SKYRIM eps 125 Following Ghosts In Avanchnzel

I love going through here!. We see where each of the ghosts was killed. Do we need a key?!
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  • MINT stout

    you have to place the lexicon on the pedestal in the room where you fought the centurion <3

  • Athalias Grey

    You're awesome! Love your videos!

  • Albert Robbins

    There is no key "key." Activate the post at the bottom of the stairs leading to the locked door. There are a couple of places in the game where there is a "key" required that actually involves a post or a button to be pushed. Tricky folks these Skyrim designers.

  • Pamela Goodman

    Ohh...such a cool place! You can put on those boots that resist shock, to help you with the shock from the mechanical spiders! Those would be helpful to wear in that place! You are getting Grand Soul Gems in there! Awesome!They are so tricky in here..a key can mean other than an actual key like Albert Robbins said. I think that in those cases, the way to open a door would be very near the door itself. Hope you find it fast so you can continue on! <3

  • DragoniteSpam

    18:45 I think "dwarven metal" is supposed to be some kind of mystical alloy that doesn't ever's really shiny and makes really good weapons, at any rate.

  • Rubick, the Grand Magus

    i love giving you likes !:)

  • Juci Shockwave

    That hallway is awesome looking. Some may disagree with that statement, and that's ok. I just think it has a beautiful architect. Some of that golden furniture would be wonderful in your home. Lydia would love it. ^_^ Thank you for the video. I had been busy warding off the Skeevers and Draugrs within my family. :P

  • inputfunny

    Hi Shirley. I think upping the difficulty 1 would make the game funner for you; it looks too easy now in my opinion with how quickly you took out the Centurian.

  • Camden Grimes

    Gosh this place is huge! You took down that centurion without a but of trouble, if this doesn't feel challenging enough later on you can always adjust the settings later. To solve your carry weight conundrum. Make Arenea carry all of the non apparel non weapon items like all your ore and excess soul gems that might help. I still don't know why she had to try everything on, must like clothes I guess...unfortunately I have no idea wheat the key is... Hope we find it!

  • Sven van der Plank

    I'm pretty sure the house in Markarth has some dwarven furnishings.

  • Kaisa Arminen

    I think the big guys were down on the tables, because they needed a fix? Like the Dwemer took them down to be repaired, but didn't have the chance.Ebony is rare. As you level up, Ebony -stuff starts to appear more and more often. But you need to level up a lot.I as holding my breath when you took the big guy! The Centurion. They are always so hard! At least for an archer.... Oh, Glass Arrows are actually really great! They do more damage than Iron or Ancient Nord Arrows :)

  • Sven van der Plank

    Ebony is one of, if not the rarest of metals in Skyrim. Can be used to make Ebony armour (the 3rd strongest heavy armour in the base game). Gold is used in jewelry rather than weapons and armour so it is difficult to compare value.

  • Gail Olm

    That Dwarven Centurion was huge! Katamet did an awesome job of defeating it and even got the kill cam! The ruins are enormous with so many areas to navigate and quite a bit of loot. I loved watching Katamet explore. :) I won't be able to watch the second video until later tonight and am eager to see what Katamet encounters beyond the door!Katamet mentioned the Ebony ore and some of the grandkids made comments about Ebony weapons, which usually don't appear until a player is higher level. An exception to this is an Ebony great sword (though I received an Ebony battle axe instead) and an Ebony bow, both of which can be obtained at any level from Draugr Deathlords in Lost Valkygg . Katamet is interested in this, he may want to watch the video closely and be sure to save outside of the cell as recommended. That way, in case the Ebony weapons don't appear the first run through he could reload outside of the dungeon cell and try again. Also be cautioned that the Deathlords use shouts, which can 1-hit kill him (I died a few times) as well as the Disarm shout which will remove his weapons (I used magic and no weapons). Aranea would be an ideal companion here since she's a magic user with no weapons to lose.

  • Nick Straits

    I got confused briefly because this video wasn't in the playlist >.<

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