TESV: Skyrim - Command Dragon - Real Dragon Riding (mod)

A mod that let you ride dragons at will, control where and when they fly as well as some combat order

  • rockgirl104

    how the hell can you hover your dragon? (PC mode please)

  • carl davies

    can i do this on my ps3 version ?

  • Tucher97

    I would like one for the Xbox one, because control wise it should be similar to swimming, jump to ascend, crouch to descend, the left tricker to aim the head and right to fire, any issues?

  • Z1LL4 JR

    I want this mod soooooo badly but its only for normal skyrim not for special edition :'(

  • mata schmata

    had to REALLY fuck around with skyrim to get this mod working--but once it was working i really enjoyed it.

  • Pixel Bros

    i wish there was an simple WASD to fully ride the dragon, and like space to land .. mouse click to attack an thing like that

  • TheChaoCaretaker

    sooooooooooooo how do you get this mod working :T you should MAKE A VID TO GET IT HOW TO WORK WHY HAVN'T YOU DONE THAT?JEEEZ,ME AND MY DAD DID NOTHING FOR THISTHANK YOU

  • Lieutenant Fucknuggets

    what is back movement key

  • Tawny Embers Mae

    I can't seem to get my dragon to land though so I can dismount it. How do I do that? I know how to perch but not to actually land so I can get off.

  • Squad Zero

    What shout to do you use? I use call dragon and it does not work!

  • William Morse

    Tbh this should've been in the game. Still a great mod though.

  • Richard Leenders

    what the fuck is the FW key

  • Dovahkiin HU3BR

    Man I hope that this mod is comming for PS4

  • Easylogin Logan

    god damn should have got pc version

  • Bladimir Pujols

    Seems that I can't fully control the dragon but I can set a destination and it will fly to it I can also see while it's flying not fast travel 😄 that good enough for me

  • ضحك مجنون مع المجنون

    hiw to get bend will by cheat?

  • Jailsão Mendão, black edition

    I want this on my console :( this dlc for dragons is useless as fuck

  • Christopher Tan

    how to hover this shitty dragon!!its just keep flying in circles!!

  • johnny seeker

    useless, doesnt work

  • Jake Holm

    and of course these guys won't put this on xbox or ps4. And please no moron kids say "yes they will or do." If they do then add the link to prove it otherwise shove off. I'm sure the guy who made this mod would but this mod requires another non vanilla mod to work it and that wanker won't do it.

  • joshua Candoit

    so how do you control the dragon in the first place? with the shout?

  • Jimin's Underwear 나는 뱀ᅮ이 싫어

    type up trypophobia and look at images like if you did.

  • DkHaku

    So how the fuck do you get this cunting mod working ??

  • Miho Biloglav

    To all you people who are wondering why this isnt vanilla its cause (?) the system couldnt handle it."Cells" were simply loading too fast for the poor xbox 360 and ps3

  • WolfGaming Dude

    do you need the dragon born DLC to do this?

  • Bub Wissle

    whenever I get on my dragon it takes off without me... I look like I am sitting in mid air. someone please help me, i want this to work D:

  • Bladimir Pujols

    Mod won't work for me

  • xXCROWXx

    is this mod on steam?

  • Townsend

    Gotta love the modding community

  • Non-Photo

    It's not showing in my MCM, I do have 1.3

  • Zack F

    could this be ported to console?

  • Cindy Z

    FINALLY got this working! A bit difficult at first but really fun!

  • falcon_ 333

    does anyone know if this is on skyrim special edition?

  • Irish Rod10

    Can someone make this for Xbox one

  • Cao Cao 2.0

    Know what would be a nice mod? A mod that adds dragons to the game and renames the "dragons" here to what they really are... Wyverns.

  • carl davies

    how da frig do i do this

  • Dynamite Productionz Inc.

    Will this work with a controller?

  • NarutoStormGames

    why at me after i got down from the dragon the second the mod don't work like it works just the first time

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