Skyrim Mod: FalmerBanes Serana of Volkihar

Quick demo of a couple options the great FalmerBanes from the Skyrim Nexus has to offer for Serana. There are 18 different options for the mod total.
Dawnguard Required
Mod Link

Results may vary, I used these mods as well which impact the final look.

Mature Skin Texture for UNP or CBBE

Project Matso ENB

Caliente's CBBE body type

Superior Lore Friendly Hair
  • Slothability

    So there's no difference in how she looks at all? You tried all the recommended mods listed on the mod author's page toward the bottom?

  • Eats the Poos poos

    She looks very human and it's very immersive and good keep up the work friend

  • Allen Miquel

    It's an exercise for the brain having to compare the various Serana scenario-faces when you're showing a comparison picture after the other. It'd be very helpful if you could put the pictures side by side, at least the Vanilla - Light Vampire.

  • Banano79

    This looks amazing but...I must be doing something wrong as I cannot get any version of this mod to work to work at all. What dependencies on other mods does it have/ any recommendations on skin textures etc? I have dawnguard, all the mods listed in the description, CBBE UNP etc.

  • Nano Sotomayor

    does it work with UNP?

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