Skyrim Mods: Lunari Race, Tobuscus, Dark Nemesis Armor, Dryads

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Blood Witch Armor by Zerofrost Satyr
The Dryad by zzjay and Xenius
Nouserheres Ears by Nouserhere plus Badmagic
Haven Bag by Haishao
Lunari Race by bhaktisean
HQ Beards - vanilla texture replacers by Regn
Tobuscus Weapon Set
Dark Nemesis Armor - Ebony Reincarnation by lKocMoHaBTl
Sanctum of the Fallen
  • CYB3R- R4T

    any doungen from any game. ill go with Sacred Forest Meadow, Kakariko Village, and Lake Hylia from zelda ocarina of time.

  • Lotte dG

    it's not exactly a dungeon from another videogame but I'd LOVE to see the mines of Moria in Skyrim

  • bekindrewind

    what mod you using to make them look like that all smooth and beautiful? Barely got my first pc a week ago. I don't like how gritty the vanilla version looks

  • Gottya Games

    I was going over all your videos because I've seen them all, and just wanted to say in this, when you gave your outro, you sounded a little depressed... did something happen when this was uploaded????

  • David Robson

    Gonna necro and say, a procedural dungeon or two. Like diablo or those other top down ancient dungeon crawlers.

  • bob ross

    damn 2012 been 5years shit

  • Andy fox girl

    one of the oblivion gates

  • Wulfric Harris-Stoertz

    2017I still watch Tobuscus...

  • annuna

    Why has nobody made a brown skinned elf race? Like a Latina with elf ears?

  • PiousMinion

    Why do race mod reviews never show what the men look like?

  • Pavel Balov

    That pronounciate is "cosmonaut". It is our russian word for an austronaut. xD

  • FT freerunning

    Ive always been a bigger builder when it comes to personal projects but i would like to see someone remake the water temple in legend of zelda ocarina of time, or the whole game

  • ITheNeutralizer


  • Deep_In_Thought

    wakfu?i only know wakfuck.(+1awesomepointsifyougetthereference)

  • Ross Sylibus

    have you ever spawned 1 mil gold coins i have and my game froze

  • Hurlock alpha

    Космонавт means astronaut. Probably russian. xD

  • Skipperjolley ccc

    Molten core I would love that in skyrim

  • Enchanted Mango

    6:26 "Just look at how THICC and dark it is..."That's what she said. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Kailey Burnett

    my god this is so old xD

  • TheWolfTamer

    oh shit.... I came here from one of MxR's newer videos, and when this video started i just thought to myself: "is this the same guy?"

  • Gottya Games

    By the way, I had an issue with the subscription and didn't notice until today, I have subscribed to you since your week 1 on mods, but I noticed today, as I"m preparing a full skyrim Game change, using immersive mods, that I wasn't subscribed. I did resubscribe, thank god, but after almost 5 years of being subscribed, why did it unsubscribe me???????????

  • Zastryavshiy Vo sne

    Не слишком удачные моды на мой взгляд

  • Seth Southard

    anyone else thinks he sounds different

  • Wesley Gibson

    Lunari race is way more attractive

  • Edwin Mejia

    The lunari mods is quite interesting.

  • robert Jones

    Isn't it pronounced Druids

  • TenderBar 00

    Credit the creator of the long dragon like fire breath shout. Anyway cool mods.

  • Catherine Burse

    the musek at the begening sounds like the legend of zelda skyword sowrd

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