5 BRAND NEW Console Mods 11 - Skyrim Special Edition (PS4/XBOX/PC)

Top 5 awesome, amazing and cool console mods for skyrim special edition brought to you daily on Xbox One and PS4. Let me know what your favourite mod showcase was!

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Populated Dungeons Caves Ruins Legendary -

The Ebon Knight -

Vampire Perks Expanded -

Balanced New Spells -

Civil War Equipment Organised -

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  • Jazz Peret

    look i have downloaded a mod in ps4 that allows me to wear harkons cape on while on a vampire lord form it said it was in whiterun i need help where is the chest

  • Cliint

    Do you guys think this game will be out of stock at Walmart and Best Buy on Black Friday? I really really really want it, but can't go on Thursday. It's $25 btw.

  • Sam Pemberton

    I am really impressed with how dedicated you are to your channel keep up the good work

  • Nica33

    Hey nica33 is my channel please suscribe I'm new

  • Prayweeabool

    I installed the vampire mod but how its work nothing happened and how do I find the perk I didn't see it please help

  • Connor R.

    Btw guys with the vampire mod you can fly... that's something big that wasn't mentioned but yes you can fly in the Vampire lord form in the mod. Great for immersion.

  • Champa the one and only

    yes but there's even less khajit and argoinians to marry😥 and no mods for it yet😥

  • Dovahkiin HU3BR

    The irony is that Civil War Equipment Organized is more lore friendly for the imperials than the vanilla game, as some dialogues suggest that mist legionnaires in Skyrim should use heavy armor.

  • Dillinger-63

    That chick at 5:00 gots some big ole arse.

  • Christopher Radosta

    How did you get your magicka, health, and stamina up so high

  • Alex Odinson

    I actually have some of those lol

  • CREx Official

    Discovered this channel yesterday and it's the best and most useful channel I have found!

  • Codelumps MMMcLean

    Ahaha found it pretty funny that you marked the wrong mods on screen then the mods you were talking about for example at the end for the last mod you said better civil war but when the mod name popped up on screen it said adorable females ahaha 😂😂😂

  • Braden T

    Can you have multiple characters? I didn't think so, but I was hopping they changed that in the remastered edition

  • Josiah Martin

    whats with the wrong name of the mods

  • Kneel before Todd

    Skyrim mods are way way better than fallout mods.

  • Matt Hanks

    I can use that vamp lord mod

  • Kent Jones

    How did u get that camera angle at the start?

  • Hearthstone GAMES

    "vanpire LARD" 😂😂😂

  • Lord Fandral

    That slight irish accent gives me a Sheogorath feel.

  • TypicalGamer

    Can I use mods for my play through if I have the game downloaded through account sharing?

  • Gabriel Hernandez

    Does anyone know if Immersive Armors/Weapons will be coming to PS4

  • Mr77pudding

    What armor are you wearing at 4:50?

  • Gecko Recon

    is it me or is it the video. hes talking about mod but he sais a different name than on screen and his words arnt going along with the video when he talks (example he was talking about the vampire armor when the video was on the vampire wings) was it just a bad upload or what ill come back when i have better internet connection

  • aaron291SDL

    Where you from. You sound scotish then American then a but English?? It's a mind fuck. From Glasgow my self ftr

  • The Hour Man

    Would you feature my mods sometime? :)Band of Astral Projection (PS4, PC)Level Rate Rebalanced (PS4, PC on nexus)

  • ChanbleX Gaming

    In new to mods, would I be able to install mods to a game of skyrim that I have already started or would I have to start a whole new character in order to play with the mods

  • Sam Riley

    Is the vampire lord in PS4

  • Darq Shark

    Is there a Vampire Lord or Werewolf armor mod? Something that allows you to find armor to wear when transforming into either form. I think this could add some cool gameplay.

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