Elders Scroll's Skyrim - Xbox 360, Ps3 & PC comparison

"Elders Scroll's Skyrim - Xbox 360, Ps3 & PC comparison" no description available.
  • Dreadiflen


  • Simon Zamora

    they all have their moments some parts Xbox 360 is way better some parts PS3 is the best and others PC is the best but overall Xbox 360 looks best when it comes to vanilla with no graphic mods

  • Dedé

    PS3 tem uma queda gritante de fps

  • angry billy studios

    here is a chart of which has the best graphicsbest graphics: PC2nd best graphics:Playstation 3worst graphics:Xbox360PC has the best graphics. well xbox doesn't have the best graphics but its a good console. Playstation 3: AWSEOME!!!!!!!!!

  • Chanh Khuu

    Do u need a powerful pic to play skyrim

  • IlikeTRAINS55

    so this is what robbaz did 4 years ago

  • Kevlar Vest

    Wow, PC really does look better than the rest. At least 360 looks better than PlayStation, so I don't feel I'm missing that much.

  • juan cena

    jesus im not a fanboy i have a ps3 and xbox 360 and even a wii but damm the ps3 port looks and plays like a original xbox or wii game 20 fps ps2 textures horrid draw distance times where the game randomly freezes at 1 fps im sorry but the ps3 port sould have never been released

  • Spetsnaz Kitten

    162 stormcloaks disliked this, long live the empire

  • Rammus

    the only think hate about skyrim on ps3 is that your character doesnt blink!

  • Wastelander

    winners 3rd place:pc2nd place:gbc1st place:atari 2600

  • Ryan Garten

    only watching this because it's one of Robbaz's old videos...

  • Ran Dom

    Skyrim vanilla absolutely rapes the console versions. Since moving on to PC from 360, every time I see Skyrim on console I just laugh at its awfulness. Washed out colors, fuzzy textures, loading times over a minute, jaggies left right and center.Skyrim was meant for PC.

  • Raizer Ferguson

    Ok! Listen u tubers we all know pc is better, because u can really do ANYTHING on that. I'm on Xbox 360 and I stop to watch vids on my phone because it fucking boring on console and u all know that for sure.

  • Temppy-

    people are still active on this

  • EnemyBreaker

    I wish if I get the Xbox 360 version instead of ps3 but I don't care because I finally get the game and I don't care about graphics too

  • Sid Zaveri

    pc than xbox than pc

  • Muffin Mcdoodles

    they all look the same

  • Mike S

    pc glorious master race

  • Temppy-

    watching this in 2016 his newer vids are soo diffrenet

  • Lewis Thorp

    Thanks man exactly what i needed to watch :)

  • Voltix

    360 has a lot of screen tearing

  • Arghgl

    PC is dominating once more, puny Console Peasants! x)


    You're all wrong. N64 is the better version.Me: 1. Y'all: 0.Joke

  • Tyler Vincent

    I've always like consoles for the plug n' play capability and the prices.I mainly play PC because that is all I got at the moment. While I love the flexibility of a computer. I put in countless hours of research and just over a grand to build my computer.Talk about the stress of spending a day just to build a computer part by part and praying they it turns on for the first time. at the same time that is satisfying. While consoles, just plug in and play, no need to worry about compatibility and system specs.Both PC and consoles have ups and downs.But honestly, Bethesda and Playstation were never ever a happy couple.

  • Sgt.Nuclear

    Why would you play another version then the PC version ,it even has a better textures addon and mods ,even workshop support And of course PC has above 30fps and above 720p

  • Maa Mies

    pc wins with big advantage

  • Un Idiota Cualquiera

    debo decirlo, se ven igual

  • WolfGum Official

    Ranked OrderWorst: Playstation 3.Better: Xbox360.Best: PC. See for proof at 0:30.

  • evilextreme f.s

    PS3: Low Textures Medium Shadows Anisotropic Filtering OffXBOX360:Medium Textures Low Shadows Anisotropic Filtering 4PC:High Textures Ultra Shadows Anisotropic Filtering 16

  • ThatTanMan

    PS3 is absolute shit, gameplay is bad and low frames but Xbox is ok PC is far superior for higher quality gaming and people only think PS3 is good is because they have never tried anything else (so pretty much if you have PS3 you are cheap and NEED to get a PC for maximum quality gaming)

  • Destin Games

    Console wars are over, PC won again.

  • 4Minute saved me

    I'm a console gamer and I've always had a 360, but I really wanna play Skyrim on PC. I don't care about having some ultra super gorgeous graphics, but all the immersion mods are just absolutely amazing! Consoles are good, but PC is the best and that's pretty much a fact...I mean, there are so many things PC can do that consoles can't, it's just much more powerful. I'm not sure how powerful XBONE and PS4 are, but PC is probably still better. Consoles do have some exclusives and are cheaper, but other than that, PC is better in every way: cheaper games, better graphics, better framerate and of course mods. I think it's save to say that PC IS the master race. Last thing I gotta say is that if you're a PC gamer and you've got a PC that blows consoles out of the water, then good for you, but you don't have to call console gamers peasants or whatever cos that's just pathetic. Many people that play on consoles can't afford a good PC even if they wanted to...so basically you're calling them peasants just cos they're poorer than you, ever thought of that? And that makes you a piece of shit. It doesn't matter what platform you use for gaming cos we all love games and that's what unites us. Damn, this comment became longer than it was supposed to :D

  • Legendary Protectron Watcher

    such a shame how much Bethesda simply doesn't care about many issues on PlayStation... still now with the mods on PS4, they're barely trying.

  • ThatOneGamingHippo

    Add graphical mods onto pc and gg

  • UN-Capital

    Really we can all see Xbox is kind of on the bottom of the totem pole.

  • The Creationman

    It's clear PC wins

  • Hauke G.

    Skyrim sucks on consoles - it's actually a PC-game, consoles where only there to earn more money. The Elder Scrolls has the biggest modding-community on the planet and only PC-gamers are able to use all the free stuff (over 1.5 million mods and extras only for Skyrim). New worlds, fully new campaigns or even completely new games based on the Skyrim-engine and of course armours, weapons and graphics-mods. And then there are also Morrowind and Oblivion and both are also programmed in the Skyrim engine as mods for the PC named Skywind and Skyblivion. All of that is only available on the PC and the whole gameplay is made for the PC. Skyrim and any other TES-game are endless adventures on the PC but on the console, Skyrim is very limited. But Bethesda already said that it's made for the PC and they want the community to mod and to create things! That's why the Creation-Kit comes for free with any PC-edition. Two friends of me who bought Skyrim for their PS3 where so amazed when I showed them my different Skyrims on my PC... both bought it for PC as well and today they're not even thinking about playing it on the console one more minute.Consoles can be nice... playing multiplayer-games like FIFA etc. with your friends or any Arcade-games and 3rd person stuff (The Witcher 3 works pretty well on consoles but you have no mods there either - the mods are only working on the PC). But most RPGs and MMORPGs as well as 99% of the First-person-shooters are made for the PC and are much better playable on it.

  • Lofty Smalls

    And then ENB's happend !!

  • TheShuggie7

    1st: PC2nd: Xbox 3603rd: PS3... Not to mention the lag problems.

  • Lord Moneybags

    While I am a PC gamer, and have rarely used a console in my life. I have to say that the Xbox360 thrashed the PS3 version like a cat with a ball of yarn. Truly atrocious graphics...

  • Dunk Initiative

    The FPS on console makes me laugh

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