Skyrim (Dragonborn ) - Tina Guo

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Executive Producer: Tina Guo
Fire Breather: Evan Cantrell
Director: Viktorija Pashuta
Director: Miguel Gauthier
Producer: Kate Green
Editor: Tina Guo
Digital Colorist: Tina Guo
1st Assistant Director: Beau Johnson
1st Assistant Camera: Jerry Pena
Art Director/Stylist: Oye Decova
Set Assistant: Joshua Ventino
Set Assistant: Stefanie Robles
Stylist Assistant: Beatrice Nikole
Hair/Make Up: Kenye Hart
Photo Assistant: Jeremy Ponce

Produced/Arranged/Engineered by Tina Guo and Steve Mazzaro
Recorded at Remote Control Productions and Guo Industries

Mixed at Remote Control Productions by Alan Meyerson
Mastered by Gavin Lurssen at Lurssen Mastering

Cello and Electric Cello: Tina Guo
Guitars, Bass, Programming: Steve Mazzaro
Vocals: Jason Charles Miller, Tina Guo, Steve Mazzaro, Derek Werle

Original Game Music Composed by Jeremy Soule
  • enfriede

    OK... ok.... stop.I'm not the prime... i'm just a naive human that like to know life.... as you are I hope, even though , we're alone

  • enfriede

    I know music... i understand life... Yes I've a big smile.... while someone understand... for sure I love life !

  • ChemMay100

    The music is Great, but the video is not at all... I'm sorry Tina you had to show yourself like this!!

  • quest for happiness

    Marry me Tina please :)

  • Steve Shagwell

    The whole thing is amazing, but I totally lost my shit at 1:12. I'm glad I found you. You are now going to dominate my iTunes.

  • gazoontight


  • Benjamin Vendé

    Tout le monde a vu l'oeil dans le triangle des illuminati ?

  • lonzo yazzie

    is that a bass or a cello??????

  • Yohann Flavier

    Honestly I prefer Lindsey Stirling's version. This one is not bad but she do to much things it's not natural.P.S I'm french so yes I know my english isn't perfect

  • Cem sağırveli

    One handed ( It's right hand ) skill is up to 100.

  • Bathysphere

    What is electric cello?

  • Michael Lopez

    Skyrim one of my favorites.I kneel to you & your awesomeness Tina.😊

  • Eleven Suns

    I loved your performance with hans zimmer...and I love this. Thank you very much!

  • Tony Ji

    where do i find her in Skyrim Big ass titties

  • Bishuu

    You're so talented I can't handle it!!! Also very pretty :D

  • Mathis Ameln

    R. Armando Morabito - Sea Of Atlas (ft. Julie Elven & Tina Guo) poți să joci asta pentru mine?!

  • Ulan Omurkulov

    Am i only one who loves that teeth gap?

  • enfriede

    seriously ?... hey you ... JA DU..... SHOULD WE AUTHORISED TO ? SO.... MAM... NICE TO MEET YOU... BUT... i love them all as like i love you....

  • Ana Tutaka

    i just came in my pants. lol

  • Craig Reynolds

    OMG! Hot doesn't even begin to describe this video...

  • A. Austin

    The secret to her success is obvious, it's right in the video. She's using a Daedric Bow.

  • MoonSun

    Tina, we saw you live with Hans Zimmer, you were AWESOME!!!!! We also made a cover of this epic song, what do you think about it?

  • Black Lives Matter

    Ok, ok. I just asked you for your number. And what did I get? A dragon!

  • crazy Pikachu crcr

    Make the song long ,high mid, low ,range, damn All Hell, this guy is really critical.

  • korpakukac

    Cannot decide if the nudity and attire is for views only (in which case I oppose it) or if it is because she is an incredibly confident and powerful woman expressing her feelings and sexuality freely through her art. (In which case I 100% support it)

  • Bill Payer

    Your're not playing that thing, you're banging it! And its distracting. Stop it....

  • Logan Ouderkirk

    I didnt realize it until now but this is very reminiscent of pirates of the caribbean

  • ImmersiveAs Fuck

    Greatest version ever.

  • sky fire

    wonder woman cellist :)

  • Erwin Kempff

    Awwwwwwwyeah, love it!!!!

  • Patrik Muka

    tato hudba ma užasne čaro vychadza priamo z vnutra srdca

  • Abdurrtj96

    her husband got very horny and keep yol toor shul-ing in the whole damn video XD


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