ROMANCING SERANA - Mega Modded Skyrim - Part 23

Mega Modded Playlist!

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Mod List:

Darker nights
Wet and cold
Alternate start
Unofficial patch
Sse texture pack
Apache skyhair
Realistic water two
SFO trees only
Fair skin complexion
Skyrim Sewers
True Storms
Dead body collision
Bigger Trees
Unique Uniques
Immersive Armors
Amorous Adventures
Haven Bag
  • じえろ meister

    Whats that mod for serena in the thumbnail?

  • Not A Tank

    The current recorder port to Xbox one SE of Skyrim, is it stable or no? Because I heard some SSE ports are not fully optimised for SSE for Xbox one.

  • Martin Verrisin

    I cannot say I like the 'dating mod' for her... They say she's wife material, but you can only approach her as an ass and treat her like a hooker ... I'm sorry: business......- Why aren't there dialog options for being less of a jerk? They could have close to the same outcome, but this just feels bad....

  • Mr.SingAlot

    you look like the voice actor for Steven Universe ?????are you??????

  • naufalap

    Soo where can I get that thumbnail?

  • Bryan Mak

    I used to be a vampire like You but then I took a dick to my pussy

  • Ryan Powell

    all the chests you missed makes me sad

  • BrokenRobot

    wheres episde 22 in the playlist?

  • stancer

    It must be so weird to get in game and here recorder and just be like "oh yay geenie is here", "dammit" .

  • EzioIlMentore

    Only MxR can have a girlfriend and a waifu at the same that his girlfriend?

  • SkipSt

    Serena is bae. But that red hair don't work man. Not for me :P

  • Edwin Mejia

    Please remember to change Recoder's outfit.

  • IronMike 2021

    When she says she's been "used" It's not really funny when you discover her past.

  • Stray Pay

    Having a relationship with Serana isn't lore-friendly.

  • xianjing

    wow you sound like pewdiepie

  • Catman Glatky

    hi can you tell me what mod is this. I got the mod to marry serana now I want to make babies lucka lucka lucka lucka

  • DeadOnSniper 621

    He looks like he from fast an the furious lol but sub👍🏻

  • Daw 309

    Whelp these two were high as fuck when recording this

  • Gavin Mccolley

    Ooooh... I'm a bust a NUT.

  • Ai- Chan

    its to dark to see anything

  • XoX

    geez, tone down your voice abit.. gets annoying

  • CubanBacon

    What's the mod you used to make everyone good looking?

  • XxxxNo. Zero.

    What was that hit on ladies mod called again?

  • Tom Millard

    I'd bang Serana any day

  • Fanatical Trekkie

    You guys are great, haha. And I think Jeannie needs to voice act some characters in ES6 some day when they finally make it, haha.

  • Lucy Dragneel

    Fun fact! Serana is voiced by Laura Bailey, THE HOTTEST VOICE ON THE NET, BRO. Besides Troy Baker. OH I'M FANGIRLING.

  • Austin Brown

    So that Haven bag mod just has you put a sack on your head that teleports you to a pocket dimension? cool.

  • Violette Summer

    Too bad he's one of Molag Bal's sluts, who cares I married her anyway.

  • The Ice Queen

    cringe.. still they should've made her romancable. I love her!!

  • Invictus Valkyrius

    They only like vampires because they suck (12:00) xD


    What difficulty do you play in?

  • Emily Larson

    Your voice sounds almost exactly like Pewdiepie

  • zack walker

    Mega modded my ass you should see my 138 mods

  • Thanh Hà Nguyễn

    which one is the mod for serena?

  • Edward Tsuchimikado

    Why does he sound like pewdiepie?

  • poke pivot

    you annoying fucks..

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