Skyrim How to install the Flying Mod (High Quality)


Flying Mod

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  • Zeno Azer

    thank thank soooo much bro you the best

  • Jordan Rogers

    You spend so much time editing that intro but you don't have the courtesy to cut the waiting times? This video could've been 5 minutes.

  • Seb Lemery

    everything fucked up in y our video, you should consider stopping to make those.

  • KidZombiesPlayah /Frosty/


  • Lord of Butterflies

    I have FNIS and SKSE,I update FNIS and I have no other mod that meddles with animations.My character is still running in the air with the speed of light and clips with everything.

  • Charlie Palmer

    Okay so i read the note, watched the video, re read the note and still have no clue what's gone wrong? I've been to tolfdir and he doesn't have the book. Do you have to activate the mage quest line to get them or something? Other than that video was really helpful, thanks!

  • Zeno Azer

    thank thank soooo much bro you the best

  • Raul D'silva

    Ive just started the game,is there any way i can get it before reaching windhelm

  • accelink

    i only have 89 animations

  • Ally Summers

    Video is too blurry to see what is being installed and in what order.

  • The Shadow

    i bought the books and updated fnis but i still wont work and i am still running in the air

  • hAiLmetAL

    OMFG.. i think the author of the mod forgot to mention that u must get the spell tomes from tolfdir first (or i just missed that part when reading the desc of the mod). anyway thanks dude this is very helpful kudos!

  • GamerCreg

    i keep flying threw walls and i used the configuration spell and set beta collusion spell off and set the speed to default and still flying threw walls

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