death Scythe

    Why do I think mortal kombat when I look at her?

  • peter 117

    the medieval and fantasy world is amazing!!!!!


    I love your interpretations, at some point please could be "lineage2"

  • peter 117

    one word ........... DOHVAKIN!!!!

  • Swij Jj

    Woooow i like this vertion

  • paul surfield

    Not into music but this is amazing

  • Ben Corvin

    Music was great, nude seens I did not like at all. Kind of offends the game, but Ill get over it.

  • Gregg Acuff

    what weapon mod is that nexus link please?

  • Pakkawan Sattayakijkul

    so beautiful, I love her performance and this song soooo much.

  • Vasiliy Negodyaev

    Я бы ёб тЕБЯ, Как стадо коней

  • bahamutzet0

    I'm not big on commenting but damn woman, you are fucking awesome. You own that like a BOSS. Never heard of you till I ran into this vid and holy shit I am now a fan right from the get go. The way you play, the passion in your soul and the beauty the flows from your music comes not just from the mind but body, heart and soul. Keep up the awesome path you're on, you have the capacity to change the world thru the beauty and passion of your music.

  • Agnieszka Orzeszko

    Skyrim is for the Nords! Skyrim without the Chinese

  • Fus Ro Dah


  • Sara Nilsson

    Someone else noticed that it looks like her strings broke?

  • Juan Breidablik

    Magnifico, poderoso, imponente, hermoso, la mejor y mas emotiva versión a mi gusto.

  • Milano Martins

    bom acho que alguei posa itederder a dobradinha ou do proprio veneno o que voceis acha

  • Lewis Rich

    Beautiful and she is Hot too!!

  • Michael Dube

    Please play music from HALO.

  • RIida rayden

    and the song the dragonporn made her very very horny loool

  • Ivan .The Crazy

    DRAGONBONER! (Not a typo)

  • Todd Wolgamuth

    Amazing Talent, Beautiful, powerful performance, Gorgeous video!

  • Ja Z

    It's amazing , nothing like this have I heard in so long. This reminds me of Trans Siberian Orchestra.

  • oOo_ROOCKY_oOo

    well she's indeed pretty much good with her fingers ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Cactus of Doom

    1:58 didn't notice this in Skyrim. Great work though

  • Blackking43435

    Alter hat die Zuckungen :D

  • Ky Merrau

    weak ass shit. make the song original if your going to cover it. just cause your hot and slutty doesn't mean anyone gives a fuck

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